Orb of Blood: Eliya and the Orb part 4

As exciting as it was for Eliya to remember the first time Rydan had ever told her he loved her was she still needed to focus today would be the day she would get her revenge for her family and for Rydan’s family. Rydan and Eliya were trying to find at least one inn in this deserted town but they were still having no luck until they were blasted into the air by a young man who looked no older than the age of twelve. His hair was like liquid gold and his skin was so pale it was as if he lived underground like he had never seen the sun before and his eyes were pools of purple wine. She had only ever seen two property welders in her life with the eyes so pure of magic it was with Zayden in her old town a husband and wife were visiting them wanting to buy her father’s wood work they told Eliya and Zayden about their adventures and the monsters they had defeated Eliya still dreams about the their eyes how the woman’s eyes were made of pure rose red and the man’s eyes they were gray like a wolf walking through snow.

They told them about their eyes and how they held the knowledge of the elders passed down from generations to generations about the secrets that must be kept they were born fighting for their lives for many people to have the knowledge of the elders in their clutches would mean the end of the world or at least the end of humanity. There were evil people in their world who would risk everything to free the demons that were locked behind the wall of magic she heard that a group of generation elders had learned a way to regenerate the wall every five years but they could not yet repair the damage that has already been done still to this day Eliya has never forgotten the words of her grandmother that “all magic has a price a life for a life and a spell for a spell”  she was always careful with her magic to never take more than she could handle and to never try to use it for evil.

Her attention snapped back to the boy after she left the wind beneath her start to calm and her body start to fall Rydan had already been calling the ground up to meet them as their feet hit the soft squishy earth it took all of Eliya concentration not to fall as she held on to Rydan’s arm with a death grip but he always stood as he always did as a rock himself unmoving unyielding. Once Rydan had returned the ground to its normal equal level with the earth and denseness she gaze was once again on the boy with beautiful purple eyes his face looked like it held so much pain though as if there were no joy in his life.

“Do you mind telling me why you thought it would be funny to blast us into the air kid?” Oh Rydan, she thought he was always so cold and stone hearted when it came to outsiders.

“My name is Graven, I only blasted you because I needed to get a better look at the girl beside you. My eyes see that she is the key to this fire demon everyone has been terrified of. She and the demon both hold the same oura.” Her heart stopped for a couple of seconds and her breath caught she still had not told Rydan the truth about how it was her fault the demon was set free and killed everyone they ever loved she was too petrified of the thought of him leaving her. Her thoughts about the worst stopped when Rydan grabbed her by the arm and moved her behind him a silent challenge in that one motion.

“I see the girl is with you then?” Eliya was started to get very ticked off if he called her girl one more time she was going  to shove so much water down him he would be coughing it up for weeks.

“She is and you will not lay a single finger on her do you understand me.” The snarl that Rydan had sent through the air as he spoke to Graven had given her shivers and also a slight spark of pleasure to think he would go through so much to keep her safe.

“I think you are mistaken friend, I mean neither of you any harm. I would however like your help I have a place nearby. We can go there and talk, if you two would like?”

“I think that is a perfect idea.” She said as she stepped out from behind Rydan, she knew if he were given the option of answering the question he would decline immediately she would endure his glares of fire for the next few minutes as they followed behind Graven. She could see everything that was running through his head at the moment calling her an idiot for being both stupid and trusting but she knew this boy had something very important to tell them and she would bet her live that this boy would be the key to helping them defeat the fire demon.

Once to the little house just on the skirt of town it had only taken them five minutes to walk to the small house that was made of stone and covered in grass that crawled up the walls and covered the roof. She had only ever seen few houses made of brick when wood was so much easier to work with she watched her father build house after house with hardly any effort. Once inside she seen the house was pretty barren except for a chair and a lamp that sat on one end of the room but on the other side is what really intrigued her there were so many bookshelves but the books that were scattered everywhere around the house and put up on the bookshelves were so pack an ant would be lucky to squeeze through them.

“Why do you have so many books it looks like you have mini library in your house?” She glanced over some of the titles and noticed they were all old books from before her grandmother was even born.

“I am a generation elder as i’m sure you could tell by the way you have yet to take your eyes off my own. I am only here to help destroy the demon that has once again been unleashed upon the world.”

“Wait, again, what do you mean released again?” Rydan voice grew dark as he asked Graven for answers. Once again Eliya had been frozen in place, her mind started to race about whether or not Graven knew the truth about her unleashing the beast and if he would tell Rydan about her grave mistake.

“I am the descendant of Azeon. Over thousands of years ago I was the first one to challenge the beast and seal it into an orb made from its own crystallized blood. I’m the one who can defeat this monster but I do not wield as much power as my forefather therefore I need your help. I take it you were here to fight the beast anyways seeing that you two willingly walked into the city that is said to be destroyed next. So what do you say will you help me defeat this monster and return this nightmare back to the orb. I must warn you though before we proceed the magic it requires to create the orb is a very heavy one.”

Eliya blushed a little as Graven called her out on her constant staring but she could not help it they were so unnatural and inviting.

“We might consider helping you, but first you must answer some questions for me. My first question is why are you all alone shouldn’t your family be here with you, you look like just a child, why would they send you alone to destroy the monster? My second question is how can we trust you when we have just met you?”

Rydan always so serious why could he not just learn to help people and enjoy life like most normal people, but then she seen the change in his face as she lifted her gaze to Graven she watched as his eyes turned cold and frozen his mouth turned into a grim line as he spoke.

“I am alone because when I was a child a group of people came after me for my powers, I am sure you have heard of the generation elders and how when they come into their powers they hold a lot of magic inside them. Well others have too and some want to take it for themselves so my parents were killed by these people while they were trying to protect me from them I watched my mother give her life to protect me but it had failed. I was stuck to endure their torture for years because they were stupid enough to think you can just take the generation out of someone until I turned eleven then Azeon come to me and told me about my past and showed me how to control my powers I was able to break free with his guidance. You should trust me because I have made no threat on your life yet and I am the only one that can help you two contain this demon fore it cannot be destroyed only contained.”

Eliya’s heart broke for this boy she had only just met she seen her dead parents and could hardly keep herself together after but thanks to Rydan she was able to find some control but to think about losing your parents as a child and to never know anyone else she could not imagine it. Rydan only answered Graven with a nod of approval. Rydan pulled out the map they had been following since the day of the attack she almost died they have been tracking the cities that the monster had destroyed and if their calculations are correct this town would be next and apparently a lot of others had the same idea due to the now almost deserted town they had walked through to get here and due to Graven also having the same assumption.

It had all just been an idea though until the ground below them started to tremble slowly shaking harder and harder every few seconds. Eliya knew that tremble and she knew the roar that would soon break through the air as she flung her hands up to cover her ears she felt the wind rush by her face and everything fell silent as Graven created an air lock around all of their ears to keep the deafening cry from reaching their ears. They all ran to the door as Graven flung it open with his air magic and they all trickled out of the house Eliya once again was staring into the deep soulless eyes of the flaming demon she had so many nightmares about.



Sorry it took me so long to get this one out I have had such horrible writers block and i’m just kind of writing this as I go, just letting the creative juices flow you know, but well here it is.



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