Thoughts of Tamlin being Evil

Let us have a discussion shall we?

So something has been on my mind for a while now. I am going to blow the doors open to something very unthinkable that Sarah J. Maas could do here in the book A Court of Wings and Ruin.
In A Court of Mist and Fury Tamlin and Lucian both just magically appear at king’s palace, because they made a bargin. I do not think Tamlin is a dumb as we think he is. What if he knows that feyre wasn’t actually brain washed, but he just wanted to break the bond that way Rhysand could not find her. Lucian had to have told Tamlin the battle that happened and the promise she made to him if he ever came after her again.

So what if Tamlin is plotting with Ianthe to hold Feyre captive and use her powers for their own. Ianthe is obsessed with power she tried to get her claws into Rhysand but when that failed she went to Tamlin.

So at the end when Feyre is being led deep into the heart of the spring court. Is him taking her to Ianthe to use her power or try and take it from her. Or try and help the king of hybern. I think Ianthe has ties to the king and that is how Tamlin got a hold of him. Also when Tamlin went to check and wall or the border, or deal with issues what if he was working for the king doing his dirty work. Tamlin could be just as evil as the rest of his family but hides it so he can get his revenge on rhysand. and Lucian looks at her with hate what if he is looking at both her and Tamlin for trying to achieve their own motives and throwing all the people in the line of fire not worrying about what will happen to them.

Now keep in mind he probably has no idea about the secondary bond. But the first one he thought to be destroyed goes perfectly with his plans.

This has been on my mind and I would just like your guys opinion about if you think this could also be true. Or what you think could happen.


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