Frozen Happiness?

Frozen Tides

ISBN-13: 9781101623237
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Publication date:12/15/2015
Series: Falling Kingdoms Series , #4
Pages: 400
Author: Morgan Rhodes


Prologue- A flashback of King Gaius and his mother telling him the stories of the Kindred and how he is destined to find them and rule the world.

Amara is on her way to Krashian with the Water Kindred. Magnus, Cleo and Nic makes it to the Limeroian castle, where Magnus finds Kurtis, a rival of his since boyhood and Grand King’s Liege of Limeros, seated upon his throne. Kurtis refused to give up the throne until Magnus had him removed by guards and forced onto his knees before Magnus with a blade to his throat. Jonas’s wound had gotten much worse and he was in and out of unconscious for a period of time. Galyn had tried to help by putting healing mud on the wound. Nerissa left a message for Jonas with Gayln, stating that King Gaius is preparing a ship to leave very soon but does not know where to. Jonas and Lys then make a plan to go in disguise to the dock to try and kill the king. Lys is forced to wear a dress and Jonas gets a bad haircut and an eye patch.

In Paelsia, Lucia and Kyan were bonding over their hatred for watchers. Kyan told Lucia about Timotheus being the last immortal that can imprison him again and keep his fellow siblings locked away. Kyna shared with Lucia how to pray the truth out of people by using her an obedience spell to gather information about the stone wheels. The more they try to resist the more painful it is.

While in Auranos, Felix had made it into the castle and was waiting to be seen by the king when Lord Gareth ordered guards to put him in chains and take him to the dungeon. Felix did not understand why he was being thrown away on a whim. The Lord told him there is a warrant for his arrest due to high treason. Felix bargained with the lord telling him he possessed the Sky kindred and must give it to the king. The guards knock Felix out without another word. Felix awake in front of the king who wanted answer for his lengthy silence and for causing such explosions that killed many of his followers just to rescue rebels. Felix explains that he was just trying to earn their trust to learn their secrets, and that now he was totally loyal to the Corba clan and the king. He then offered him the Sky kindred to try and show his loyalty. The king told Felix he would pardon him of his crimes if he past a trial for him. Aeson, a fellow member of the cobra clan how now wanted the king dead, was brought in. The deal was whoever won got to walk while the other would be executed. Aeson was given a sword, but Felix was to use pure skill to prove his worth. Aeson had decided to abandon the fight and instead turn to take out the king. He killed the guards in his way and Felix took the sword from their lifeless body and plunged it into Aeson. The King had already planned that Aeson would make an attempt of his life and if Felix stopped him which he did he would pass the test. The king once again please with Felix told him about his important journey to Krashian and that Felix would be his bodyguard for the trip.

Meanwhile, Amara had arrived in Krashian and was greeted by Mikah, a place guard who was sold to her father by his family. The emperor acted as cold as ever toward her and asked about if his son would be returning soon but Amara lied and said maybe he would. The emperor called her over grabbed Amara by her face and questioned her about the king and what she had told him. She responded that everyone was very kind and they discussed nothing of importance. The emperor grew harsh and tightened his grip on her face and asked her why the king was on his way to his empire.The emperor loathed her existence, which she already knew he did, and told her that he wished the drowning would have worked.

Once in her room Amara found great happiness to find Neela, her grandmother, waiting for her. Amara told her grandmother that she was right Ashur did deceive her when given the chance. Her grandmother felt no remorse toward his death. She said his heart was too weak and it must have been done. Amara had to know the truth as to why she survived the ritual drowning. Her grandmother told her about how Amara’s mother had known about the drowning and went to a powerful apothecary. She asked for a potion of resurrection and used it on Amara, but she had to give her life in return. Amara did in fact die but was brought back.

Jonas had made it to Auranaos and was waiting at the dock for the king to show. Him and Lysandra had split up to try and find more information about where the king was headed. Jonas began to smell something horrible like rotting meat. He was trying not to pass out when Bruno, Gayln’s father, had spotted Jonas and informs him the king is already gone along with Nerissa and that the smell was his shoulder it was rotting away and he would die soon. He needed to find a heeler with good Earth magic. Lys told jonas they would only focus on finding a healer. Jonas tried to argue with her about it but she confessed her love for him and told him she could not lose him. Jonas agreed but they would look for one on the way to Limeros so they could kill the prince and rescue Cleo. Jonas and Lysandra still had no luck finding a healer and had reached Limeros. Lysandra knew someone was following them and when she captured the stalker it was a witch how wanted to help. She fully restore Jonas’ arm, and join the rebel group.

Cleo’s was taking archery lessons with Kurtis but they were less of her skill improving and more of Kurtis telling her everything he thought wrong about Magnus being on the throne. Cleo confided in Nic after she had a horrible dream about Theon and Magnus. She thought she was falling in love with the prince. Nic had told her that he was a monster and could never be trusted for he was the son of the King of Blood and had killed Theon. Magnus had followed them to the garden though and overheard their conversation and had confronted them when he seen Lucia approach.Lucia asked them as to where the wheel on the castle grounds was located but before Magnus could answer Cleo said they did not know where it was. Fearing that Cleo knew something that he did not he agreed with Cleo. Lucia had tried to play nice with Magnus to get the information of where the wheel was by fixing his broken arm, and insisting that she truly loved him even more than a brother. Cleo told him that she was just tricking him. Lucia then took to the other method, she used her power to draw the truth out painfully. Once at the wheel Kyan sensed no magic. Timotheus had already closed it.
Lucia then took to using her powers on Cleo about where the Water Kindred was. Nic tried to help but was blown back and rocked out. Cleo told her the truth that Amara had taken it.

Jonas was scoping out the castle while the girls were back at the inn. That was when Jonas spotted Magnus and was about to kill him when he promised Jonas an alliance if he did not kill him and that they all could sit down and chat. Once inside the castle Magnus had Jonas put in chains and sent to the throne room he brought Cleo in to discusses an alliance, who was more than happy to see Jonas. Jonas, Cleo, and Magnus agreed to a three way alliance so they would each get their own kingdoms back. Jonas, the girls, and Nic set out in the dead of night to find an exiled watcher in Paelsia for Cleo.

Lucia and Kyan had found four wheels by now but still none held any magic. Timotheus pulls Lucia into a dream and warns her about Kyan misleading her and that he can see visions of the future, but all she wants to do is kill him. Back in Krashian the king had arrived promising emperor that if he dared try to get near his kingdom his sorceress daughter would annihilate them all and that he possessed all four of the Kindred. Which Amara knew was a lie but held her tongue. The king proposed a deal that is they shared Krashian and Mytica, the king would share the Kindred and their power. While waiting for the emperor to respond Felix and Amara had been getting close and heated.

Felix had ran into Mikah and Taran, another member of Cobra gone rogue, while he was checking on the ship to make sure it was ready if they ever needed to make a quick getaway. Mikah confessed to being a rebel and convenience Felix to join them but first he had to get word to Magnus. Once Jonas and Nic had returned Magnus had sent them to the dungeon to question why his new allies had left without notice. Nic claimed they had been in search of a present for Cleo’s birthday. Once in the throne room Magnus had received the letter from Felix that told his father had offered Mytica and the Kindred to the emperor on a silver platter. Attached inside the envelope was a piece of forearm skin with the cobra clan tattoo marked on it. Magnus decided to send Jonas to meet Felix in Krashian to help. Nic had his own vengeance in mind as he said he would accompany him.

After much thought the emperor accepted the terms and the deal was final but he had only one more concern, his bloodline. Amara had sought out Felix even though he thought they should not continue their private meetings due to the marriage. But she took him to the main hall and ordered his arrest for being a rebel. She had no claim to this she was just starting to fall in love with Felix. Neela had always said love is weakness so she had to get rid of it. The king no longer had use for him so he did not care.

Once Jonas and Nic had arrived in Krashian they did not see Felix but instead were met by Mikah who informed them that Felix was in the dungeon and probably executed by now, but Jonas had hope. Jonas went to talk to Olivia who told him the truth. Timotheus had sent her to watch over Jonas for he had visions of him. Jonas had refused her and said he would take her help unless she agreed to not only watch him but his friends. She hated it but she agreed to his terms. Still Jonas did not forgive her. Felix had been tortured so bad his back from the whipping was nothing but raw meat, one of his eyes lay on the floor staring at him. The guard who love the scream of him had to step away for a minute. Just when he returned and Felix was begging for the end to be near. He felt the whole ground shake and the ceiling started to fall. The clash of metal was heard and when all seem quite and he thought he had been forgotten. Jonas was at the door carrying him out of the dungeon and into the light of life again. Felix had to ask many times if this was real and that he was sorry for what he did. Olivia was able to heal all the wounds and they did not even scare. Yet his eye would never return. Felix informed them about Amara, King Gaius, and fleet of guards had already set sail for Limeros and would be arriving soon. Jonas told Olivia to fly as fast as she could to deliver the news to Magnus.

Two worlds on the brink of destruction. One that is quickly fading and the other that will destroy itself.


This book has made me very happy I got exactly what I have been asking for. I actually enjoyed reading this book. I could not wait to get to the next page, and I actually felt emotions while reading it. It is one thing to read a book and think it’s good you like it but for someone to feel things while reading the book I think that is what makes a book.

This book has a lot more deception than the books before it. The deaths in this book have so much more meaning. I did however see a hint of “Game of Thrones” come back just because I have watched and read it and there is a part in it that Morgan seems to have copied, or just randomly thought of it also, but she changed what happens at the end on the event.

While reading this book I grew so frustrated. I have never wanted to just reach into a book and smack someone so hard. I swear the whole time I was reading Lucia’s part about her and Kyan and all the horrible crap they did. I just wanted to shake her to death and ask her what in the heck is she thinking. He does not care for you he is using you, no better than the king did! LISTEN TO TIMOTHEUS, but nooooo she just has to be with him! I swear I have been so angry the whole time I read about her stupidity. I also just wanted Cleo and Magnus to just man up and say you love each other is that so hard. I mean Morgan you have been drawing this out for three books already you are killing us here. WE NEED THEM TO BE TOGETHER! Do not even get me started on Amara I think i hate her more than the king! Why can no one see through her bull crap. I mean I know that we get to read what she is thinking and everything but still why do guys always fall for trashy girls i just will never understand.

I also was so heart broken at one point. I cannot say much because I do not want to give it away, but I felt so sorry for this character. I just wanted to hug them and tell them it’s okay everything will be okay. I hate to admit it but I felt a little bit for Lucia. If I were her I can see how she looks at the world. If my family told me I was stolen from my original family just for my magic power and then use me. She thinks everywhere she goes everyone dies. The one person she gave her heart to betrayed her and used her just like everyone else. Now even Kyan uses her, so she just gives up she helps him and causes pain and death because that’s all she has ever felt. I understand her pain, hate, and her blindness to people who just want to use her. Felix poor, poor Felix. I liked Felix in the beginning to be honest. I loved his smart attitude, the way he was always there for Jonas. Until you know he messed up, but Jonas and Lysandra were talking about killing him.

I am now going to talk about a spoiler. I am going to type it in white font so if you want to read it simple highlight it with your cursor. If you have no clue how to do that you simply hold left click over the blank area and drag you mouse down you should see it highlight white letters with a black background

*I like many others were just dying for Cleo and Magnus to finally confess their love for each other. I took us three and 1/4 to get here. I do want to say I am extremely overjoyed that this happened. I loved that they confessed their love for each other and gave into their desire. Maybe it is just me, because I love Sarah J. Maas books, I was let down. I wanted there to be like some crazy stuff happen when they finally got together. Instead we get a broken Magnus who is all depressed and Cleo comforts him then they makeout. I wanted that overcontrolling, hot headed, sly smirking boy who is dipping with danger to confess his love for Cleo in some cool way. I just was very let down here!*
The ending of this book I can say I a little bit of a let down. Now I love the plot twist at the end and all the crazy stuff that happens with the king, Magnus, Cleo, Lucia, and Kyan. When it come to Nic and Jonas I seen it coming :/ I thought it would have been the best twist in the entire book if Morgan had not foreshadowed the ending earlier on. As soon as I read the paragraph in the beginning of the book I was just like yup great, now I know what’s going to happen. I just do not understand why she could not just have taken out the foreshadowing and explained everything later on. Instead I felt with a ended I had already knew was going to happen.

It makes me wonder if I like Morgan Rhodes that much. Out of this whole series so far I’ve only liked 1 1/2 books. I say 1/2 because I only like the last part of of of the books. Most people like the unexpected and enjoy a shocking end where you would have never seen something coming. Morgan takes that away from me. At the end there are like three “shocking” things that happen. One of them I thought might happen because she give you slight hints but it did shock me when the truth came out. The second one was easy good always beats evil so no shocker there. The third you already told me what would happen so, thanks!?

I can give this book a 3.5/5. Just because I had very high hopes for the way certain things would play out and almost all of them were a let down. The main events in the book were great. I liked the action, the choices that were made, and the dialog. It’s like when you go to see a book that has been turned into a movie and they change of your favorite parts into something boring or bland. You feel let down like how could they do that to your book. That is how I felt at the end of this


Gathering My Good Graces!


Gathering Darkness

ISBN-13: 9781595147066
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Publication date: 11/24/2015
Series: Falling Kingdoms Series #3
Pages: 448
Author: Morgan Rhodes


It starts out right after the attack on the camp in Paelsia, Jonas is being captured by Limerian guards when a man named Felix comes to his rescue. Jonas and Felix form a bond of friendship and try to come up with a plan to free his fellow rebels.

In Auranos, Prince Ashur is joined by his sister Amara to help find the Kindred for themselves. The king grows weary of their presence in his kingdom. Cleo and Lucia are becoming friends even though Lucia is not so sure about Cleos sudden need to be friends. Lucia still find comfort in Cleo being near her for reasons she is not quite sure of. She tells Cleo about the watcher who visited her in her sleep, and how she wonders if she will ever see him again. Alexius has been kept in the sanctuary due to Melenia’s draining powers, and her obedience spell. Nic tells Cleo of the kiss that Ashur placed upon him and is freaking out about its meaning. Cleo urges him to try and get more information from them. Nerissa, Cleo new handmaiden and Jonas’ rebel intell on the inside of the castle, has been passing messages back and forth for Cleo and Jonas. Cleo and Jonas meet at the temple and they come to a very unpleasant agreement.

King Gaius has started to question Gregor about his dream with the watcher who visited him, while Magnus watches. The king feels he is holding back information so he brings in Lysandra, Gregor’s sister and a rebel member who was captured after the raid in Paelsia, the king threatens to kill her. Gregor, fearing for his sister’s life, spills everything the watcher told him. The king finds that he is no longer useful and decides to have him executed right in front of Lysandra. Once broken they carry Lysandra back to the dungeon without any fight. Magnus tells the king that he does not approve of the way he handled the situation and that his way is not always right, just like he had the queen killed. The King comes clean to Magnus and flips his whole world upside down.

Lysandra and Tarus, the last remaining rebels in the dungeon, are sent to the courtyard to be publicly executed. But before any heads are chopped, an explosion happens and fire erupts from every where. People run screaming and that is when Jonas and Felix run to the rescue and get Lysandra ad Tarus out of harm’s way, but with the help of a very nice guard. When the explosion struct Lucia was knocked off from the balcony her and her family was standing on watching. She was lost in the screaming crowd. On the way back to the castle she sees the boy of her dreams, none other than Alexius. He tells her he has exiled himself for her.

Once back at the castle Lucia and Alexius are brought before the king and Magnus, who freaks out and is instantly jealous of Alenius. Alexius tells the king he was sent here by Melenia and the king welcomes him with open arms as Lucia magic teacher. Once by in Lucia’s room Cleo is introduced to Alexius, who notices the ring she wears is Eva’s ring. Lucia starts to question their friendship and whether or not she knew about the truth of the ring. Once Cleo gives her the ring they all watch as she awakens 3 of the 4 Kindred crystals, before Alexius forces her to stop. Lucia, Cleo, and Alexius set out to find the first crystal located at the Temple of Cleiona, Magnus follows them but does not make it too far before being caught by them and joining them in the search. When they get to the temple they find that the stone has already been taken. They return to the castle and later on Alexius tells Lucia that Melenia had watcher watch the temple and knows who took the crystal.

Cleo comes to Lucia’s room to see how she is doing, but to find out she is not welcome after being almost killed. She flees the room and starts to run for her own just to be captured by the guards and taken to the dungeon. Lucia seeks out Alexius to comfort her and he comes up with the idea for them to run away and get married at the Temple of Valoria. The king tells Magnus that a lord had seen Cleo speaking with Jonas at the Temple of Cleiona and demands that he question her himself then for Cornus, the kings head guard who always carries out the king’s order no matter what. Magnus is on his way to the dungeon when he receives a letter saying Lucia and Alexius have eloped and not to worry about her. Cleo pretends she has done nothing wrong and tells Magnus that she does not trust Alexius and knows where they ran off to. Magnus fights their way out and they take off after Lucia and Alexius. Nic who is on guard at a party the king is throwing sees Ashur and Amara and overhears that they are leaving the party, he also notices a bunch of the guards have left also. He catches word that the Princess and Prince have come up missing along with Cleo and that the guards are to capture Ashur and Amara and take them to the king. Nic sneaks out and heads straight for the home that Ashur and Amara are staying at to warn them.Once there he learns a dark secret about the twins and see a whole new side of them and he does not like it.

Cleo and Magnus arrive in Limeros and meet a friendly face who tells them there is a storm coming and they can stay with her. Once there Cleo and Magnus get into an intense moment but not to far into the moment they are disturbed by a knock on the door, and to their surprise it is none other than Ashur and Amara. They threaten the life of Nic and Cleo spills the truth about the crystal and where to find it. They make a birgan that if they take them to the temple and give them the crystal Nic will be set free. Once at the temple, after taking a long long ride to get there. They notice dead bodies all around the outside of the temple huge shards of ice cover the ground. On the inside of the temple two huge pools of blood cover the floor. Cleo tells Amara that they have to search for the crystal and it could take a while. Amara already knows about the blood circle and orders a guard to slit Cleo’s arm and perform the ritual. They wait for something to happen, but then Magnus see it, another circle already drawn. Nic appears at the door holding the crystal and hands it to Ashur. Ashur demands the guards not to listen to his sister any more and is to only take orders from him. He does not like this side of her and has been plotting with Nic to stop her rampage for power. Amara seems to understand and apologises to her brother and goes to give him a huge. Once in the warm embrace Amara pulls out a dagger and sinks it deep into her brother. She then takes the crystal and tells them that she will let her father know how Magnus killed her dear brother. She then leaves demanding the last two guards to kill them all.

Nic still stuck in a state of shock hold Ashur as he dies in his arms. Magnus starts to fight his way out, and Cleo tries to make the first move and end up getting shoved off and hits her head on the marble table. The guards laugh as her body lies on the floor Magnus becomes distracted by her lifeless body, his arm gets broken and while the guard is telling him how he will take pleasure in his death. He does not notice a dagger that is plunged through his back straight to his heart. Magnus looks to see his hero Cleo standing there staring at him eyes wide. They must now leave, Nic once again begs Cleo to come with him but she cannot leave her people. Instead she tells Nic to go find his own path and repair his broken heart.

Once at the castle Magnus claims his throne and gets a note about his father’s whereabouts, for he is no longer in the land of Mytica. Once at the castle we learn the reason for the blood pools in the Temple and the dead bodies that now lay around it. We learn the true message of the Kindred and the last words of someone who will no longer be seen again. We get ready to watch the world burn!


Can I just start by saying that my faith has been restored. It’s like everything in the last book that I thought was complete trash was taken straight out of the book. It has moved away from the “Game of Thrones” path and has started its own story. I am holding on to every word as I read now. I am listen intently and dieing to make it to the next page. No more boring dialog, except for the first like 50 pages. No more wasting away while reading the entire book. Now there is actual drama and major plot points that evolve actual action not just boring conversation after boring conversation. I was very happy with reading this book, so much different than the second and first book. It like Morgan just completely had a mid life crisis and was like I need to change everything.

In this book the bond between Magnus and Cleo get so intense and I am just like dieing here. Morgan is so being a major tease here. She lets them kiss and shows that they both care for each other, but they refuse to admit it to each other. I just want them to be together so bad and yet i’m here still waiting, still reading. It keeps you so sucked in before you know it you’re just here waiting every chapter for it to happen. Lucia you are waiting to see what becomes of her darkness and what Alexius is truly hiding from her. You feel bad for her you do, but another part of you hates her and hope she gets what is coming to her. I like her but hate her a the same time.

Morgan Rhodes has done justice in this book and has brought me happy enjoyment reading this book. I can give this book a hot 4.3/5! I loved the action, the drama, the plot, the characters. I just loved it. I cannot give the whole 5/5 because it still does need something. It just feels like the climax is not fully there. Like I get hyped about waiting for the next book and am dieing to read the rest of the story but another part of me is just like cool okay. It is very hard to explain sorry if it sounds confusing, but once you read this book I think you will understand

DEVIL Springs


  • ISBN-13:9781595145925
  • Publisher:Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Publication date:07/15/2014
  • Series:Falling Kingdoms Series , #2
  • Pages:432
  • Author: Morgan Rhodes

This summary goes through different people’s point of view and what is going on at the different places. So if the summary switches to a different person in a different place that is why so do not freak out it is correct.


King Gaius now rules all of Mytica, along with Cleo and her friends. The king is putting up the front to the people of Auranos that Cleo has been welcome into their loving family with open arms. He announces that instead of Cleo marrying Lord Aron she will now be wed to none other than Prince Magnus! He also tells the people that he has started construction on an imperial road that will connect all three kingdoms together, but he also has his own agenda for the road. Jonas, a Paelsian rebel who was in the crowd listening to the king’s announcement, with his friend Brion have created a group of rebels will are trying to oppose the king every chance they get. Lysandra, a Paelsian girl who was torn away from her brother, has been searching for the rebel group and runs into Jonas and Brion while they are on the run. She joins the rebel group after much debate.

Princess Lucia is stuck in a deep slumber and has yet to awaken since the attack trying to take Auranos. The king is tirelessly waiting for her to awaken so she can find the Kindred for him. The king has found him a new advisor who keeps filling his head with her sweet poisonous words. Promising him that with the Kindred he will be the most powerful man in the world and she will be his queen. Mira was appointed to watch over Lucia and tend to her while she is stuck in this deep state of sleep.While Lucia sleeps she is visited by a watcher names Alexius, who has been watching her since birth, he tells her that she is the key to restoring balance to the Sanctuary. Soon their meetings become a regular thing, and their feelings for each other transform into more than just friends. Turns out the queen has been getting a sleeping potion from a blood witch. She has been slipping it to Lucia when she would wake up from her slumber without anyone noticing, or so she thought.

Nic was appointed Cleo personal guard and was to accompany here on her travels outside the castle. The queen and Cleo go into town to a dress shop to get Cleo fitted for her wedding dress. While there the queen is tended to by the shop owner while Cleo is moved into a back room with his assistant. While Cleo is looking at the dress Jonas shows up and kidnaps her. He sends a ransom note to the King demanding he put a stop to the road or he will kill Cleo. Jonas has other motives though he does not intend to kill Cleo. Instead he has her agree to help the rebels. Meanwhile at the castle the king decides he does not care about Cleo’s well being and will not stop the work on the road, he instead sends out a group of guards to search for Cleo. The camp is found and Cleo and Jonas escape, things get heated and Cleo comes up with a master plan to end all of their problems. Cleo runs back to the guards and pretends she escaped their evil clutches.

After Cleo is safely returned things in the castle turn into a very grim state. That night the queen goes to meet her blood witch to receive the sleep potion, but instead is murdered by a cloaked figure. The King tells Magnus of his mother’s death and informs him that it was Jonas who killed his mother with the same crystal dagger that his brother was killed with. Magnus is overcome by sadness that he lets his guard down and Cleo tries to bond with him over this moment of weakness, just to be once more knocked down by Magnus’ words. Lucia awakes on the day of the wedding and tells Magnus all about how their mother has been keeping her in the state of sleep. Magnus tells her of theirs mother’s death, the king is next into the room and ask Magnus to give them a moment. The King informs her of the wedding and Lucia tells him her worries about the wedding. They talk about Magnus and his unwanted feelings toward her. Magnus overhears this talk and becomes very distant with Lucia, and tells her he is sorry she will miss the “happiest” day of him life.

At the wedding everything is going as planned. Then the Rebels attack, all the guards are stationed out front to hold back the overcoming crowd leaving the inside vulnerable to attack. Once inside Jonas takes his sweet time telling the King how he will kill them all just to find out most of the people witnessing the wedding are the guards. Jonas loses all his men after being overran by guards. Not before injuring Magnus and taking a beating himself. He turns to run but not before trying to get Cleo to come with him. she refuses. The King questions Cleo about the raid and she claims to have nothing to do with it. The king does not believe her and punishes her and Nic and Magnus watch. Then forces her to finish her vows.

Cleo and Magnus go on their wedding tour and end in Limero. Magnus gives the crowd a speech and they love him and Cleo. Once back in Auranos Magnus joins Aron on his search for Jonas. They stop to rest under the stars when a couple of guards bring a captive rebel to Magnus. He wants to question him about Jonas’ whereabouts, but once he starts talking to much Aron claims they must kill him for that is what the king would do, so Aron plunges a sword though the rebel.

The King grows werey of the roads completion and send Magnus and his group to see Xanthus, the head of the road project, and check on the progress. Once their secrets are spilled just as much as the blood that now soaks into the earth there. Lives are lost and disaster strikes.


I cannot stress how much a absolutely hate this book! It is just a knock off of “Game of Thrones”. It is just a PJ13 version of it. So if you wanted to watch or read game of thrones but could not stomach it then this is a good book for you. I just find so many things in game of thrones that is exactly the same as in this book. A king decides to take everything over, a forced wedding, people try to take the kingdom back. Magic and Advisors. I say everything right out of game of thrones.

Another problem I have with this book it. 1) way too much nothingness. This book is filled with talk and people going from place to place. Just about 3/4 of the book is just people talking about what they want to do. I understand dialog in a book is needed, It is what makes everything. There is a thing called too much dialog though. I think that most of it can be cut out and it still be a great book! 2) The climax in this book makes me want to kill myself. I go throughout this entire book reading a bunch of meaningless blah with like maybe two things happen just to make it to the end for everything to blow up in my face. It’s like the entire book is boring except for the end and maybe one tiny part in the beginning and maybe a second on in the middle then an explosion at the end. I also understand that’s the point of a climax. A book builds to the end then everything happens. However, I also understand that a book should not bore me to death until I make it to the end of it.

After that there is one thing I must say. I keep asking myself why I keep reading this, why do I not throw it away? It is because Morgan Rhodes is an evil temptress! I keep reading it because it draws me in. The characters I grow to love. I want to watch them grow, and conquer their problems. I want Cleo and Magnus to fall in love. I want Cleo to learn to forgive and love people and get her kingdom back and save her people and friends. I want Magnus to overcome his fear of being his father. I want him to find his own path and let people in. I want Jonas to let go of all his hate and learn that the past is the past and he needs to find a new reason to live in the now. I want Lysandra to be with her brother and everything be okay again. I grown attached with these characters.

I also need to finish the story I want to see what happens to the characters in the end. I want to know what becomes of the kingdoms. Also the tiny bits of actual plot and dialog that really matter keep me hooked. I hate that I want to finish reading this book because I just feel like I push myself through so much dialog and people going from one place to another and everyone talking about how much they hate one another. Okay WE get it you are MAD, get OVER IT or shut up JESUS.

I can only give this book a 2.7/5 because the only reason I keep reading this book is for the characters and the magic ending on the book. I hope the next one is better than this one. Ill be posting that one shortly as i’ve already began reading it so stay tuned.

Falling Kingdom of FEELINGS!

Falling Kingdoms

By: Morgan Rhodes

This book is a changing point of view book so i’m trying to make this the least confusing as possible.

“Falling Kingdoms” is about a handful of people and three major kingdoms. Cleo, Aron, Theon, and Mira travel to a Paelsia, a neighboring kingdom, for a wine they were most famous for. Aron tries to rip off the merchant by offering him the lowest price possible simply because he could. When the wine merchants two sons stroll up to the scene they do not like what they find. The brothers began to grow angry no thanks to Lord Aron, Cleo’s suitor and kinda sorta friend(Trust me it’s complicated), they start to want to fight. Theon, Cleo’s guard, looks to make the best of the situation by leaving. Not before Aron sank a dagger into one of the brothers throat. They get away and head back to their home of  Aurania, but not before the news of the tragic incident has already spread throughout the three kingdoms. Jonas, the brother of the murdered boy, wanted revenge no matter the cost and to change the lives of their people. For Paelsia was a poor country that was taken advantage of and his people believe in fate and everything happened for a reason. While in Limeran King Gaius, known as the King of Blood, was plotting his own evil plan. He sought to make ties with the Chief of Paelsia to take down Aurania.
Once in Aurania Aron told King Corvin, Cleo’s father, that he was trying to protect Cleo from an attack. The king tries to settle the sea of rage by having Cleo marry Lord Aron so it would look like an act of love not of hate. Cleo hated the idea and wanted nothing to do with it. Her father had no forbid her from going out of the kingdom much less the castle without a guard. Theon was given the great task of keeping Cleo on a lock and chain. Cleo sought the advice of her older sister to find out that she got out of her marriage and was now very sick and dying, and there was no cure. Cleo not being able to handle the fact sought out a exiled watcher who held some beans that contained earth magic. Magic was long ago lost from the land and many people did not believe in such stories. Cleo would set out on her on to find these seeds with or without help. Nic, Mira’s brother and Cleo’s best friend, tried to stop Cleo but ended up going with her. Once the king hears word of this Theon is sent after her.
In Paelsia, Jonas and his friend Brion met with the chief and accompanied him to the kingdom of Limeran where he and king Gaius formed a plan to take down King corvin. Cleo and Nic search all over for the seeds, but were having no luck. They ended up staying the night with a old woman who was very kind to them and told them stories of the olden days, the days of magic. Jonas caught word of the Princess being in Paelsia and went to tell the chief and ask what he should do. The next morning Jonas was holding Nic captive but Cleo gave herself over before any harm could happen, although she did go with a fight. Once in a shed where Jonas was to hide her until Prince Magnus, King Gaius’s son and heir to the throne, would come to claim her. Theon and Nic showed up just in time to save her without spilling any more blood. They did not make it far before the Prince had made his way to claim her. They managed to escape but barely and headed back to their kingdom.
While in Aurania the kingdoms were all meeting and demanding that King Corvin hand over his kingdom or they would kill his daughter. The King refused. Once Cleo made it back home the king was relieved and would fight for his kingdom. In Limeran the Princess Lucia, who was said to grow up as a powerful sorceresses, was just coming into her magic and was scared of the power she held. Mangus tried to help her train and keep the secret from their father and Sabina, a witch and their father mistress, but she had soon found out. Things did not go well. The King and the chief launched their attack on the kingdom and all hell broke loss. Kingdoms fought, lives were lost, homes and lands were left in ruins. Three Kingdoms went into war but only one came out.
I am leaving the end vague so I do not ruin anything for you.

Review Time

So if you have heard of the amazing little thing called “Game of Thrones” and you loved it or you wanted to, but it was to graphic for you then this is a good book for you. It is filled with magic, kingdoms at war, and deceiving people playing to the game of their enemy. This book is very action packed even at the start of the book. It is in my top 10 list of books that I like to read.

I like the different changing point of views you get to hear what everyone is thinking and see the different key parts of the falling of the kingdoms and how each person played a key part. Maybe the Paelsia’s were right and that fate is something we must accept. Everything in this book happened for a reason. In the beginning I was thinking this is so stupid like really all this happened because of one stupid boy. The more I kept reading the more I was drawn in. The more I wanted to read. This book is a pretty quick read I finished it within a day and moved on to the next book in the series.

The ending of this book will have you wishing you never even picked it up. That you never got attached to anyone in the book. That part of your soul has shriveled up and died. But in a great way.

Some people are saying it’s a bit gory, but I don’t think it’s bad it mentions executions where people are hung or have their heads cut off but it doesn’t go into detail about it. It also mentions about when the brothers throat was cut how to gargled up blood. Maybe it is because I was read a lot of fantasy and medieval books that it doesn’t bother me. It is a kingdom are war people will be stabbed and cut but it’s nothing horribly gory as i’ve seen other people mention. This book is a good book so give it a chance before you listen to someone saying about how much blood there is take a look for yourself.

I can easily give this book a 4/5.