The Lantern of Souls: Part 3

spirit_wolf_by_felondog-d7hq6tg.jpgRavanah had once again made it to the top of a tree where she could scout out the rest of the land but she still had seen no sign of Lann or any of the others, so she decided it was time for her to start covering some ground before the wolves soon found her and not knowing what special powers they held terrified her to the point she was shaking but she had to try and stay calm moving for branch to branch this high up was not a time to be all out of sorts. The trees in this forest where thick and tangled more like a jungle than a forest if you asked her if only there were swinging vines that would make things easier nevertheless she would have to make this work, when she was younger her and her older brother would play in the trees night and day her mother thought they were more monkeys than children they even ended up camping in the trees a few nights after their father had built them a platform to hold them and their sleeping bags it was not a big tree house just a simple flat piece of wood attached to the tree but that was all they ever needed, maybe that was why she had decided to climb the tree when she was playing hide and seek in the woods and why she was now tangled in the maze of branches it was her safe place.

She had stopped for just a moment to catch her breath and to rest her arms from all the pull ups she had had to do jumping from branch to branch and after almost missing the last one she thought it was a well deserved one. She had not heard the howl of the wolves or the sound of crunching leaves in a while so she thought it would be okay to rest here until the crunching started but it was not the crunching of a slow stalking predator it was the crunching of the prey barreling through the forest below she was soon up on her feet jumping once again from branch to branch trying to catch up to who or what ever was making so much noise and she was shocked to see Lann running like an idiot as if he has never played hide and seek before, she tried very hard to contain the laugh that had slipped from her smile when she watched him trip and roll into a pile of leaves with the expression of shock all over his face. His head turned to her position in the trees staring at her like the thought had never even crossed his mind to climb a tree like she was some crazy lunatic.

“Hey stupid you know the key to hide and seek is to actually hide and be quite right not make as much noise as possible right or did your little brain already forget?” The smirk on her face was one she was very proud to show that was his karma for calling her all those pet names earlier.

“Well kitten I guess I had you wrong maybe I should call you monkey instead they way you are clinging to that tree for dear life.” The smirk on his face was full of smartass as he winked at her after.

“Keep it up with the pet names and I will not help you and you do know there are wolves out there right or are you trying to draw their attention to you?”

“Alright, alright I am sorry your highness will you help me? How did you even get up there the branches are too far up to jump and grab.”

“You have to run up the trunk and grab the lowest branch when you jump off use that momentum to reach the next, it is very simple actually but I guess I just have a bigger brain than you.”

“Okay well hang right there and let me try this”

Oh she was going to enjoy this very much as he started to run he misjudged the distance the step would take to get him running up the tree and ending up slamming face first into the tree. she showed on containment this time as she let her laugh breakthrough the night as Lann was cursing at the tree.

“Lann don’t run like you are going to turn sideways and walk up the tree all you are trying to do it get footing to move up the tree it is like you are climbing it just without hands and in a fast pace way.” Even though he teased her all the time she did feel some remorse for his pain he did promise to protect her after all.

She watched below as a fire was lit behind his eyes he was determined to do this and she found that a small part of her wanted him to succeed. Lann did as she had said and ran straight up the tree like he was climbing it with no hands, she was shocked he was doing it as he jumped just in time to grab the lowest branch and hauling himself up like it was a piece of cake. She could pull herself up as well but she did struggle just a tad bit it took her a few seconds to get fully on the branch where as Lann was on the branch in mere seconds then to the next until he was standing on the branch beside her.

“Okay my dear chimp, where did you learn to climb like that?”

“My brother taught me and we don’t have time for this we need to move before the wolves catch up to us I am sure they are already on their way here due to your careless running. Why were you just running in the first place?” She decided she would not give him the satisfaction of pushing her buttons, he could call her any pet name no matter how much she hated it she would not let him see her anger.

“To be honest I thought I could just outrun them and make it to the castle and lock myself inside.”

“That is a stupid idea did you even think about what if you could not outrun them then what would you do or what if you made it inside the castle but there was something else waiting on the inside?”

“Well my dear scaredy cat I was not thinking about that”

Ravanah rolled her eyes at his stupidity surely all boys aren’t as dumb as this one Eugeen looked like he at least had some common sense. They were now moving a fast as they could through the trees and she could now see the castle in the clearing ahead but she could see the wolves that everything else in this horrible world they were black covered in a blue mist their eyes glowed of blue along with their teeth claws and tail. If they weren’t super dangerous and ready to kill them all they looked beautiful with all their detailed engraving around their bodies she might even love to keep one as a pet if it were ever possible. They moved so fast how anyone could outrun these things it would be impossible they moved like cheetahs maybe even faster, but they were on a hunt for blood and it was Lann, hers, and the rest of their friends blood that they craved.

They had made it to the edge of the trees and the only way to the castle was to cross the clearing where the wolves were not sniffing around trying to find their trails it seems they had picked up one when one of them raised their head to the moon and let out a death cry howl it was a sicking howl one that was distorted like a tortured soul then the packed like a flash of blue lightening they ran into the distance now would be their chance to escape. She turned to tell Lann the plan but maybe he was not as dumb as she thought because it seems as if he had the same idea but he was breaking a couple of tree limbs they were pretty thick and it looked like it took a lot of work f0r him to break it judging by the sweat that rolled down his forehead and his slightly heavy breathing he handed her one of the branches and clasped her hand around it and looked into her eyes.

“If things go bad we are going to have to fight and all we have are these branches so if it comes to that I want you to empty your mind and you heart of thoughts and feelings you need to be empty of everything you need to only see life or death not the wolf in front of you just your life or its.”

Her hands trembled as a weight started to press down on her chest the world started to spin, air she needed air, she knew what this was all too well, another panic attack, she had many of these before tonight and she hated them she used to take her medication for them but had recently stopped when they seemed to not be happening any more but tonight on the worst night possible to have one. Lann grab both sides of her face and looked deep into her wild eyes that were scream and begging to be freed from this place.

“Rava I only just met you but I know you can do this okay I will be right beside you. I will not let you die I made a promise and I never break my promises. Now my little chimp I need you to take some slow breaths and calm down look at me at my eyes not at any thing else just at me.”

She did as he said and looked at nothing but him trying to suck down air into her lungs in a steady pattern but was still more wheezing it in and out in a frantic pattern but she could see it in his eyes again, hope, hope that she would live through tonight and return to her body and to her friends and family again. Something just came over her like the heat of the moment the fact that she might die she just crushed her face against Lann’s his lips for someone who had been bodiless for so long had such soft lips but before she let herself get in too deep she pulled away shocked by what she had done and the look on Lann’s face was one of shock and smugness.

“I uhhhh. .  I only did that to get my mind off of things sorry it had to be you but Eugeen wasn’t around so I had no choice.” What an idiot she thought that was the dumbest excuse she could have ever made.

“Whatever you have to tell yourself kitten.” He gave her one of his flashy crooked grin that made her want to punch him in the face.

They had wasted quite a bit of time so now was time for them to make their move Lann jumped down first and waited a second for her to do the same he flashed her another look of assurance and off they went running like a bunch of idiots she thought. Why could she not have ran into Kyamie surely she would have a better plan than this, her heart was racing her eyes darting back and forth across the ground trying to keep an eye out for any of the wolf spirits but it was no use because they came out of nowhere as she watched on pounce on Lann she let out a scream as she race toward him all she could see was the blue and black fur on top of him and before she knew what she was doing she raised the branch high over her head and brought it down straight on the wolf’s back she heard a crack and the sound of an animal that was in so much pain she could not help but to cry as she thought about all the pain she was putting this poor thing in even if it was trying to kill her. Lann crawled out from under the beast as it rolled on to its side like it was trying to make the pain go away she trembled at the sound the wolf was making until Lann put his branch through its heart saving it from the pain. She did not have time to think anymore about the pain her had caused to poor wolf  as Lann grabbed hold of her hand and forced her to keep moving behind him, faster they would have to move faster before the others came for them, she knew that they had heard the deadly sickened cry from the one they had just killed.

She felt it before she seen it as the large massive pain shot through her back she felt her shirt being ripped into shreds as the cool night air hit the scars on her back that now dripped with blood her was knocked to the ground and curled her body up tight into a ball waiting for the death blow to hit her, but it never came instead she peeked her eyes open as the sounds of something that no longer sounded like an animal or human. Lann had the branch in hand and was swinging it like a crazy caveman at the beast before them but it had no effect he was only making it angry, as the beast lifted up its claw and struck the branch it splintered into pieces she watched in horror as Lann dropped to his knees hold his hand where a piece of branch had now pierced through the top of it. He scooted back to where she lay gave her a look of happiness and reassurance as he threw her body of hers to keep her protected for a little longer she knew death was upon her as she felt a large crushing weight come down on her.






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