The Empire of EVERYTHING

Empire of Storms by: Sarah J. Maas


Aelin, Rowan, Aedion, and Lysandra have traveled to a secret meeting area of Aedion’s, to meet with a few of the Lords of Terrasen who have decided that Aelin’s court is a disgrace and will not accept her as their queen and if she tries it will be an act of war. Shortly after Rowan is sent to get Dorian from Rifthold where the witches are attacking.  Dorian is found by Rowan in one piece along with Manon who is letting them escape. Once back at Morath Asterin is sentenced to death for Manon’s mistakes but Manon betrays her clan and attacks her grandmother then flies away

Rowan and Dorian meet up with Rolfe who has Gavriel and Fenris with him and they explain they were sent by Maeve to kill Lorcan and she is also sailing to Ellywe. Aelin arrives later, in full swagger mode, Rolfe tells the Fae to kill her to get in his good graces. She tells him if he joins her army she will make him Lord of the pirates. A warning bell sounds. Rolfe looks at the maps on his hands, showing the Valg are approaching. He finally agrees to Aelin’s plan. When  the battle is over and the group is assembled together, Elena appears to them. She tells them the lock is in the center of a temple in a marsh. They take off on a ship, headed for the marsh. They see Manon riding toward them on Abraxos. She is unconscious and falls off the wyvern and into the sea.

Elide and Lorcan join forces both hoping to find information on Aelin and Morath. They  are performing now, fortune telling and sword play. Lorcan’s display is much more popular. They both realize they are attracted to the other.Demons attack their camp looking for Elide. They tell Lorcan her real name. He tells the demon she’s not there. He confronts Elide after the fight is over. They share some truths about their backgrounds. Something triggers Lorcan, and he examines the amulet Aelin gave him. He realizes it’s a fake and roars in anger. He steers the ship towards Ellywe, where they finally find them, in the Marsh.

Aelin opens the chest, inside an ancient mirrors with the eye of Elena on the corner. The Fae males carry the mirror between them. Everyone is exhausted. When they return to the coast, they see 100 ships, Melisande’s fleet. Soldiers are already on shore. Aelin surprises everyone by striding directly toward them. The leader of the troops is Ansel of Briarcliff, who Aelin met years ago in the desert. Ansel brought these ships and warriors at Aelin’s request to repay the life debt she owes her. They will all sail north tomorrow to protect Terrasen. Ansel says it’s Maeve, not Erawan, who had been setting the fires, trying to make it look like it’s Aelin. Another armada is headed toward them, It’s Maeve. They know she will wait for daylight to ask for Aelin’s surrender so everyone can witness it.  After Aelin is asleep, Rowan flies to many of Maeve’s ships one by one to make a request of his cousins aboard. They will each consider it.

Dorian takes Aelin and Manon down to the mirror stowed below deck to show them something. He thinks Deanna’s riddle about it suggests that Aelin and Manon can use it to see the future, and determine how to defeat Maeve, and use the keys. The two join hands, press them to the mirror, and disappear. Aedion is furious, Rowan says they’ll continue to ready for battle. Aelin and Manon are in the past, seeing Gavin and Elena. They say that Malla’s bloodline must bleed again and use Malla’s gifts to forge the lock again, with Elena leading them. They will have to give every drop of their life force to do it, to send them home and eternally seal the lock between the worlds.

The battle ensues. Lysandra fights in her modified sea dragon form, attacking the ships marked by Rowan. Lorcan notices Maeve isn’t among her ships. He sees her ashore, near where he left Elide.

To find out what happens next you will need to read the book 😉




Sarah J. Maas is once again put on a pedestal for all to look at as she gives us this book that is a masterpiece. I loved reading this book every time I open it I just get so excited knowing everything that is about to go down and I seem to find something new every time. Not only do we get the full Celaena swagger that we have grown to love we also get, sweet Dorian, Moody Lysandra and Aedion, the lovely Elide, and of course so much more. This book has taken all the other books and has brought them all together into one great overwhelming event that will have you thinking how can it get any better.

The characters in this book are some that I have grown so attached to in such a short time, Lysandra was just brought to us in the last book and yet I find her to be a very key apart in holding the group together. She seems to be the backbone and the go between when things get rough between Aedion and Aelin, she seems to always know what to do or say to make Aedion feel better about himself or just be there for him. Aedion seems still a little lost to me like he wants to be Aelin’s right hand but she still keeps him at a distance and Lysandra seems to fill that hole never letting him second guess his worth. Elide! God Elide I think she is my most favorite character in this entire book, this girl has been through so much pain and heartbreak, but yet she still has the heart to go out and trust people and find hope in the world, she hunts for a queen who she doesn’t even know is alive she is just going off rumors but yet she still lets herself believe fully that there is no chance she is dead. She even find good in Lorcan which I feel for also he goes out of his way to help Elide and starts to fall for her. He make her TAMPONS for god sacks like what man would do that. He is in so deep and he doesn’t even notice but when she tells him she hates him I can only imagine the pain he must feel. The other characters in this book seem to all grow as a person each and everyone not a single one of them is static and boring, they all have ever changing developments that just make us fall in love with them more.

The plot of this book is on point all the time we never stray from the end goal  While reading I felt like I was watching a movie not just reading a book I was so sucked into the action when Lys got hurt and Aedion was there for her I felt it my heart sink and the sadness seep in when he thought she was dead, or the fight between Manon and her grandmother I wanted so bad for Manon to put her nails through her face. God I really hate that old woman. You just get so invested when you read this book its like im actually in the book with them.

The ending was so Sarah J. Maas and we are left with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers like I cannot wait till Tower of Dawn! I think I want this book more than I wanted A court of Wings and Ruin.

This book keeps you in it and on the edge of your seat dying for the next book to come out I recommend this book, if you liked the rest of this series then you are going to LOVE this book.


Throne of a Badass Heroine

Throne of Glass

By Sarah J. Maas

By now i’m sure you’ve come to realize that I have an obsession with Sarah Maas. 😀

Note this book is a point of view book so be warned!!

“Throne of Glass” is about a girl named Celaena Sardothien, the most famous assassin in Ardalan or she was. She has been called upon by the prince of Ardalan and is finally being taken away from Endovier. The King is holding a competition to find his new champion. The king’s round table has been asked to select someone who they wish to be the King’s new champion, but first they must compete to the death. Celaena was brought out of the mines the skeleton of a girl, she had a lot of training to do before she could even think about competing. Chaol, Captain of the King’s guard and Prince Dorian’s best friend, was in charge of watching over Celaena and in charge of her training. Celaena was told to take on a different name so no one would know who she truly was and would see her out first. She was lucky enough to make a friend and none other than Princess Nehemia of Eyllwe. Celaena is also finds a secret passage and is visited by Elana the First Queen of Ardalan with a message. The prince began to grow accustomed to the famous assassin, Lady Kaltain took notice and grew jealous. Celaena began her challenges, as did the killings, and did exactly as Chaol said and stayed in the middle never at the back of the pack or the front, she was meant to be seen as a silly girl who offered no threat. Cain who come in first at every challenge who she grew to hate. Every night before a challenge there would be a killing and they were always found the next day each body the same ripped to pieces, organs and blood everywhere. Celaena began to investigate on her own about what was really going on in this castle. The time was growing short and it was down to just the last 4 competitors. Celaena was determined to win this after beating her first opponent she was to fight Cain. Not before Duke Perrington, Cain’s sponsor, had tricked kaltain into poisoning Celaena before her fight. She manages to beat cain after taking a massive beating, but he still tries to kill her, Chaol steps in in time to put his sword through Cain. Kaltain is thrown into the dungeons after being blamed by the Duke for poisoning Celaena. After Celaena signs the king’s contract he threatens her that if she steps out of line he will kill Chaol and the Princesses family.

Wow! That was so long. I did not think there was that much to cover in the book but wow. Now this book is one that I go back to again and again when I find nothing better to read. I find this book is not the best of the series but it lays the foundation for the rest of the series. It is a very detailed book and it’s a lot to get through, but it’s packed with tons of amazing plot twisting events on every page there is hardly a moment when I want to quit reading. Every page you read is holding something important about the characters or is leading to the plot of the book. If you were looking for a book that is nothing but story then this would be your book. This book is full of diverse characters in which you grow fond of them all and you watch them struggle and grow as a person, I love when characters are written to be like real life people it makes things so much better for us readers. I love Sarah J Maas and this is the book that got me hooked on her and this series.

If you are a person who does not like to read book series I still recommend you try this book out because the series is not a let down at all!!


Queen of Shadows

By: Sarah J. Maas

Note this is going to be kinda long if you do not want the summary and just want to read the review just skip to the bold red line of this post!

Aelin (Celaena) returns to Rifthold and finds Arobynn in a tavern. He tells her Aedion is imprisoned for treason and will be executed in three days. He will help her rescue Aedion but for a price. She meets Chaol and Nesryn, a member of the king’s guard and chaol’s close reble friend. Shortly after, Aelin is visited by Lysandra who has a very important and sensitive information to share with her. Chaol and Nesryn go to the Shadow Market for a covert meeting with some guards from the castle, to try and help free Aedion before the ax falls, literally! Meanwhile, Dorian has been living in darkness. He knows something is living inside him trying to overtake his mind. Aelin enters the castle frees Aedion, and they fight their way out of the hall. They run but are met by an old friend who is not so friendly. After, Aedion wakes up in Aelin’s apartment. The cousins rehash everything they have been through in the ten years they were separated. Aedion is slowly recovering, and he thinks Aelin is babying him. They discuss Rowan, and Aelin discovers the hero worship Aedion has for him. Aedion suspects Rowan might want to be part of her court and hopes he doesn’t steal his blood oath. Can we just take a moment to say we feel sorry for poor Aedion, if he only knew!

Chaol discovers the Valg soldiers sealed and burned the Shadow Market because those who rescued Aedion got their supplies there. Aelin follows a Valg soldier into the sewer and watches him talk to a creature which emerges from the water. It looks like one of the creatures carved in the clocktower by the palace, and it has the voice of the king. Aelin agrees to take Aedion out, and on their walk home, they find Rowan. Rowan finds out a secret about Aedion that not even he himself knows. He mentions he’s blood-sworn to Aelin, and this infuriates Aedion! Rowan reveals he came back to Aelin because Lorcan is nearby. Maeve probably sent him to find the Wyrdkey. Aelin sneaks out of her apartment at night, and lures Lorcan into the hands of Valg demons and leaves him for dead. But he escapes and catches up with her. Rowan shows up, and Lorcan says Maeve still has plans for their defeat. Lysandra stops by and Rowan once again, with the nose of a bloodhound, finds out about Lysandra’s secret. Arobynn has called in his favor so now Rowan and Aelin must honor it. Arobynn only allows Aelin in the torture room. His plan is to find out how the king controls them. Arobynn reveals he knows Aelin has been quietly wrecking his investments all over town. Aelin says she will stop only if he gives her the Amulet of Orynth, her family heirloom and the third Wyrdkey. Arobynn obliges, but has an evil plan in mind that goes as smoothly as he thought it would. Lysandra carries out the task that she has been wanting to do for ages now, and it was finally time to act.

The group goes to the catacombs under the old Shadow Market looking for hellfire.They discover there is an ultimate Valg demon named Erawan. They also find the hellfire and re-hide it until it’s needed to destroy the clocktower. Lorcan appears out of the shadows and puts a knife to Aelin’s throat. He wants to know where the third Wyrdkey is. Rowan finally has a breakthough that leads to a very heated discussion.😉 If you only knew ;D Evangeline, the girl Lysandra is caring for, arrives at the apartment, along with Chaol and Nesryn, to give every one horrible news.

Manon, the witches, and their wyverns have been stationed at Morath for weeks now, awaiting orders from the king via Duke Perrington. He has concocted an evil plan to give him the ultimate army. A crippled human servant named Elide is staying in Manon’s room and Manon has discovered her secret as well. I know what you are thinking, Jesus what is with all the secrets! Now you know why I chose the title.Manon questions Duke and learns the horrible truth about what has been going on inside the mountain. Now they want Manon to join them.

Aelin’s group heads to Oakwald Forest. The witches are already there waiting for the king. The king’s group noisily approaches, Lysandra is in a prison wagon. Aelin rescues Lysandra from the prison wagon. Chaol whisks her away into the woods. Chaol secretly goes to kill Dorian, but The Thirteen are there to greet him. Rowan and Aelin and her court follow him just in time to help. The witches are on the pursuit now and a battle begins and not all make it out unscaved.

Manon tells the king there was an attack but says they killed them all. Elide’s Uncle Vernon captures her while the witches are still gone. Duke summons Manon when she returns to Morath. She reads reports from around the kingdoms and realizes Aelin is friends with Dorian and must’ve been there to try to rescue him. Asterin asks for a private meeting with Manon and tells her a secret from years ago. She and Asterin take off for Rifthold before heading back to Morath.

One night, Rowan smells Lorcan on the roof. He goes up alone to speak to him. Lorcan offers the ring he stole from Maeve in exchange for the Amulet of Orynth. Rowan makes the exchange.

Rowan and Aedion carry an urn of hellfire in the sewers below the city and the catacombs below the castle. They realize Lorcan has lied about killing all the Wyrdhounds. Some of them are waiting there to attack. Aelin leads Chaol through the city as a prisoner. When they get to the castle, the king’s guards who have been Chaol’s spies are skewered on the castle fence. Guards escort the two of them through the castle. They make it to the king, who is seated on his glass throne with Dorian beside him. Aelin brings the king supposed seal rings of the king and crown prince of Wendlyn. She says Chaol was waiting for her upon her return to Rifthold and she captured him when she realized he was no longer loyal to the king. The king reveals he knows who she really is. He gives Dorian magic lashings. Chaol tries to help him, but the black magic prevents him. Chaol asks the king to hand over Dorian.

Meanwhile, Rowan and Aedion fight the Wyrdhounds. They know they’re behind schedule as the clock tower strikes noon. Aelin is now on the run as the plan has gone wrong. Then the battle begins between two old friends. Rowan and Aedion have killed four Wyrdhounds but three remain. Neither can get to the fuse to blow up the clocktower. All seems to be going down hill when help arrives and the final match is lit. As if by the will of Brannon himself gave them the strength they needed the clock tower explodes.

Manon and Asterin feel the return of magic return as they’re flying back to Morath. It is in chaos because of the effects of magic. Manon frees the girl she had been searching for and then the mountain is blow up with the help of someone you would never expect.

I will stop here because I do not want to give you any hints on the ending of the book. But just think if you are this caught up in the summary of the book can you imagine reading this beautiful masterpiece.

This is the part you start at if you skipped the summary

Okay, this has got to be my most favorite book out of the whole “Throne of Glass” series. I think this book has made the whole series worth reading, and yes I have already read the “Empire of Storms”. This book has you flipping pages trying to read as fast as you can to soak up as much of this book as you can before you have to put it down. You are given climax after climax with this book. Magic, battles, and witches, everything comes together wonderfully.
Aedion is someone who you grow to feel for after everything he has gone through thinking he was all alone in the world trying to keep what little bit of hope left in him alive. Just when he had given up on life when he thought i’ll never get to see her again, BOOM. It happens he is given life and meaning again. He is given a more dynamite and in depth personality about. He shows that he cares for his people, his queen, and maybe even someone else 😉
At first Lysandra I thought I hated her we all have that one girl we know who thinks they are so much better than you at everything. Then you get to see she too has a dark past and that she too has gone through heartache and pain as Aelin had. We watch a boring character change into so much more after we learn the truth and not to mention what she does to help her new friends.
The building of this book is amazing it hikes you up to the perfect level of hype then it takes you all the way to the bottom of your fears. You have grown attached to these characters to relate to them just to see get ripped away from you. It’s like an epic roller coaster ride that you just cannot make yourself get off of. No matter how scary the ride even if it makes you cry you will still ride it again. I really recommend this book even if you just want to read the summaries of all the other books just to read this one book it would be worth it.

Heir of a Fire Demon

Heir of Fire

By: Sarah J. Maas

Celaena has been drinking, gambling, and fighting since arriving in Wendlyn. Rowan finds her and brings her to Queen Maeve. Who says she must first master her magic before they can talk. The lessons with Rowan are impossibly hard. In Adarlan, Aedion has arrived back from battle. When Chaol learns that Aedion is secretly loyal to Terrasen, Chaol tells him that Celaena/Aelin is still alive, and begin working together. They find out how the king killed magic and is now manufacturing monsters on a deserted island to launch a surprise attack on Wendlyn. Three witch clans are introduced, and have come together for the king of Adarlan. They compete for leadership of the group once they’re joined as one to go to battle. Celaena’s training begins to pay off. Celaena and Rowan have also been investigating the strange, brutal murders of Demi-Fae going on in their area. An attack is struck and now they must fight for the lives of their friends. Rowan and Celaena travel to Doranelle to meet with Queen Maeve. Murtaugh arrives in Adarlan with the news that Aelin is alive and showed her true self in the battle in Wendlyn.The king of Adarlan is in an absolute rage about the news. The king summons Dorian, Sorscha, Chaol, and Aedion into his throne room to question them about a spy in their midst. A life is lost and someone now lies under the control of the king. Meanwhile, Celaena sets off on a ship to Adarlan, ready to fight her way back to the throne in Terrasen.

This book is worth the starts it has been given. We get a deeper look into the lives of everyone. We watch them love and watch them lose the love. We get a heaping pile of the feels while reading this book. After seeing the characters fight for not only their lives but the lives of their friends, but to no avail. Celaena tries to overcome her darkest demons while also trying not to kill rowan. I can relate to this and I think many others can too. We all have demons we are trying to overcome or forget and we almost all have someone in our life who wants the best for us but will drive us completely insane trying to help us.

We meet new characters who are not just some new character with a bland boring part in the book, except for Murtaugh. They all have depth, a back story and are key parts to the story itself. We get to see both parts of them the one they put on for show and the one hidden behind the mask they wear. Not to mention a dynamic new clan of witches, who you just wish that they would grab the grandmother by the neck and strangle her to death.

I think this book is more like the first book than the second. It contains many details and is filled with filler parts, but all the parts are keys parts. They all contain useful information about what is yet to come. Not just her rambling about how pretty the city is and twenty different ways to describe the color yellow. I can give this book a solid two thumbs up, that it is worth the time to read it.

The Ugly Truth of Midnight

Crown of Midnight

by: Sarah J. Maas

Sequel to Throne of Glass check it out first!!

“Crown of Midnight” picks up with Celaena doing the kings dirty work by faking the deaths of the people the king sent her to kill. Until she is given the task to kill Archer Finn. While trying to get closer to her target she discovers that he is in fact a rebel trying to find the lost princess heir to the Terrasen throne the only hope to overthrow the king. Celaena and Chaol relationship takes a heated turn in more ways than one. Chaol is kidnapped and Celaena is given a note for ransom which she goes after full force. Once there she finds out Archer is his kidnapper and believed Chaol was to question the Princess Nehemia and put her in danger, but they learn it was the king who would question her. Celaena returns to the castle to find her worst nightmare. She becomes furious with Chaol and almost kills him except Dorian steps in to show that he now holds magic in a world where all magic was meant to be extinguished. Celaena learns of an important power that is detrimental to the survival of the world, for the king is in search of the same power. She is then visited by a ghost of a friend who tells her that fate has set things into motion and she must act. Archer Finn steps into the picture shortly after the visit to find out he is the one who caused her so much pain. A portal is opened and a large black creature steps through and attacks Celaena’s dog chases it back through the portal, Celaena follows. Chaol is given the shocking truth of what He now see before him no denying it now. After the portal is closed Celaena goes to get her revenge. After all that has happened Chaol wants Celaena to leave and get as far away as she can it is too dangerous here. They made a cover plan to the king that she would kill the prince and king of Wendlyn. She spills the truth to Chaol in a riddle who figures it out shortly after she has left.

Crown of Midnight to me was a little bit of a let down to me honest. I think she could have cut out a bunch of the extra stuff and just shoved it into book 3, or at least added more to this book. There was death and deceit toward the end. Most of it was just about Celaena and how she was doing and her relationship with Chaol and Dorian and his evolving magic. There was a few battles and plot twist but not enough to give it a raving review. I really do think that this book deserves a 2.5 out of 5. Not saving that it was a complete waste of time but there was just a lot of meaningless detail where there could have been action packed turns and epic battles or at least some plot forming scheme.

I say read this book if you want to finish the series if you have no interest in finishing the series then You might as well just stop here and start a new series. The next couple of books are some of the best though and you should look into reading them.