A Court of Heartache and Waiting!

A Court of Mist and Fury

By:Sarah J. Maas

Bear with me this is going to be a long one a lot of things to cover here!!

“A Court of Mist and Fury” is a sequel to “A Court of Thorns and Roses”. Things after the wrath and destruction that Amarantha brought upon the Courts and its people everything seems to be calming down. Except for Feyre who is still battling the demons within her self. Not to mention an over protective Tamlin. It looks as if things are about to go up in flames when out of nowhere Rhysand of the Night Court has shown up to make good on the bargain that was made. He came to claim her on what you would think to be the most important day of her life or the biggest mistake of her life. It turns out living with Rhys for a week was not as bad as one thought it would be. Once back in the loving arms of Tamlin things go horribly wrong and once again Feyre finds herself on the brink of self destructing. That is until Mor, Rhysand’s cousin, comes and saves her from her prison and brings her back to the Night Court. This is where Feyre finds that she has nowhere else to go until Rhys offers her a chance to join him and his inner circle. Once in the city of Velaris she comes to meet Rhys’ inner circle and tries to own her magic and fighting skills. She soon learns that maybe she too can learn to heal from the scares that have been marked on her soul, just as Rhys is trying too. There is trouble coming though bigger than the likes of two Amaranthas. The King of Hybern has his sights set on the cauldron and will stop at nothing to get it. The inner circle must now race against the King to find the cauldron and destroy it. They must deceive the High lord of the Summer Court, and try to bargain with the queens of the Mortal realm to get a book which can help them destroy the cauldron. Not to mention a bond of two lovers is struck and a Mating Bond is made. In the end, sacrifices are made and lives are hanging in the balancing. Someone gets felt in the hands of the enemy and all the other can do is watch and wait to see what happens next. 

Okay, so this book has got to be one of the best books I have ever read!! I have felt so much for the characters in this book. I feel like I connected with the characters. This book is so much more than just a book. It is filled with emotional struggle and heartache. I could not stop reading once I started. I found a few boring parts of the story to be in the beginning with Tamlin and while Feyre is growing accustomed to staying in Velaris and the visit to the mortal realm. Other then that it was a non stop drama fest that I could not get enough of it.

In this book I found it to be so much more than I expected Feyre had a huge breakthrough in the story. We got to hear more about Rhysand and get to know all about his past life and find out that he so much more than Amaranth’s lap dog. 😉 You’ll find out 😉 We meet new friends and learn about their lives and how everyone has come over some major trauma in their lives. We get to see a love blossom and find out that the gods had all this planned before Feyre even came to the Fae Realm. Tamlin is no longer mister nice guy and we get to see a darker side of him even though he thinks he is doing it out of love. Lucian gets to see a new side of Feyre one he does not like. 

At the end of the book the plot twist is so insane I thought I was going to die reading it. I just wanted to go into the book and help them I did not want things to happen the way they did even though it all seems to be part of Sarah J. Maas evil plan. More than one Mating Bond has been struck and now everything is crashing down around them and you are begging this book to give you just a few more pages before it is cut off.

Once again the famous Sarah J. Maas has left us with the biggest cliff hanger you could ever imagine. I’ve been counting down the months since October for the next book to come out!!!! This book is a must read.

I find that this book has made it almost impossible for me to read anything without holding it to this standard. 


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