Want To Broaden Your Reading Horizon?

I know must of you by now have read of monthly book subscriptions and you know how expensive they can be, but there are some monthly book boxes that are not that expensive at all and they even let you pick from a variety of books so you always get something you know you’ll like or at least show interest in.

Book of the Month

Is something I stumbled upon when I was looking for a book box to give me a wide variety of books and maybe widen my reading genres, so far I have been able to pick out some great books. They give you five new book a month to choose from each with a different Genre with a synopsis, essay from a judge of the book, and  preview. It only cost 14.98$ a month and you get a hardback book with a slipcover, you can also add up to 2 more books to your box or 1 more depending on how many you want. Each extra cost 9.99$ which is not a bad deal for a good hardback book, they are also categorized you can choose books from past months, old classics, thrillers, even contemporary Fiction.

This month has just started and you have all month to order so even if you saved one dollar a day you could get a book in 20 days! Shipping is free!!

The books for this month are

  • Suspense
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Literary Fiction



Looking For A Surprise!?


So I do not know if any of you have heard of Monthly Subscription boxes but there are tons of them out there and I have found one that I just can not live without! It is a book subscription box but it is also so much more. You see I am a book nerd I have bookshelves committed to my books and I love to decorate them 90af6cb02ff51e3fcd50c471acf9d1a2.jpgwith themes like the picture here. So I love when I get a box that has a book and something to go with it and extra things that I can keep and use in my everyday life. It is called OwlCrate the Subscription is only 29.99 plus shipping, a month. Now I know you think it is expensive and trust me I thought the same thing I was like no way am I doing this, but if you think about it you may waste money on books and things that you don’t need in your everyday life and decide “well if i’m going to waste my money on a book any way then hey why not try it.”

Click Below if you think you would like it!


I did and I loved it! You always get a HARDBACK book and so many lovely things to go with it and there is even one for your kids! It is based on YOUNG ADULT books though so if you like other things I recommend another book subscription box but I love this one. Here are A few looks at the past boxes!