The Mask

The light flickers in the distance as the snow danced to the song of the howling wind and the restless trees, the sky was painted in the darkest blue and gray as the moon was fighting to be seen from behind the fortress of clouds that seemed to be unmoving. The wind and snow had already bitten all the warmth from Zuri’s face and was starting to cut through the cotton gloves that she was now cursing because she had chosen the cute cotton and lace over the fur and leather that would have kept her hands warm, why did she always fall for appearance first when it came to making decisions, it was one of her major flaws and she knew it was but she could never seem to overcome this ever losing battle. She could not think about that now she had come all this way for one reason and she could not let herself get cold feet now, she let a small chuckle escape through her shallow and labored breathing due to the fact that she really could not afford to get cold feet because she still had a little more walking to do and at this time of night if she stopped to rest and fell asleep she would surely freeze to death before anyone came close to finding her body when the sun would eventually shower the world with warmth once again.

The Mask she wore was one that nobody else have ever seen or had ever even known about, she had kept it her secret for so long she was beginning to lose herself, her true self. She knew she would have to do this even if she would lose the one person who had meant the world to her, he was the reason she was out here dragging herself through this frozen hell, ” So stupid” she kept repeating the words to herself, this whole idea, she should have just took some sleeping pills and forced herself to fall asleep so just for a few hours she could stop existing, it was all getting too far out of hand she could no longer handle this torture, waking up every morning to a new face. She forgot what it was like to look at her own face did she have freckles or not? What color were her eyes? What did her hair look like? These were the questions she would ask herself every night when she would lay awake staring at the ceiling.

The Mask was something she had just stumbled across at a flea market in a town down by the coast where her grandmother had lived, her grandmother had always warned her about finding things down by the coast she always told her scary stories about the ghost and spirits that haunted the wharf. She would tell her stories of a women who used to seduce men into her home and drink their blood to stay young and when their wives would come looking she would cast a spell on them so they would kill themselves in some of the most painful of ways. She used to love to listen to these stories when she was younger but the older she got the more she thought her grandmother was starting to lose her marbles.

She thought the Mask was so beautiful and mysterious  it was painted black as charcoal with matching feathers around the temples creating a cat eye effect, black lace with glitter was sewn onto the mask with swirls and jewels covering spots where the lace met together, around the eyes black and silver interlocked in a dance that made you look directly into them and the black satin ribbon that was used to tie the mask to you, it was so enticing like it was calling to her promising her that magical things would happen if she did and so she bought the stupid thing.

She had forgotten all about it until the day her grandmother died and she went back to her house to collect some of her stuff from the room she had when she stayed there, she remembered buying it and had never tried it on and once she did she noticed it the change her hair shifted to the color of black itself it was almost purple in certain light, her eyes were blue and gray almost white in a strange way, her skin was pale which she grew tired of due to everyone thinking she was ill all the time, but her lips were always a crimson red no matter how hard she tried to tone them down they always returned to that red and her eyes were always covered with black eyeliner and mascara with a gray and black eyeshadow to match, she thought she looked like a bit gothic but everyone was always drawn to her it was like her looks were more inviting and seductive rather than dark and scary.

She got bored with the fact that no matter what guy she asked out they all said yes and had done whatever she asked until the day she ran into Raiden who seemed to careless about how she looked or what she wanted, they worked together on a book editing project for one of her close friends but her boss had made Raiden tag along and she soon found him to be the worst person in the world until the day they were both going to kill each other, or so she had thought he had back her against the wall of the hotel elevator and she was just about to raise her knee straight into his privates when he crushed his mouth against hers and she lost all of her feeling. It was a kiss that made everything vanish around them, it was a hungry kiss, one that had been building for so long she could not help but let him come back to her room. The next morning he had still been there and told her how crazy she drove him and how much he needed her and surprisingly she felt the same way.

That was why she had to do this she had to tell him the woman that he loved was not her, that the mask she wore was one of lies and once she told him he would find her crazy more and likely but she had to tell him let him see the true her even if she had to wear this mask for the rest of her life and he would never get to see the person she used to be, the one she asked herself about every night she could not lie to him anymore. She was going to tell him and even if he thought she was completely and broke up with her she knew he had the right to know, she would make him see the real her, make him see that she was serious.


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She would never let herself love again

Reynne had been watching the man on the boat for about two weeks now. She kept trying to prolong the inevitable, she knew it would have to be done eventually. She had come to terms with herself a few days ago, she was obsessed with the young sailor. She could not decide if it was his chestnut brown, wind blown hair that dropped down just above his eyebrow when he didn’t brush it to the right side of his head, his chiseled jaw line that was covered with a five o’clock shadow. Maybe it was the way he looked in that deep black poet blouse that was always left open at the top to see the little hairs on his chest. She always loved looking at his eyes that mirrored the dark blue deeps of the sea when he would look out on the horizon as if longing for something or someone. She always dreamed about him one day being hers somehow, someway. It felt like someone put a harpoon though her heart when the elders sirens told her that she was of age now to perform the ageless drowning. It has always been a tradition, more of a law if you asked her, that when a siren comes to the age seventeen they must fine a sailor lure him to the water and kill them. She was free to choose whoever she pleased until Ravannah, the youngest elder, had seen her watching the ruggedly handsome man that she would never know the name of now and reported to the rest of the elders. The elders demanded that he be the one she lures for they are the sirens and men are the prey, for a mere man to lure a siren was a disgrace to their heritage. Now she spent her days watching him every chance she got before she had to do the thing she hated most. However she would not disgrace her mother and her elders, she knew what she must do. She then noticed the other ship that was headed straight for her loves. She noticed this ship was far more extravagant than the one she had been watching. It was filled with so many sailor and maids she had never seen so many people of one boat. The boat was painted of pure white as if a goddess had simple grew a tree of pure white wood. The sail of the ship was embellished with a crest of a lion with wings as blue as a blue jays. She watched it carefully from a farther distance behind the rocks no ship would dare come near. The sailors threw down two large boards so they may cross from one ship to the other. She moved a bit closer to see if they posed a threat to her dear love. That was when she seen her, a woman with hair that seemed to be made of pure moonlight and she wore a dress the was as rich a red as the coral she sometimes like to keep in her cave, with gold embroidery down the front. It was as in the sea had been drained of all the water, like her life would soon end right before her eyes as she tried to suck air into her lungs. She noticed as she got closer that the woman who was heading straight to her love, was pregnant as she walked with a hand holding her lower stomach as if to show it off to everyone. Reynne watched horrified as the two embraced each other then kissed a long, slow, passionate kiss. Reynne had seen enough she would watch this no longer, she made her way closer to the ship until she was right beside it. Then Reynne started to hum a soft low hum. Once she found her rhythm she let out her song of the depts, it was a soft tone as if it were a baby lullabies but it was dripping with lust. Her voice was made of pure velvet and was the promise of heaven on earth. She let her pain and rage flow into her song until she seen the men all turned to her. “Come to me my sweet, sweet things. I am your god and you are my king. Follow me into the sea. Where I can give you everything. Lust, love, or gold I am yours to control.” The maids and the she devil of a woman watched as many of the sailors unconsciously and uncontrollably walk off the boat and into the sea. Still her love was standing there listening but not moving, the woman quickly grabbed her love and dragged him away from the edge. Reynne refused to give up she would not let this woman keep him from her he would be hers. She sang louder and the louder she sang the harder the woman pulled. Soon the other sirens had come to watch and to take advantage of the men who were already in the water. He was almost there just a few more steps then he would be all hers. The woman above was screaming for someone, anyone to help but no one was left they were being held below deck by the maids or were already in the water. He was standing on the edge now and the woman was sobbing now begging him to come to his senses. Reynne took joy in her pain she loved that she could her this woman who hurt her. The woman lost her grip and fell back she scrambled desperately to grab any part of him but it was no luck. Reynne watches as he drops in the blue water but notices Ravannah grabs him first. She swims as fast a she could to get him before it’s too late. She makes it to Ravannah and digs her nails deep into her arms. Ravannah wails in pain and lets go of the her love, he tries to swim to the surface. Reynne makes her way to him just before he hits the surface and drags him down with her. Finally she gets her chance she crushes her face against his desperate and hungry for his kiss. She runs her fingers through his hair and wraps herself around him savoring every moment of this kiss. She only stops when he notices he is not kissing her back. She looks at his handsome face being so close to him she could now see a small cut along his jawline and his beard is a little more grown out. There was something wrong though his face was more purple than she remembered, she carried her gaze to his deep sea blue eyes they were glazed over and he was blankly staring at her. She lets him go horrified, she sobs at what she has done. She let her greed and desire controle her and she killed the man she loved so much. She hated herself while the other sirens and the elders were proud of what she had done here today. Love was too painful and unforgiving, she kept asking herself why she could not just let him go and be happy. Instead she hated that he was happy with that other woman who carried his baby. She would never forgive herself nor would she let herself fall in love again.

The true soul of a monster

She had made it to the place where the many others that came before her had stood and lost themselves in the black madness that was practically trying to claw it way out of that gave and into her mind. Come my darling little doe and see for yourself why those who speak my name tremble in fear. She knew that voice would be one of silk but she was not ready for the smooth husky tone that filled her ears like the call of a siren and the scent of lavender and jasmine mixed with the smell of firewood on a snowy night filled her nose. She shuddered at the sound and smell that took over all her other senses. I know why you came my darling. I know what you wish to take from me. Just know that no one has ever walked away from here alive or at least with their minds still intact. 

She scoffed at the arrogance that radiated from within the cave from the voice that spoke not from inside the cave but from inside her head. It did not matter to her she had to do this she had to face this monster that lurked within the cave for the sake of her sister who was lying on the cot at their tiny home fighting off the fever that was so fiercely claiming every part of her body and would soon claim her life, she needed the stone that lay within the cave what could heal anything or bring back loved ones, it was why so many people sought out this cave but none have ever been known to take the stone.

Come now darling doe I grow tired of waiting do you wish to take the stone or not! She would take that stone or die trying no matter what without her sister that one who had raised her all those years after their mother and father had passed away she would do this for her to repay her, for if her sister died she would have no reason to live. She braced her hands on the two daggers that were buckled to both sides of her hips as she slowly pulled them free and gripped the golden hilts so tight her finger turned white. She whispered a small prayer up to the mother above as she stalked into the cave, she was not scared of the death that lurked before her, as it welcomed her with open arms into the black abyss, no, she was most frightened of the afterlife if she were to end up damned for eternity or if she would find that peaceful bliss of nothingness and just be done with everything no longer existing.

Silly little girl you think those tiny blades can hurt me, you must be far more foolish than any other mortal that has come here to try and take the stone yet. 

“I do not care what you think about be demon, I will retrieve that stone and I will leave her with my life and save my sister.”  She snarled into the darkness

There was no light in the cave nor was there darkness it was just black. The color black it’s self is what lie before her and she glided both her blades across the walls until she had to choose left or right. She chose to stick to the left due to the fact that her right were her stronger fighting hand. She felt the presence then of death itself breathing down her neck, she felt the shiver shoot down her back could hear nothing but her beating heart pounding in her ears at the silence. So tell me girl do I frighten you yet. Do you realize you stand before a god were as you are nothing more than a bug waiting to be squashed. 

” You do not scare me. I am my own fear. I am the only person who can decided whether I live or die. Not you.” She tried to sound certain and unafraid but her voice had failed her as she cracked at the end.

She felt the laughter ripple around her as it filled her mind and the air around her like a damn of water had just exploded and was now pouring out to drown out everything in its path. So loud, the noise that filled her ears as the ringing filled her head then the blue light sparked to life. It floated around like a spirit in the night dancing on the wind that carried it. She lost the power to breath as she spotted the claw of black that was inches away from her its talons dripping with blood of a crimson red. The smell of iron and decaying flesh slammed into her noise she could not stop the heaving that started as she emptied the contents of her stomach all over the cave floor. Another blue spirit appeared and she seen the tail that was shaped like a dagger but it was bent at a weird angle like someone had broken it.

The two spirits danced around snaking their way up the beast body that stood a few couple of feet from her. Its fur was in clumps and patches and what wasn’t covered in fur was black and looked to be made like leather covered in scars and cuts. The monster’s chest was something out of a comic book or a nightmare it was a skeleton hollow and empty she could see straight through to the red unskin of the back the blue and purple vessels that did not pulse of beat nothing moved inside this monster. It was like its chest was a cage a prison it kept you in until you slowly died from only the mother knows what. She tried to rip her eyes away from the beast before she could see its head but it was too late. She could not look away it was like she was frozen in fear as the spirits danced high above her head showing her the face of the enemy she would die to tonight.

Its face was half fur and half leather on one side the face had a smile cut and stitched into a smile while the other half bared razor sharp teeth that were just piled in side its mouth like it all just came in at once. One eye held nothing but blackness and death but the other was of sky blue filled with what looked like sadness and regrets. She started into that one eye ignoring the blood that dripped from the black eye and the smile made of shards of razors, and the horns on top the demon’s head that were spiraled and bent at wrong angles, the ears that were missing parts. She started into that eye of sky blue and felt the crushing weight that hit her as she knew the color and the way that eye looked.

That eye was just like the pair her mother had the sky blue color that was as bright and beautiful as the summer sun on a hot day shredding away the chill of the spring and winter and the rain that covered the ground spreading joy and life throughout the land. She knew that eye because she stared into that eye every single day of her life. She felt it then the slip into madness and darkness that pulled her under in the sea of black. She looked at that smile again that was forced upon the beast just as she forced herself to smile every day since her parents death. The eye that was nothing but blackness were the eyes she stared out of every day not seeing the beauty that was lying around her. The flowers that her sister would always tend. The smile of the boy that she had yet to tell how she truly felt about him. The sky that she would never see again. Her eyes drifted to the chest that was hollow and held nothing inside, it was her chest where she no longer let her heart love she had casted everything out and would not let anything into her heart again nothing would make her feel that pain of losing a loved on again. The claws that dripped with blood were her own claws that she used to shred anything or anyone who tried to get near her.

This beast, this monster before her, the thing that was going to end her life was herself. She could not think or breathe, the screaming in her head had gone silent everything around her faded away into blackness as she once again was floating in that sea of nothingness.


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The Demon and Her Heart: Eliya and the Orb the End

The eyes of the fire demon were just as she remembered she dreamed about herself falling into those eyes and being surrounded by pure black dark with no way out. She looked to Graven and Rydan to see that their faces showed no fear but she knew that at least some small part of them should be a little scared but they showed nothing she seen the look on their faces the look of a warrior who looks death in the face and does not shy away from their demons. She too would face this demon and if she were to die today then so be it. The demon showed its teeth that were bathed in the blood of their brothers and sisters of the land and it only fueled her rage just as she was about to go for a full scale attack she heard the voice in her head a quite calming ancient voice that spoke softly but clearly.

“I am Azeon do not be alarmed but I have temporarily mind linked Graven, you and the glowering brute who could use a hair cut, I have come up with a plan for you three if you can all use your powers together you might just be able to make this work or at least your death will be painless.”

“umm thanks I guess.” Eliya was listen to the voice and heard the low warning growl that came from Rydan about Azeon’s remark about his hair.

“Now listen kids, Eliya you will need to use your water magic every second you can we are not looking for hard hits here we just need you to try and put as much of the fire out as you can. Brute boy you will use that dirty magic of yours and try to hold that beast in one spot as best as you can, you don’t want little miss water drop here getting all dried up from one hit by that demon now would you and lastly Graven you will use you sky magic to lock the air around the demon in small spots just like we practiced you can now withstand many air locks being held at once so were Eliya spray them you keep them from flaming back up.”

Eliya was thinking about everything the ancient voice was saying as she was running to the nearest puddle of water earlier today Rydan had created a hole in the earth so she could summon the water from a well that was running underground. She summoned the water fast and hard she started slinging the water in fluid motions while trying to keep moving lucky for her Rydan had taught her how to keep moving and how to hit a moving target and the demon was not even moving not yet atleast.

She looked the Rydan to see the monster’s feet slowly slipping into the soft muddy ground and then as too giant clamps came up from the ground and grabbed the monster by its waist holding it in place for good but she could see the strain on Rydan’s face and the sweat dripping from his head he was fighting very hard to hold this beast in his trap of earth they would need to act fast if they wanted to win this battle.

Graven was in the sky using his air magic to try and keep the beast attention focused on him as he was sending out air locks to try and keep the flames on the demon’s tail and most of his back from coming back to life. She could see the pained look on his face trying to keep himself in the air guarding all of their ears and keeping all of these air locks in place it had to be tough and all she was doing was throwing water.

Useless she thought how could she be so useless her grandmother used to tell her stories of how her mother used to battle the demons that broke through the wall and it was so easy for her that was why great grandfather had married her. If only she could have learned that power too learned from a true water property elder she could put this demon out in one strike. She would too she summoned the rest of the water from the well to follow her as she ran behind the beast she was trying to summon all her magic that she had stored inside her as she came to a stop right behind a demon she had stopped just for just a second to catch her breath but was cut short when she left a massive wall of heat come slamming into her right side she was sent flying across the ground and landed about ten feet from where she was standing as she laid on the ground trying to get her breath back and trying to find some of her magic to put on her arm that felt like it was burning from the inside out.

“Brute stay where you are we must keep the beast locked in place or else it will kill her if it gets free!”

“I will not stand here and let her die laying on the ground before me!”

“He is right Rydan she will be okay I can see her from where I am she is breathing.”

“I . . . I. . . am. . fine” She was wheezing as she got back to her feet and noticed that from her hip down along the side of her body had been burnt off good thing her undergarments had managed to withstand the hit she thought that the pants had taken most of the heat before the water had made its way to her finally. The beast was now threshing breathing fire everywhere like a wild animal caught in a trap she was sure if the air covering her ears was not around them her eardrums would be busted and bleeding by now.

“Rydan, Graven I need you to follow my plan. Fuse your magic with mine we only have one shot at this.”

Eliya then summoned that water that covered the ground but she first made it soften the earth collecting as much mud as possible with the help of Rydan she lifted the water/mud mixture to the face of the demon and dropped it directly on its face and dripped it down its back that was when Rydan hardened the mud and Graven had sent in a fierce burst of wind to set the rock as if it were a work of art. Eliya ran to the underbelly of the beast and summoned the water from the ground beneath her and sent the water straight up into the heart of the demon Graven was quick to notice her movements and set the air lock into place before she even had time to ask him to then as if out of instinct the giant form of land in the shape of a giant dagger pointed straight at the demon’s heart. She summoned with the lasting power of her magic the water that laid on the ground around the hole where the well was and sent it spinning around the end of the dagger like a giant drill and Graven had sent the biggest gust of wind to make the dagger fly faster than Rydan could push it straight into the damon’s heart Eliya was blow back out from under the demon and dug her nails into the ground to keep from being blown away.

She watched as the monster stilled and fell to the ground where they let it lay for a few minutes.

“Young ones listen now one of you will need to seal the demon in the orb before it awakens from its slumber, but the price of this orb is not a light one. You will need to give you life in order to save the lives of the ones around you.”

Her eyes filled with tears why must everything turn to death. After all they have done to save the rest of their people and the towns around them one of them still must die. Graven released them of their air locks and the sounds of the world returned to her as she watched him slowly walk toward the demon, before he stopped in his tracks with eyes of worry fixed upon the demon. She slid her eyes to the monster that now started to stir she felt her stomach sink and her mouth go dry they were too late, but the monster was not waking it was shrinking or morphing into something else.

She watched as the demon that was made of fire and full of destruction turn into something different. She got to her feet only to fall back to the ground as she crawled her way over to the thing that now laid on the ground before her, she looked into the eyes of someone who had meant the world to her and now this. She seen his dark black raven hair that was alway cut short on one side and went down to his ear on the other where he wore grandmother’s earring. It was Zayden, all these years searching for him and he was taken over by this beast but why, how? He opened his eyes and stared at her with a soft smile on his face he reached a hand to cup her face and wipe her tears that were coming out uncontrollably.

“Hi there little Eli. My how I have missed you and how much you have grown. I am sorry I almost killed you I was not myself but it is a good thing Rydan was there to save you.” He looked over the Rydan who was staring at them with disbelief.

“I cannot stay for long fore I must right the wrong that I placed upon this world. Azeon told me what must be done while I was caged inside the demon. I will give my life to make the orb to seal the monster away forever.”

“No! Zayden please don’t go! I need you! You’re the only thing I have left! Please don’t leave me!” She started to tremble at the thought of losing him again.

“Little Eli if I don’t do this I will still be sealed inside the orb the demon has taken hold of my body I am the demon I can no longer live in this world. I love you but this is what must be done.”

“Then I’ll go too, I will make to orb and give up my life!”

“Little Eli I cannot let you do that Rydan promise you will take care of my sister.” Rydan gave his old friend a soft smile and took hold of Eliya as he drug her away from Zayden’s body. She tried to fight away the hand of Rydan but his grip was not one of hate or hurt but of care and sorrow.

Graven walked over to Zayden’s body and spoke the words of Azeon.

“Hear me dark one and repeat after me. I am the demon who cursed this land although this is not my will. Take this demon and seal my soul with its blood free the world from me and return the life back to this place and may I remain in slumber once again.”

Zayden spoke the words and Eliya screamed and pleaded for him to stop.

“Little Eli you must be strong for me and for our family. You must go on and live for all of us. I love you little Eli.”

Then the bright red light just as she had remembered it from two and a half years ago then everything went dark.

When Eliya awoke Rydan was still holding her to his chest and she had seen the wetness in the edge of his eye. She knew he did not want to hold her back that he wanted to stop Zayden as much as she did but Rydan had always been very bright and he knew just as she did there was no other way. Graven was sitting on the ground next to them staring at the spot where Zayden body used to lay but now there was nothing not even an orb.

“What . .  what happened to the orb?”

“Azeon took control of my body while I was backed out and returned the orb to the mountain from where it had came from but he promised to hide it deeper so no one would ever find it again.”

She felt the grip of Rydan tighten as reassuring her that he was not dumb he knew they were the cause of all the death that had occurred and that he did not blame her. She turned to look into those blue eyes to see no hate just love as she turned to Graven who now sat there as if his life had ended before him. His whole life had led to this moment and now he was once again lost.

“Graven why don’t you join me and Rydan on our journey. I think that we should use our magic to go bring back life to the towns that have been destroyed with my water your and and Rydan’s earth we can do great things. So what do you say will you join us?”

She looked into his purple eyes once again and seen the shock that someone had actually asked him what he would like to do instead of telling him.

“I think I would like that very much that you.”

She looked up to the blue sky as if it were the bluest it has ever been. These boys would be her new family, her new life, and her new strength. She would keep living for her family that were not given the choice and these boys would keep her alive as long as they didn’t kill each other before then.


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Orb of Blood: Eliya and the Orb part 4

As exciting as it was for Eliya to remember the first time Rydan had ever told her he loved her was she still needed to focus today would be the day she would get her revenge for her family and for Rydan’s family. Rydan and Eliya were trying to find at least one inn in this deserted town but they were still having no luck until they were blasted into the air by a young man who looked no older than the age of twelve. His hair was like liquid gold and his skin was so pale it was as if he lived underground like he had never seen the sun before and his eyes were pools of purple wine. She had only ever seen two property welders in her life with the eyes so pure of magic it was with Zayden in her old town a husband and wife were visiting them wanting to buy her father’s wood work they told Eliya and Zayden about their adventures and the monsters they had defeated Eliya still dreams about the their eyes how the woman’s eyes were made of pure rose red and the man’s eyes they were gray like a wolf walking through snow.

They told them about their eyes and how they held the knowledge of the elders passed down from generations to generations about the secrets that must be kept they were born fighting for their lives for many people to have the knowledge of the elders in their clutches would mean the end of the world or at least the end of humanity. There were evil people in their world who would risk everything to free the demons that were locked behind the wall of magic she heard that a group of generation elders had learned a way to regenerate the wall every five years but they could not yet repair the damage that has already been done still to this day Eliya has never forgotten the words of her grandmother that “all magic has a price a life for a life and a spell for a spell”  she was always careful with her magic to never take more than she could handle and to never try to use it for evil.

Her attention snapped back to the boy after she left the wind beneath her start to calm and her body start to fall Rydan had already been calling the ground up to meet them as their feet hit the soft squishy earth it took all of Eliya concentration not to fall as she held on to Rydan’s arm with a death grip but he always stood as he always did as a rock himself unmoving unyielding. Once Rydan had returned the ground to its normal equal level with the earth and denseness she gaze was once again on the boy with beautiful purple eyes his face looked like it held so much pain though as if there were no joy in his life.

“Do you mind telling me why you thought it would be funny to blast us into the air kid?” Oh Rydan, she thought he was always so cold and stone hearted when it came to outsiders.

“My name is Graven, I only blasted you because I needed to get a better look at the girl beside you. My eyes see that she is the key to this fire demon everyone has been terrified of. She and the demon both hold the same oura.” Her heart stopped for a couple of seconds and her breath caught she still had not told Rydan the truth about how it was her fault the demon was set free and killed everyone they ever loved she was too petrified of the thought of him leaving her. Her thoughts about the worst stopped when Rydan grabbed her by the arm and moved her behind him a silent challenge in that one motion.

“I see the girl is with you then?” Eliya was started to get very ticked off if he called her girl one more time she was going  to shove so much water down him he would be coughing it up for weeks.

“She is and you will not lay a single finger on her do you understand me.” The snarl that Rydan had sent through the air as he spoke to Graven had given her shivers and also a slight spark of pleasure to think he would go through so much to keep her safe.

“I think you are mistaken friend, I mean neither of you any harm. I would however like your help I have a place nearby. We can go there and talk, if you two would like?”

“I think that is a perfect idea.” She said as she stepped out from behind Rydan, she knew if he were given the option of answering the question he would decline immediately she would endure his glares of fire for the next few minutes as they followed behind Graven. She could see everything that was running through his head at the moment calling her an idiot for being both stupid and trusting but she knew this boy had something very important to tell them and she would bet her live that this boy would be the key to helping them defeat the fire demon.

Once to the little house just on the skirt of town it had only taken them five minutes to walk to the small house that was made of stone and covered in grass that crawled up the walls and covered the roof. She had only ever seen few houses made of brick when wood was so much easier to work with she watched her father build house after house with hardly any effort. Once inside she seen the house was pretty barren except for a chair and a lamp that sat on one end of the room but on the other side is what really intrigued her there were so many bookshelves but the books that were scattered everywhere around the house and put up on the bookshelves were so pack an ant would be lucky to squeeze through them.

“Why do you have so many books it looks like you have mini library in your house?” She glanced over some of the titles and noticed they were all old books from before her grandmother was even born.

“I am a generation elder as i’m sure you could tell by the way you have yet to take your eyes off my own. I am only here to help destroy the demon that has once again been unleashed upon the world.”

“Wait, again, what do you mean released again?” Rydan voice grew dark as he asked Graven for answers. Once again Eliya had been frozen in place, her mind started to race about whether or not Graven knew the truth about her unleashing the beast and if he would tell Rydan about her grave mistake.

“I am the descendant of Azeon. Over thousands of years ago I was the first one to challenge the beast and seal it into an orb made from its own crystallized blood. I’m the one who can defeat this monster but I do not wield as much power as my forefather therefore I need your help. I take it you were here to fight the beast anyways seeing that you two willingly walked into the city that is said to be destroyed next. So what do you say will you help me defeat this monster and return this nightmare back to the orb. I must warn you though before we proceed the magic it requires to create the orb is a very heavy one.”

Eliya blushed a little as Graven called her out on her constant staring but she could not help it they were so unnatural and inviting.

“We might consider helping you, but first you must answer some questions for me. My first question is why are you all alone shouldn’t your family be here with you, you look like just a child, why would they send you alone to destroy the monster? My second question is how can we trust you when we have just met you?”

Rydan always so serious why could he not just learn to help people and enjoy life like most normal people, but then she seen the change in his face as she lifted her gaze to Graven she watched as his eyes turned cold and frozen his mouth turned into a grim line as he spoke.

“I am alone because when I was a child a group of people came after me for my powers, I am sure you have heard of the generation elders and how when they come into their powers they hold a lot of magic inside them. Well others have too and some want to take it for themselves so my parents were killed by these people while they were trying to protect me from them I watched my mother give her life to protect me but it had failed. I was stuck to endure their torture for years because they were stupid enough to think you can just take the generation out of someone until I turned eleven then Azeon come to me and told me about my past and showed me how to control my powers I was able to break free with his guidance. You should trust me because I have made no threat on your life yet and I am the only one that can help you two contain this demon fore it cannot be destroyed only contained.”

Eliya’s heart broke for this boy she had only just met she seen her dead parents and could hardly keep herself together after but thanks to Rydan she was able to find some control but to think about losing your parents as a child and to never know anyone else she could not imagine it. Rydan only answered Graven with a nod of approval. Rydan pulled out the map they had been following since the day of the attack she almost died they have been tracking the cities that the monster had destroyed and if their calculations are correct this town would be next and apparently a lot of others had the same idea due to the now almost deserted town they had walked through to get here and due to Graven also having the same assumption.

It had all just been an idea though until the ground below them started to tremble slowly shaking harder and harder every few seconds. Eliya knew that tremble and she knew the roar that would soon break through the air as she flung her hands up to cover her ears she felt the wind rush by her face and everything fell silent as Graven created an air lock around all of their ears to keep the deafening cry from reaching their ears. They all ran to the door as Graven flung it open with his air magic and they all trickled out of the house Eliya once again was staring into the deep soulless eyes of the flaming demon she had so many nightmares about.



Sorry it took me so long to get this one out I have had such horrible writers block and i’m just kind of writing this as I go, just letting the creative juices flow you know, but well here it is.