The Lantern of Souls: Scarystory Part 1



Ravanah had been running for so long but still had no clue where she was even heading and tonight on the coldest night of November without a coat running through these thick woods with just the moon to light her way what an idiot she was. Why did she even let herself get talked into this stupid game of hide and seek tag she had no idea the boys had talked her into it but she guessed that is what she got for always hanging out like on of the guys. They had all agreed to come to this patch of woods for an end of the year camping trip just on the outskirts of Sky’s house where they built a warm fire oh what she would kill to be next to that fire right now but first she must find a spot to hide or she would end up being the seeker next. The tree next to her looks like it might be able to hold her weight if she tried to climb it but that is easier said than done as she thought she might as well get this over with.

Ravanah grabbed the branch closest to the ground and dragged herself up on the branch once she was perched upon the branch like an owl she then made her way up the next three branches where she wedged herself in between the space where the tree trunk split and made herself comfortable as she could. She guess this would do for now the tree limbs and being in between the trunks kept the chill in the night air away but she still wish she would have brought her jacket then again she also did not think that she would be galavanting through the woods like a freaking prancing deer. It was really quite though which she thought was very weird there should be at least crickets or the leaves that covered the ground should be rustling but still she couldn’t hear any of it as if she had become deaf but her eyes caught the light over the rest of the tree tops.

Ravanah climbed high in the tree to get a better look at what that bright light was when a darkness flew over her head and the next thing she knew she was falling out of the tree and to the ground when the darkness consumed her. It was when she awoke that she was most terrified there was a faint blue tint color but that was all she could see and she could feel the swaying motion as if she were on a boat at sea.

It took a few minutes fro her to regain consciousness but she was still trying to asses whether or not she was dead or just dreaming because last thing she remembered was being in the tree or maybe falling from the tree and what was that noise like singing or humming. She knew the song it was from a videogame that Aeroe had played a couple of weeks ago if she could just remember the words to it. Go something, she had sung it for like a whole week straight but yet she still could not think of it until it came rushing at her like a train at full speed she waited for the right moment to get in sync with the humming she was hearing.

“Go tell aunt Rhody, Go tell aunt Rhody, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, That everybody’s dead. I was raised in a deep, dark hole, A prisoner with no parole, They locked me up and took my soul,
Ashamed of what they’d made.” That was all she could remember though.

“Hello? Is there someone else there?” Whispered a voice from the darkness it was deep but as smooth as silk it wasn’t raspy like sky’s voice.

“Yes? I am here but who am I speaking to?” She was not sure talking to the dark was a good idea but she really had no other choice here.

“I am a soul that has been taken from their body just as you have although I have been here for a long time whereas you my doe eyed deer have just arrived.” The voice was coming closer now and the humming was becoming louder with every heavy breath she sucked down into my deflating lungs.

She tried to squint into the dark blue void but the blue started to grow brighter and then a blue and white silhouette of a man she did not know came walking toward her the right side of his hair was shaven but the top of his hair was laid over to left where it dropped down and caressed his jaw line and his eyes looked bright and the smile he kept flashing her was soft and warming and it always tended to curve to the right side a little more than the left but his teeth looked like they could sparkle but the clothes he wore looked a little worn out he wore a shirt that look like it was made of flannel and his pants judging by the dark exterior look like they might have been black but it was the bracelet on his arm that held her focus the most it was made of leather that had rings of metal around it.

“what do you mean my soul has been taken?  Is that even possible?  Where are we any ways how did we end up here?” Her voice started to tremble as the thoughts raced through her mind about everything the young man had just told her how could this happen to her gaze started a dart around the room as if trying to find a way out of this nightmare.The young man step closer to her but every time he took one step she would take two more back.
” I am not here to hurt you I am here to only help my name is Lann. You do not need to fear me as for where we are we are being held in lantern of the soul reaper she wanders through the night praying on the young ones who get lost in the woods but soon we will be returned to her mansion where we will wait in our cages until she grows bored of our company and sells us to the demons of the night and unless you are able to return to your body before sunrise you will never be allowed to return to the land of the living. We can see the land of the living but we cannot interact we are on different planes as if we were looking through a one way mirror. So my dear doe eyed girl I suggest you stop best in so many questions and get to helping me with the answers unless you want to stay in this state.”

How those eyes seemed so bright before now seemed to be black as night as her heart raced he led her to the blue light but it was not a light she was looking out of it was glass and the light was behind her but through the glass she could see the ground beneath her moving by the woods she just ran through passing before her eyes she was in fact in the lantern of the soul reaper and her only way out was to trust a boy who look like he’d just been kicked out of rock concert for being too boring.If she weren’t so scared for her long she would be laughing right now growing up with two older brothers and having only a group of guys for friends she had heard many of these scary stories but she did not think that one of them would actually be true end of this one was true did that mean the others were too. She closed her eyes and prayed to the mother to save her before the darkness ate her.

I felt like writing something a little dark and kinda scary or soon it will be.



© White Rabbit


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