The Lantern of Souls: Part 4

Rav0a6e09dad4737adee89560efdc8226a1.jpganah shifted under the crushing weight trying to get air into her lungs savoring the cool winter night air or trying to at least if this was going to be her last breath she would treasure it. Everything was starting to go black if only she could get some air inside her lungs if only she had been stronger and seen the wolf coming so many regrets, so many things she wished she could go back and change, then as if the mother above smiled down upon her she felt her lungs filling with air like a balloon it was as if she was sucking all the air out of the world. She looked around frantically once she noticed that she could move and the weight had been lifted off her but she had forgotten about her back when the pain of the scares that were trying to heal felt like they were ripping open even more with every move she made, she was sure she would still end up bleeding out here and now. She seen Lann staring at her with such a sad look on his face that now had a scar going down his right side it was not as deep as hers his was just a three shallow scratches that went right over his now swollen eye, she let her gaze drift to the wolf beast that laid dead on the ground with what looked to be an arrow sticking out of it’s eye but where had it come from. She learned to stop asking questions though as soon as she seen Kyamie with a bow in hand and arrows strapped to her back accompanied by Eugeen with what looks to be some sort of twin swords or maybe daggers, coming toward them fast but on the other side were the wolves that were far more faster. She watched as Kyamie was letting arrow after arrow fly taking down two, three, four of the wolves her marks hit most of the time but every now and then one would stray from the path and end up on the ground before the beast or just fly past them.

Eugeen was running as fast as he could faster than most the boys she went to highschool she was so focused on him as she was laying on the ground trying not to move to much as the pain was so unbearable for her that she did not notice the wolf that was behind her until she felt the breath on the back of her neck then there was blood that covered her face and what was left of her clothes oh god she was going to be sick, Lann crawled to her and looked at her with tears in his eyes.

“I. .  I am so sorry Rava I did not mean for you to get hurt I was supposed to keep you safe I told you I would keep you safe and yet . . . look at you. I have to move you I know it’s going to hurt but i’ll try to be careful.”

She nodded her head understanding and mentally preparing herself for the pain that was about to come, she watched as Lann took off his flannel shirt and wrapped it around her back she bit down on a cry as the shirt stuck to the open scars on her back, he as gently as he could but she still let a soft scream escape from her clenched teeth she felt him tense and felt sorry that she made him feel so bad. She gazed in amazement as Eugeen danced around the battlefield so gracefully knocking off beast after beast his blades covered in blood were more beautiful than terrifying it was like a ballet so mesmerizing but it was not long before the pain overcame her as her breathing began to shallow out and her vision became blurry and all she could see was black.

When she awoke she was laying in a bed covered in bandages but her back felt almost as good as new just a little sore, she scanned her cobblestone room that looked very barren but it held a bookshelf as one side along with a writing table and the chair that sat beside her bed had a sleeping Lann in it. He looked so bad the three scars that marked him face and his eye still swollen shut but his raven black hair looked even more messy than before, wait she could see colors now. What had happened while she was asleep she never knew she could miss color so much she truly felt horrible for blind people in the world it really was a truly beautiful thing seeing the world in color. She turned her attention back to Lann and seen his pale face and his red tank top he was now wearing instead of his flannel shirt that she had ruined last night she noticed his eyes started to flutter right before they opened and she did not turn away from his gaze she had been wondering for so long what those eyes looked like and now she would finally get to see them. His eyes were dark like a gray sky before a storm but there was also a hint of silver like a spirit itself was swirling around in his gaze, she seen a slight pink tint warm his cheeks as he noticed her staring at him. He flashed her one of his goofy smiles and gave her a questioning look about whether she was okay or not.

“I can see color now. Why could I not before?”

“Well my little lamb partake in the food or refreshments of this world your mind still cannot see past the unconscious barriers they have put up. It is like you brain denies being here it refuses to understand you are truly here so once you partake your brain and soul have no other choice to accept the true and you can see everything clearly for what it is you are no longer looking through a wall.”

“So last night when I was attacked it felt like I was dieing the scares felt so deep and now it feels like it was only a scratch, why?”

“The wolves, as i’m sure you noticed, are not normal wolves they are spirit wolves their claws did only scratch you but the blood and the pain you felt was real it was your soul being ripped away. In this would you have a outer shell to your soul that is the form we take just like our bodies in the human world but in this world the shell is thin and fragile it cannot take much damage. That is why we must stick together and protect each other. When I brought you to the castle we were able to bandage put the scares and keep your soul from spilling out any further that is why you feel so weak now it is also why my eye is so swollen now it will take some time to heal.”

“None of this makes any sense.”

“Well kitten I don’t make the rules I just follow them.”

The door to her right swung open and Kyamie and Eugeen were waltzing in and she guessed they had the right to after what they had went through last night Eugeen looked like he was never even touched by one of those beast but Kyamie right arm was bandaged up pretty good she could only assume she took as swipe from one of the beast mighty claws.

“Well I see you two love birds are awake and well.” Kyamie talked with such arrogance it made Ravanah want to vomit but there was also something kind in her voice as well that she could not explain.

“So last night Kyamie and I had a few spare minutes after we made it to the castle and got our weapons to go check the outskirts of the land and we think we might have been able to find a hole in the barrier.”

“Wait one damn minute! You mean to tell me well me and Rava were fighting for our lives to make it to this damn place you two were out playing detective!” There was that fire again in Lann’s eye this time the silver swirls were spinning faster like a carnival ride about to break off its track.

“Hey! It is because of us that you are still alive!”

“Well it is because of you two that Rava almost died!”

“Boys that is enough!” It was pretty amazing how Kyamie could make the two shut up so instantly without any other remark.

“Now as Eugeen was saying we are going to try and make our break tonight, wait has anyone seen Ethan?”

“No we thought he would be with you guys.”

It had not even crossed her mind until now that Ethan was never seen last night, she could only assume that the wolves had gotten him which did not even affect her much due to the fact that he had never even spoken to her, but it still shocked her a little that she could care so little for someone’s death.

“Well we can only assume the worst until we find any evidence otherwise, but the plan is we get to the barracks and equip you two with whatever weapon you want then we head out to the border, Kyamie and I took down most of the wolves last night and unless the old hag threw in some more of them than we should be okay. We will move fast and silent we cannot alert her to what we are doing. At this time at night she should be at the cauldron looking for other souls or sitting in on the other reapers meetings, she will be there until  3:30 a.m. so we have only a small window of time to make this happen.”

Ravanah still felt a little weak but she would make this work, she had to get back to her body, to her friends and family. She looked to Lann who was staring at her his eyes asking a silent question as to whether or not she was ready for this, she took a deep breath and nodded her head that she could handle this she would make it through this.

Once they had went down the what felt like thirty-five flights of stairs if Lann had carried her up all these stairs she would have to thank him later because she felt like she was dieing. They walked into the room that was dark with only two torches placed on either sides of the wall. She looked at the room that had various weapons placed on the walls from maces to spiked club, she was amazed at all the things in the room but she guessed it would not be a good show for people to watch if they weren’t struggling to survive. She watched as Lann made his way over to the swords and picked out one that was twice as long as her arms and the handle looked like it was made of gold with the crest on a lion on the handle. She was scanning the room for anything she thought she might be capable of welding, but still nothing was catching her eye until she seen the case that held Spears. She picked one up that was made of black metal and the spear on the end was of the prettiest silver metal she had ever seen not even a scratch on it, she remembered playing with on when she was little with her grandfather just to hunt with one instead of those stupid new age contraption as he called them. She remembered watching him in amazement as he threw it about twenty feet in front of them and hit a dear straight in the head it didn’t even have time to let out a cry in pain it just tumbled to the ground.

“Can I ask you guys something?” She looked to the three who now stood behind her.

“Ask away my shy lamb.” She bit down on her retort as Lann flashed her another smile

“What will happen to you guys once we are free I can go back to my body, but what about all of you? Do any of you have a body to return to.”

“Well my dear we are all dead, Kyamie died in a fire trying to save her brother from the flames that circled around them she managed to get him out of a window but before she could get out the roof fell in on her and well that was when the reaper came to claim her soul. Eugeen here was in a car wreck when he was coming home from sparring practice one night the paramedics were just about to reach him he could hear, when she came and took his soul. Ask for me I was wondering through the woods one night in the snow I was trying to find my little sister how had ran out of the house after my father yelled at her when I found her there were wolves all around her ripping her body apart. If I had been sooner I could have saved her I was just go mad that I just snapped I grabbed a branch and just started swinging the next thing I know one was on my back then my leg and I just gave up that was when she came for me. You see my dear when you die or come to a near death experience your souls leaves your body or prepares to tear away from it. It is like a piece of fabric that gets trone when you wear it too much but when it’s time to fix it you have to sew it back together. Your soul is the way once it tears you must sew it back together but you body takes a few minutes to do this, that is when she comes and takes your soul.”

“So when I feel from that tree I could really be dead right now!” Here it came again the panic like a river that just broke through a damn it washed over her drowning her.

“Rava calm down we do not know that yet I do not think the fall would kill you. I do however think that you might have a few broken limbs assuming you were pretty high up in a tree like you were tonight you probably hit a couple of branches on the way down.” He grabbed her by the face and held her gaze, it was so calming having him near her like he could just dry up the river that threatened to bury her at the bottom of her sea of fears.

“Your. . . your right I just need to calm down. I need to get out of here first and worry about things later, also you never answered my question as to what will happen to you guys.”

“Well Ravanah, Lann and I will finally be free to move on from this cage we have been locked in and cross over to the motherland, Eugeen is different though we do not know what will happen to him. He could come with us to the motherland or he could end up going back to his body depending on whether or not his body is still fighting to live or not.”

“I am lost what do you mean Kyamie?”

“That night I know for sure I hear the sirens and I know I seen the flashing lights in the distance through the blackness that was trying to engulf me. I even remember hearing my mother’s voice begging me to come back to her. I think I might still be alive in a hospital or something like that, just maybe, I know my parents and they never give up hope. So if my body is still trying to breath they will keep me on live support until I come back to them, which I plan to do.”

“I see. I hope that you are alive Eugeen I would like to be you friend one day even if I cannot be friends with Lann and Kyamie.” Something deep down in her hit like a piece of her heart broke. She only knew these people for a short time but something in her felt like it knew them all very well already.

“My silly little kitten we already are friends bodiless of not.” She looked up from the floor she had been staring at lost deep in her thoughts to see the three people that were now apart of her heart and she would never forget them even after they all move on and leave her

She tightened her grip on the spear, this would be the weapon she would use to get her life back and save the rest of her new friends from being trapped here any longer. This would be her strength, her hope, and her future.


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