The Mask

The light flickers in the distance as the snow danced to the song of the howling wind and the restless trees, the sky was painted in the darkest blue and gray as the moon was fighting to be seen from behind the fortress of clouds that seemed to be unmoving. The wind and snow had already bitten all the warmth from Zuri’s face and was starting to cut through the cotton gloves that she was now cursing because she had chosen the cute cotton and lace over the fur and leather that would have kept her hands warm, why did she always fall for appearance first when it came to making decisions, it was one of her major flaws and she knew it was but she could never seem to overcome this ever losing battle. She could not think about that now she had come all this way for one reason and she could not let herself get cold feet now, she let a small chuckle escape through her shallow and labored breathing due to the fact that she really could not afford to get cold feet because she still had a little more walking to do and at this time of night if she stopped to rest and fell asleep she would surely freeze to death before anyone came close to finding her body when the sun would eventually shower the world with warmth once again.

The Mask she wore was one that nobody else have ever seen or had ever even known about, she had kept it her secret for so long she was beginning to lose herself, her true self. She knew she would have to do this even if she would lose the one person who had meant the world to her, he was the reason she was out here dragging herself through this frozen hell, ” So stupid” she kept repeating the words to herself, this whole idea, she should have just took some sleeping pills and forced herself to fall asleep so just for a few hours she could stop existing, it was all getting too far out of hand she could no longer handle this torture, waking up every morning to a new face. She forgot what it was like to look at her own face did she have freckles or not? What color were her eyes? What did her hair look like? These were the questions she would ask herself every night when she would lay awake staring at the ceiling.

The Mask was something she had just stumbled across at a flea market in a town down by the coast where her grandmother had lived, her grandmother had always warned her about finding things down by the coast she always told her scary stories about the ghost and spirits that haunted the wharf. She would tell her stories of a women who used to seduce men into her home and drink their blood to stay young and when their wives would come looking she would cast a spell on them so they would kill themselves in some of the most painful of ways. She used to love to listen to these stories when she was younger but the older she got the more she thought her grandmother was starting to lose her marbles.

She thought the Mask was so beautiful and mysterious  it was painted black as charcoal with matching feathers around the temples creating a cat eye effect, black lace with glitter was sewn onto the mask with swirls and jewels covering spots where the lace met together, around the eyes black and silver interlocked in a dance that made you look directly into them and the black satin ribbon that was used to tie the mask to you, it was so enticing like it was calling to her promising her that magical things would happen if she did and so she bought the stupid thing.

She had forgotten all about it until the day her grandmother died and she went back to her house to collect some of her stuff from the room she had when she stayed there, she remembered buying it and had never tried it on and once she did she noticed it the change her hair shifted to the color of black itself it was almost purple in certain light, her eyes were blue and gray almost white in a strange way, her skin was pale which she grew tired of due to everyone thinking she was ill all the time, but her lips were always a crimson red no matter how hard she tried to tone them down they always returned to that red and her eyes were always covered with black eyeliner and mascara with a gray and black eyeshadow to match, she thought she looked like a bit gothic but everyone was always drawn to her it was like her looks were more inviting and seductive rather than dark and scary.

She got bored with the fact that no matter what guy she asked out they all said yes and had done whatever she asked until the day she ran into Raiden who seemed to careless about how she looked or what she wanted, they worked together on a book editing project for one of her close friends but her boss had made Raiden tag along and she soon found him to be the worst person in the world until the day they were both going to kill each other, or so she had thought he had back her against the wall of the hotel elevator and she was just about to raise her knee straight into his privates when he crushed his mouth against hers and she lost all of her feeling. It was a kiss that made everything vanish around them, it was a hungry kiss, one that had been building for so long she could not help but let him come back to her room. The next morning he had still been there and told her how crazy she drove him and how much he needed her and surprisingly she felt the same way.

That was why she had to do this she had to tell him the woman that he loved was not her, that the mask she wore was one of lies and once she told him he would find her crazy more and likely but she had to tell him let him see the true her even if she had to wear this mask for the rest of her life and he would never get to see the person she used to be, the one she asked herself about every night she could not lie to him anymore. She was going to tell him and even if he thought she was completely and broke up with her she knew he had the right to know, she would make him see the real her, make him see that she was serious.


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The True soul of a monster: part 2

The sea was cold and black just like everything else in her life, dull and cold, she refused to let anything into her life even her sister, she cared for her dearly yes but she could not love her something broke inside her the day her parents died. They had all been so happy and carefree for most of their lives, mother who would do nothing all day besides knit and read books before the fireplace, father who would manage his business from his office at home. Sweet sister and her playing on the rug in the living room while Copper, the stray dog who found its way into the house and their family, lay curled up next to them. Everything was perfect until that winter night, the snow storm was the worst they have ever had, they lived so far away from town that mother and father day to travel by horse to get them supplies to last until the snow would melt. She remembered being curled up in front of the fireplace with her sister shivering with copper in the middle of them sharing his warm golden fur with them. Mother and father had left early that morning but they still had not come back even after hours of waiting, then night fell and the sun rose the next morning, one of the horses that had carried her parents came back that morning and was frightened they could barely get the poor dear back into the barn.

The horse was covered in scars and claw marks that both of the girls knew all too well, it was the marks of the snow wolves that hunted in this part of the lands, the girls had lost their older brother to the wolves two years ago she remembers the grim look on father’s face as he walked back to the house with brothers gun and the scream that came from mother followed by sobs is something that haunted her dreams even now. Their neighbor had come to see then a day or two later, he had mother’s purse slung across the back of his horse’s saddle. That was when she felt it the drift in her soul, the breaking in her chest, she could not cry or scream, or move she just shut down. Her sister sobbed into her hands as Clint handed over the bag to her with a look on his face that told us exactly what we both had already knew.

Clint helped both of them taking on the role of their lost uncle, while sister became a copy of mother always telling her what to do and how and when, with no room for argument. Which did not bother her as much as she thought it would, no her and sister were always close and sister would always tell her what to do any ways.

She was snapped back into her body as the laughing filled her head once more. Oh my sweet darling, do you not like what you see. No one ever does my dear, this is you underneath that pretty face and human flesh you are as much a monster as me. You can not escape me, you cannot run from me.

She realized that the voice in her head was right, she could not run or fight. She was this monster, this horrible disgusting thing that stood before her, was her.  The empty chest, the bloody claws, the hollow eyes, everything, it was all her and the way she chose to live her life. She thought she was going to be sick, how could she be this thing, how could she fall so deep into despair.

Sister, I know that you are scared to let someone near you, but it is okay, because no matter how scared you are to love someone, I will just have to love you twice as hard. You can push me away and fight me tooth and claw, but I will always be here right beside you, I will hold on to you no matter what, you may not be my child by birth but after raising you for so long, you are mine dear sister and I will not let you push me away. 

That was voice the one that she knew far too well filled her head, the voice that was sweet as honeysuckle and soft as a cloud, it was a voice of pure love. Her sister’s voice filled her head and the image of her being pinned down by her sister after they had been fighting about why she refused to love anyone even charming Rayden, who day after day still stood by her side even if he knew how broken she was. Her sister screamed at her to understand that she was loved even if she refused to love anyone else.

She felt it, the hot tears that spilled from her eyes and dripped into the blackness before her. She was this heartless monster but yet they still love her. They both still fought for her, trying to bring her into the light and out of this darkness that surrounded her. Maybe this is how everyone truly saw her and she was just now seeing it herself, but if they could love her even in this disgusting, broken form, then just maybe.

“I am not afraid of you. I know that you are me, just as I am you. I might be terrified of you but I know that you are just as terrified of me. For I am the thing of your nightmares, you refuse to love because you are scared of losing love, therefore you have no heart but I do. You hollow out your eyes so you can only see the black in life, but I see everything, all the colors that make you wither away to your hole of black. Your claws drip with blood from all the fighting you do to keep others away, but I let them in, I crave their touch even if I do not want it, I need to feel their love even if I hate it. That dagger on your tail is your way of dealing with your problems by slicing through them so they can no longer exist. I hold these daggers to defend myself so that no one else may hurt me, I do not slice through my problems I run from them I run from everything that crosses me. I am your nightmare just as you are mine.”

You sweet darling doe are the first to ever except my form. You are the first to stare at your true self and not crumble from the fear and disgust that is truly you. So now I just have one question for you. What will you do now? Will you continue to run from your fears? Will you keep pushing others away? Will you ever learn to love? Will you truly become me? Or, will you fight? Will you try to change your ways and become something more than this, something more than me?

She opened her eyes to see the beast that stood before her once again and stared at that one blue eye, and seen the tears sliding down its face, this beast that she had created did not ask to be made this way. It did not ask to be turned into this demon, it was her fault that she was destroying herself. She walked toward the beast slowly with every shaking step echoing off the walls of the cave. She touched the leather skin that made her stomach flip and roll inside her, she wiped away the tears that slid from the eye so much like her mother’s. 

“I will change for the both of us. I will fix this brokenness that resides in both of us if you just let me have that stone. I. . . I just want to save my sister. . . please she is the only thing I have left in this world.” The beast before her stood tall and straighten so it now towered over her.

My darling you are already changing. You came here to face me. You did not run from your fears. You put the love you feel for your sister before yourself. You tried not to love but yet you have my dear. I will let you take the stone if you keep your promise to change, but not for me but for yourself.

“I promise. . . I promise to try.” The beast raised a claw to wipe away the tears that slid down her face, she tried not to flinch as the touch of the cold metal claw. Then the beast spoke softly into her mind once more as it handed her the stone of life that would save her sister’s life.

You are bound by the bond of promise to change for better, for not only me but for yourself. I look forward to seeing you change and maybe you could stop by again, if the fear does not consume you. If you break your bond to me I will find you and your sister I will take back the life that I so freely gave to you my darling. 

“Yes, I will keep my bond” She took one last look into the eye of her mother and turned to what she assumed was the door of the cave then the two spirit’s that danced before her, leading the way back to home.

I wish you the best on your journey to a life that will make you happy and fill your soul with hope my darling.

She turned to take one last look into the cave but there was nothing there and she could now see the cave in the light as she turned and found the cave entrance to be shimmering in the bright light of the moon. the cave being no deeper than a closest in her home. She would have thought it all a dream if it were not for the purple rock that laid in her hand but there was something else as she looked at her wrist she seen a small black heart, like a tattoo was just place upon her. She rubbed the mark and yet it still remained. Then like a whisper being carried on the wind she felt the slightest tingle in her right ear as the words filled her mind once more

This is our deal and the heart reminds you not to forget. My darling I will be seeing you again. Always watching you. You must remember the deal we have made fore I would hate to take the one thing you love from you, but hear me when I say that I will without hesitation. She sucked the night air into her lungs and ran for their house.

Once she made it to the golden warm glow of the cabin lights she could see copper waiting in the window patiently as if he had never moved from the spot since she left. Just like a mother hen she thought as she slung the door open and fell to her knees on the floor before her sister that was shaking so uncontrollably, she was freezing from the inside but the she was drenched in sweat burning up on the outside.

She pressed the stone to her sister’s heart and spoke softly like her sister always had to her.

“Emily, I am so sorry. I have always pushed you away and pushed away anyone you tired to love. I . . .  I just need you to come back. I love you Emily. . .  I really do love you. So please come back to me. I need you to be here with me.”

She tried to hold back the tears that now flowed down her face and choked back the sobs as she kept waiting for something to happen, anything to happen. She laid her head down on her sisters folded hand and cried into the covers that laid upon Emily. She was giving up, she knew this could not work, this was a stupid idea all along. It was then that the bright purple light filled the cabin as the warm blast waved through her, Copper was there at her side barking demanding whatever threat was there to leave them alone, but as soon as it happened it was gone. The light was sucked away into her sister as she watched the purple glow settle beneath the golden skin of her sister that was just white and pale as a ghost.

She breathing flattened out, the shaking slowly stopped and the sweat that soaked every inch of her skin was gone. She stared down at her sister and Copper was sniffing around Emily as if trying to find that purple light again. Emily’s eyes fluttered open those green eyes flecked with golden spots as they searched the room around her until they landed on her face.

“Elya? What happened? Why are we. . .?

“Emily! I love you. I love you so much Emily. I do. Please do not ever leave me again please!”

She cried into her sister’s arms as the warm soft touch of Emily’s love warped itself around her and held her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

“I always knew you did my little Elya all you had to do was try”



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The true soul of a monster

She had made it to the place where the many others that came before her had stood and lost themselves in the black madness that was practically trying to claw it way out of that gave and into her mind. Come my darling little doe and see for yourself why those who speak my name tremble in fear. She knew that voice would be one of silk but she was not ready for the smooth husky tone that filled her ears like the call of a siren and the scent of lavender and jasmine mixed with the smell of firewood on a snowy night filled her nose. She shuddered at the sound and smell that took over all her other senses. I know why you came my darling. I know what you wish to take from me. Just know that no one has ever walked away from here alive or at least with their minds still intact. 

She scoffed at the arrogance that radiated from within the cave from the voice that spoke not from inside the cave but from inside her head. It did not matter to her she had to do this she had to face this monster that lurked within the cave for the sake of her sister who was lying on the cot at their tiny home fighting off the fever that was so fiercely claiming every part of her body and would soon claim her life, she needed the stone that lay within the cave what could heal anything or bring back loved ones, it was why so many people sought out this cave but none have ever been known to take the stone.

Come now darling doe I grow tired of waiting do you wish to take the stone or not! She would take that stone or die trying no matter what without her sister that one who had raised her all those years after their mother and father had passed away she would do this for her to repay her, for if her sister died she would have no reason to live. She braced her hands on the two daggers that were buckled to both sides of her hips as she slowly pulled them free and gripped the golden hilts so tight her finger turned white. She whispered a small prayer up to the mother above as she stalked into the cave, she was not scared of the death that lurked before her, as it welcomed her with open arms into the black abyss, no, she was most frightened of the afterlife if she were to end up damned for eternity or if she would find that peaceful bliss of nothingness and just be done with everything no longer existing.

Silly little girl you think those tiny blades can hurt me, you must be far more foolish than any other mortal that has come here to try and take the stone yet. 

“I do not care what you think about be demon, I will retrieve that stone and I will leave her with my life and save my sister.”  She snarled into the darkness

There was no light in the cave nor was there darkness it was just black. The color black it’s self is what lie before her and she glided both her blades across the walls until she had to choose left or right. She chose to stick to the left due to the fact that her right were her stronger fighting hand. She felt the presence then of death itself breathing down her neck, she felt the shiver shoot down her back could hear nothing but her beating heart pounding in her ears at the silence. So tell me girl do I frighten you yet. Do you realize you stand before a god were as you are nothing more than a bug waiting to be squashed. 

” You do not scare me. I am my own fear. I am the only person who can decided whether I live or die. Not you.” She tried to sound certain and unafraid but her voice had failed her as she cracked at the end.

She felt the laughter ripple around her as it filled her mind and the air around her like a damn of water had just exploded and was now pouring out to drown out everything in its path. So loud, the noise that filled her ears as the ringing filled her head then the blue light sparked to life. It floated around like a spirit in the night dancing on the wind that carried it. She lost the power to breath as she spotted the claw of black that was inches away from her its talons dripping with blood of a crimson red. The smell of iron and decaying flesh slammed into her noise she could not stop the heaving that started as she emptied the contents of her stomach all over the cave floor. Another blue spirit appeared and she seen the tail that was shaped like a dagger but it was bent at a weird angle like someone had broken it.

The two spirits danced around snaking their way up the beast body that stood a few couple of feet from her. Its fur was in clumps and patches and what wasn’t covered in fur was black and looked to be made like leather covered in scars and cuts. The monster’s chest was something out of a comic book or a nightmare it was a skeleton hollow and empty she could see straight through to the red unskin of the back the blue and purple vessels that did not pulse of beat nothing moved inside this monster. It was like its chest was a cage a prison it kept you in until you slowly died from only the mother knows what. She tried to rip her eyes away from the beast before she could see its head but it was too late. She could not look away it was like she was frozen in fear as the spirits danced high above her head showing her the face of the enemy she would die to tonight.

Its face was half fur and half leather on one side the face had a smile cut and stitched into a smile while the other half bared razor sharp teeth that were just piled in side its mouth like it all just came in at once. One eye held nothing but blackness and death but the other was of sky blue filled with what looked like sadness and regrets. She started into that one eye ignoring the blood that dripped from the black eye and the smile made of shards of razors, and the horns on top the demon’s head that were spiraled and bent at wrong angles, the ears that were missing parts. She started into that eye of sky blue and felt the crushing weight that hit her as she knew the color and the way that eye looked.

That eye was just like the pair her mother had the sky blue color that was as bright and beautiful as the summer sun on a hot day shredding away the chill of the spring and winter and the rain that covered the ground spreading joy and life throughout the land. She knew that eye because she stared into that eye every single day of her life. She felt it then the slip into madness and darkness that pulled her under in the sea of black. She looked at that smile again that was forced upon the beast just as she forced herself to smile every day since her parents death. The eye that was nothing but blackness were the eyes she stared out of every day not seeing the beauty that was lying around her. The flowers that her sister would always tend. The smile of the boy that she had yet to tell how she truly felt about him. The sky that she would never see again. Her eyes drifted to the chest that was hollow and held nothing inside, it was her chest where she no longer let her heart love she had casted everything out and would not let anything into her heart again nothing would make her feel that pain of losing a loved on again. The claws that dripped with blood were her own claws that she used to shred anything or anyone who tried to get near her.

This beast, this monster before her, the thing that was going to end her life was herself. She could not think or breathe, the screaming in her head had gone silent everything around her faded away into blackness as she once again was floating in that sea of nothingness.


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The Lantern of Souls: Part 2

68c13caffeb73b390ac16cad96dfdf72.jpgRavanah sat staring out of the glass trying to memorize every single thing that crossed their path Lann said they could escape but how was that possible from inside the stupid lantern.  The swaying motion from the lantern swinging in the wind was starting to slow until it came to a stop.  As she looked up the glass she seen nothing but woods then as if it had been here the whole time a stone house covered with crawling vines up here before her eyes this sure is some mansion she thought. Once inside the blinding light from the fireplace was so bright that caused her to squeeze her eyes shut in turn away until they could adjust wind her vision was finally returned the whole world had been flipped upside down literally the lantern has been turned upside down and she was now falling out of it just to end up in a another cage she thought the fall might have hurt if it were not for Lann who cushioned her fall.

It was the cage she was in that creeped her out the most it was not just a cage it was the mansion Lann had talked about it was like a huge Barbie doll house her parents had bought her when she was young but only this time she was that all and there would be no happy times here. Lann seemed as if he was right at home walking over to the sofa that set before them in what seemed to be like a living room or no may be a bedroom judging by the day bed that sat by the right side of the wall she noticed the room was painted black with a blue horizontal stripe going around the room this must be lanns room. She was about to ask for her room was when she felt an uncontrolling magic pull her out of lawns room and across the hall to a room that looked exactly like her bedroom in her real house from the four poster canopy bed to the clear and white lights she had hung the around the room to keep away the dark. She had always been terrified of the dark not because it was the dark that scared her but because of what lie in wait the dark.

She felt before the need for shake as she looked out the window in her bedroom of the playhouse she seen the face of the soul reaper but it did not look if like the one in the stories she was always told this one had hair so black but in the light it reflected all the colors of the rainbow and her face was on the face it was the time mask the holes where the eyes should be when nothing but black and it was like blood tears ran from the eyes down her face to a grim line in her mouth should be. Her attention was cut short when she felt hands grip on to our shoulders she’s so swung round so fast and without warning her here flew out like razor sharp nails but she hit her mark judging by the hand that Lann now held the cover his eye.

When Ravanah opened her eyes and and looked too the doorway of their copycat room her eyes brimming with tears threatening to spill over them until dam she had created since the moment would she was dumped into this house of horrors were alone Lann w you could as standing there looking her his eyes no longer filled with darkness that filled with kindness as he looked at her she was slowly breaking and she knew he could that see it but she no longer cared as her soul was going to be her new body and she would be passed around for entertainment like a common prostitute and she would no longer care about anything.
” Giving it up so soon are we my we my little lamb? I thought surely you have at least a little more fight them at just look at me I’ve been here for so long I forgot what my original captor looked like I’ve been passed from one soul reaper to another for so long there are just too many to count but I still fight and every day I will fight until I can’t any longer. I have nobody to return to the I will not be a slave to anyone ever again.” There was now a fire behind his eyes she found hope something she thought would be impossible in such a dark place that there was shining like the sun it was so beautiful she can look away she just kept staring into those eyes.
” I don’t know what it is with you calling me stupid animal names that knocked off OK I’m not an animal I have a name and its Ravanah did learn to use it. So Mr. Big shot what do you suggest we do now be like a ghost into space for the walls?”
” First of all darling I know you name but its far too much fun riling your feathers to stop now and seconadly what do you think this is some kind of cartoon you can’t walk through walls if I could don’t you think I would have been long gone by now I’ll wait now I forgot I’m staying for the sites.”
” OK then smart guy what do you suggest we do?”
” We should probably stop standing around and go downstairs to introduce you my pet to the others.”
” Wait, what others, do you mean others more like us?”
” No I meant the rest of the furniture of course others like us were not the only ones I told you earlier there are many soul reapers that wander the lands.”
” I don’t think I’m ready to meet anyone else.”
” Well my shy of lamb that’s too bad because if I don’t take you down stairs to meet Kyamie or there won’t be a house for us to live in.”
Lann stalked toward her like an animal ready to pounce on its prey once directly in front of her he placed his hands firmly on her hips she was about to swap them away when she felt her feet being picked up off the ground before she was thrown over her shoulder and she started flailing like a child being dragged out of a toy store.
” Put me down you ass.”
” Not a chance in hell my little kitten.” A kitten he called her she would make him think kitten.

As they descended down the stairs she thought about what Lann had said to her earlier about not giving up and fighting may be she would if he has been here for so long and yet still had hope even without a body to return to then there was a chance for her to also hope.When they arrived at the bottom of the stairs he rudely flipped her off his shoulder and onto a red comfy chair that she was just about to let him have it when she looked to her right and saw five others looking at her she felt her cheeks warm as she began to blush. She normally didn’t consider herself shy but then again she always had at least one person around her that she knew in this room she was surrounded by strangers even if Lann told her that he was her friend she had only just met him.
” Welcome, my name is Kyamie I thought I heard someone new being dropped into a room.” This must be the girl Lann was talking about but she did not very intimidating though could she rarely tear down the whole house. She was just a little bit shorter than Ravanah may be about 5’1 and her hair that went all the way down to her butt was slightly curled but mostly waves her smile looked like one out of a beauty magazine it was lovely and inviting but she couldn’t help but get a sense of betrayal hidden deep behind the smile.
“Heya, my name is Eugene i’ve seen you have met the local douche bag Lann it’s okay if you don’t like him none of us do.” The boy that no spoke looked like he was straight out of a funeral he was wearing a light colored shirt with a dark tie and his hair looks like it had been geled up on the top and the side where cut into a fade but he still had a five o’clock shadow he showed her no smile he only gave her a small wink. She was starting to get very annoyed with everything being just blue and different tints of dark and light.
She kept waiting on the last boy to in introduce himself but he just kept staring at the book he was reading as if she were nothing then a mere fly he face held a bored expression of disinterest and his hair was long enough to be put into a bun where it sat on top of his head and his face was long overdue for a shave she rolled her eyes thinking he looked like half the guys that go to her college and would never understand why guys suddenly started obsessing over beards it is not like they just grew over night they have been around for generations.
“That my dear lamb is Ethan the royal princess of the castle as I like to call him but never mind that Kyamie and Eugene this is Ravanah.”
” Hello everyone it is nice to meet you or I guess as nice as nice can be in these circumstances.” She gave everyone a smile and tried to make it look sincere but she was still a little shaken up about everything.

“Okay now that the introductions are over we don’t have much time left it is almost midnight and the games will begin soon.” Kyamie’s voice grew dark and her eyes turned to stone as she addressed everyone in the room Ethan who had been so lost in his book even shut it to glance at Kyamie she wanted to ask what are these games but she was too afraid to interrupt so she sat quietly like the rest.

“Ravanah I know you are new to this but you must follow my orders or you will die and by die I mean your soul it will be eaten and you will no longer exist in the world of the living or the world of the spirits do you understand.” Ravanah’s heart started to race as her mind started to assume the worst about these games they were not fun games but death games and she would soon be a player. Her mind was snapped back to Kyamie when Lann put a hand on her shoulder for reassurance as he looked to Kyamie and shook his head in agreement for her, he moved around the chair and sat on the arm of it as he bent down low to her ear he whispered.

“I told you I would fight no matter what and I will but I will also make you a promise that no matter what happens I will keep you alive my dear lamb.” She could not help but to find comfort in his words even if his stupid animal names were getting very old very quick.

“If you two are done with your little moment I would like to get back on topic here. Now I have been watching the reaper for the past couple of days and I looks like she has made a castle like a huge one with a courtyard and a forest with valleys so it looks like tonight we might be hunted or we are doing a deadly game of hide and seek either I think we are ready for. Now Ravanah, our goal is to protect each other that is why we all have survived here for so long so I you help us we will help you.”

Great another game of hide and seek that is what had gotten her into this whole mess in the first place but she was just about to agree to help the other with Kyamie and Lann when the dooming started it was like it was coming from inside her head she closed her eyes and grabbed her head as she put her head in her knees when the third and final boom stuck she waited a second. When she opened her eyes she was squatting on the ground with trees all around her but none of the others were in her sight, she was again alone in the middle of the woods then out of nowhere she heard the howling of wolves there was at least two or three packs of them by the sounds of the howls and they were spread out all around her. She needed to find Lann and fast she was assuming that spirit wolves must be different than regular wolves and she was not sure how to handle them, her safest bet would be in a tree as she climbed she could not help to let out a low pathetic laugh once again she found herself in a tree in a game of hide and seek only this time it was for her life.


So my scary story kind of is a bust and it is just turning into another fantasy story :/ sorry to disappoint you all if you were excited about a scary story I will be attempting to write a scary one again later on so fingers crossed it works out!


© White Rabbit



The Lantern of Souls: Scarystory Part 1



Ravanah had been running for so long but still had no clue where she was even heading and tonight on the coldest night of November without a coat running through these thick woods with just the moon to light her way what an idiot she was. Why did she even let herself get talked into this stupid game of hide and seek tag she had no idea the boys had talked her into it but she guessed that is what she got for always hanging out like on of the guys. They had all agreed to come to this patch of woods for an end of the year camping trip just on the outskirts of Sky’s house where they built a warm fire oh what she would kill to be next to that fire right now but first she must find a spot to hide or she would end up being the seeker next. The tree next to her looks like it might be able to hold her weight if she tried to climb it but that is easier said than done as she thought she might as well get this over with.

Ravanah grabbed the branch closest to the ground and dragged herself up on the branch once she was perched upon the branch like an owl she then made her way up the next three branches where she wedged herself in between the space where the tree trunk split and made herself comfortable as she could. She guess this would do for now the tree limbs and being in between the trunks kept the chill in the night air away but she still wish she would have brought her jacket then again she also did not think that she would be galavanting through the woods like a freaking prancing deer. It was really quite though which she thought was very weird there should be at least crickets or the leaves that covered the ground should be rustling but still she couldn’t hear any of it as if she had become deaf but her eyes caught the light over the rest of the tree tops.

Ravanah climbed high in the tree to get a better look at what that bright light was when a darkness flew over her head and the next thing she knew she was falling out of the tree and to the ground when the darkness consumed her. It was when she awoke that she was most terrified there was a faint blue tint color but that was all she could see and she could feel the swaying motion as if she were on a boat at sea.

It took a few minutes fro her to regain consciousness but she was still trying to asses whether or not she was dead or just dreaming because last thing she remembered was being in the tree or maybe falling from the tree and what was that noise like singing or humming. She knew the song it was from a videogame that Aeroe had played a couple of weeks ago if she could just remember the words to it. Go something, she had sung it for like a whole week straight but yet she still could not think of it until it came rushing at her like a train at full speed she waited for the right moment to get in sync with the humming she was hearing.

“Go tell aunt Rhody, Go tell aunt Rhody, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, That everybody’s dead. I was raised in a deep, dark hole, A prisoner with no parole, They locked me up and took my soul,
Ashamed of what they’d made.” That was all she could remember though.

“Hello? Is there someone else there?” Whispered a voice from the darkness it was deep but as smooth as silk it wasn’t raspy like sky’s voice.

“Yes? I am here but who am I speaking to?” She was not sure talking to the dark was a good idea but she really had no other choice here.

“I am a soul that has been taken from their body just as you have although I have been here for a long time whereas you my doe eyed deer have just arrived.” The voice was coming closer now and the humming was becoming louder with every heavy breath she sucked down into my deflating lungs.

She tried to squint into the dark blue void but the blue started to grow brighter and then a blue and white silhouette of a man she did not know came walking toward her the right side of his hair was shaven but the top of his hair was laid over to left where it dropped down and caressed his jaw line and his eyes looked bright and the smile he kept flashing her was soft and warming and it always tended to curve to the right side a little more than the left but his teeth looked like they could sparkle but the clothes he wore looked a little worn out he wore a shirt that look like it was made of flannel and his pants judging by the dark exterior look like they might have been black but it was the bracelet on his arm that held her focus the most it was made of leather that had rings of metal around it.

“what do you mean my soul has been taken?  Is that even possible?  Where are we any ways how did we end up here?” Her voice started to tremble as the thoughts raced through her mind about everything the young man had just told her how could this happen to her gaze started a dart around the room as if trying to find a way out of this nightmare.The young man step closer to her but every time he took one step she would take two more back.
” I am not here to hurt you I am here to only help my name is Lann. You do not need to fear me as for where we are we are being held in lantern of the soul reaper she wanders through the night praying on the young ones who get lost in the woods but soon we will be returned to her mansion where we will wait in our cages until she grows bored of our company and sells us to the demons of the night and unless you are able to return to your body before sunrise you will never be allowed to return to the land of the living. We can see the land of the living but we cannot interact we are on different planes as if we were looking through a one way mirror. So my dear doe eyed girl I suggest you stop best in so many questions and get to helping me with the answers unless you want to stay in this state.”

How those eyes seemed so bright before now seemed to be black as night as her heart raced he led her to the blue light but it was not a light she was looking out of it was glass and the light was behind her but through the glass she could see the ground beneath her moving by the woods she just ran through passing before her eyes she was in fact in the lantern of the soul reaper and her only way out was to trust a boy who look like he’d just been kicked out of rock concert for being too boring.If she weren’t so scared for her long she would be laughing right now growing up with two older brothers and having only a group of guys for friends she had heard many of these scary stories but she did not think that one of them would actually be true end of this one was true did that mean the others were too. She closed her eyes and prayed to the mother to save her before the darkness ate her.

I felt like writing something a little dark and kinda scary or soon it will be.



© White Rabbit