From Flames to Frost : Eliya and the Orb part 3

Eliya withheld her sobs after a few moments of standing there while Rydan held her night had fully set in and the cold was starting to get to her, she could sense that Rydan could her trembling not only from her cries, but from the cold as goose bumps spread over her body and down her bare arms she felt him tighten his grip. She had never been happier to see Rydan, she was a good friend of Zayden just was crazy and thrill chasing as Zayden but he had a plan for everything. He had gotten Zayden out of a lot of trouble over the past years and Eliya had come to grow fond of the young lad, he always wore his long snow white hair loose and free flowing and a piece of finely crafted braided metal with tiny stones of lapis Lazuli at every crossing point, it was his mothers who had passed away in the past year. His skin was a soft tone as if he was kisses by the moon and not the sun, his eyes were a frosted sky blue and his lips always made her bite her own bottom lip when she thought about what they might taste like. He always had a fragrance of cedar and burning fire wood mixed with a faint hint of lavender and he was quite well build to only be sixteen, but I guess that is what you should expect from the son of a Earth elder. Rydan may have been built like his father who was 6’9 and was about as big as an ox literally, but he looked every bit like his mother who was a Sky elder whereas Eliya was born from a Water elder and a simply Grass lander. Rydan held her at an arm’s distance and assessed every bit of her to make sure she was unharmed, she seen the kindness in his gaze even when he was trying to seem tough and unyielding to any pain she knew deep down he was hurting just as much as her

. “Eliya we need to find somewhere warm to stay tonight before you catch a cold or worse, but where is Zayden?” He spoke so softly and every word was laced with care as if he talked to loud Eliya would shatter to pieces.

“I . . . I don’t know. . . there was a light and . . . fire. . . rocks. . .I just don’t know.” She was trying to calm herself so she could talk, but everything came out in hiccups. She needed to tell him the truth, but then he would know that everything was her fault that everyone lying dead before them was somehow her doing. She was growing weak and cold and her bones started to hurt and when was the last time she ate, why could she not remember anything?

“It’s okay we will find him I promise, but first let’s get you some food and some sleep. Okay?” She knew she could hide it Rydan felt her low power just as everyone who wielded power from an elder could.

“Okay” Her voice was so weak, but why was it because there was no water here was the fire, that destructive that it ripped life itself out of the ground and burned it along with her people. Rydan was the only thing keeping her from falling to the ground and when they started to walk she knew she was just going to be a problem for him, it was as if he could read her thoughts because it was at that moment Rydan stopped right in front of her and squatted down.

“Get on we can cover more ground faster this way.” She was about to object not wanting him to have to push himself any harder than he already has but when he turned his head slightly to look at her she seen the pleading look that was also last with a silent warning not to argue with him because she would not win this time, Rydan was just as hot headed tempered as Eliya and she just loved to push his buttons.

She did as he wanted after she picked up her satchel, took one last look at her papa kissed his head and closed his eyes. She then swore a vow just as Rydan had that she would no longer cry for the ones she lost she will use their deaths as fire to lite to fuel to her hatred and she would find who did this to her people and her family and yes they would pay. Eliya and Rydan had been on their own now for two years following the path of destruction after they found out it was a fire demon who had killed and burned their village along with many more. Eliya never did find Zayden and eventually just gave up, deciding that he must have died with her mother in the fire. Eliya and Rydan had been training for the past two years trying to make sure they were ready for anything when the day finally comes when they would end the monster that caused nothing but death with every breath it took. Rydan was now her only family the only thing that had kept pushing her and keeping her alive because without each other they both would have nothing.

They had made it to the town of Argeon Rydan and Eliya were hoping to head the fire demon off and wait for a planned attack in this city. It seems that the news about the fire demon that now roamed the world destroying and devouring every piece of life that cross it’s path had spread in a mere matter of hours. The town they now walked through that used to be so full of people and life Eliya remember how she and Zayden would love to come traveling the long three day journey here with their papa, she loved to see all the open markets full of the most extravagant dresses and jewelry and the delicious smelling pastries and pies her favorite was always the blueberry ones. The scar on her heart was still fresh and painful when she thought about her family and how suddenly they were ripped away from her Rydan held her hand bring her back to the world around her. The town was now barren everyone who heard about the demon making his way to this town had left except for the few who thought they might stand a chance protecting the city and defeating the demon but time after time again the ones who tried to fight failed.

Eliya tightened her grip on Rydan’s hand and squeezed as she recalled the time she thought she was foolish enough to take on the demon herself, how stupid she was to think that what little bit of water property magic she knew she could take down a demon. They were staying at the Sky Cloud inn in Famtaru Eliya had just finished brushing her midnight black hair it felt like it had taken hours to get all the tangles out and her arms and her head both now hurt from trying to rip out the tangles she thought about Rydan’s long hair and if he ever had problems with tangles but then again he always just wore a ponytail however, the very few time Eliya had seen him with his hair down flowing in the wind or clinging to his face from swimming she always wanted to run her fingers through the long flowing mane he looked so much more wild when he let it flow free.

Eliya had been deep in thought when the deafening roar was sent bursting into her ears it had stopped all other sounds she looked around frantically trying to find sound as if it were something that had simply just fallen out of her ears, the ringing was starting to fade as she got to her feet and felt the ground below her tremble like the ground itself was also scared of the roar. She was about to bolt to the door when something inside her was screaming her to turn around she knew it was stupid but she whipped her head around to the bed to see her satchel but it was beyond that just outside her window it made her stop everything she was doing everything in side her froze she couldn’t breathe she couldn’t think all she could do was stare, stare at this demon that everyone talked about but she thought they were just stories but now that she stared into its black eyes that look as if they had paraless depth its body reminded her of that of a wolf’s but this one was at least two stories tall and covered in flames it mouth bared teeth that looks like it was bame from sharpened and deadly mountain peaks. It’s claws that dug into the ground were black and sharp like daggers but it was the ground below that caught her eye where the claws lay the grass was blackened and burnt and it was spreading like wildfire.

She just kept staring into it’s eyes so soulless, so lifeless, but it was like they were staring right at her it was as if she were in a trance nevertheless she had to come to her senses she bragged the satchel and flew to the door down the stairs and past the people who were all trying to cower under the tables in fear how brave she thought why stay and fight if all you will do is hide. Once outside, she summoned the water from the nearby water trough she pulled what little water she could out of the plants around her as they wilted away, she thought some things in life were going to have to die to save others it was necessary she kept telling herself if only mother had taught her how to pull it from the clouds in the sky, she was lucky enough to find a kind old water elder who was willing to teach her how to use the plant’s water to help her on their way here. She turned around to the inn and started to sprint to the back of it so she could face the demon she had to do it now before she lost her courage she would not let herself be scared she made it to the back to watch as the men who were already trying to take on demon were blown away with one swap from its paw or crushed in its jaws as blood now dripped from its mouth smiling as if taunting her to try and take its life.

The rage she felt for her family, she lost and for Rydan’s family for the people of her town, it would be her fire it would help her defeat this demon once and for all. She swirled the water around her two outstretched arms faster and faster then she raised her arms above her head bringing the water into one massive cyclone but she need just a little more she summoned the water from the trees around her as the cyclone now stretch to be at least the height of two men she sent it along with all her rage straight at the demon devastatingly she had not quite yet master her training that Rydan was teaching her and the cyclone started to slow down and grow smaller and started twisting off course instead of hitting the demon’s face hoping to blind or at least temporarily unable one of his black eyes it hit the demon’s paw it roared in pain as the flames on its paw went out it blew Eliya off her feet although the roaring was not a deafening as the first it still sent a massive ringing in her ears.

She regained her balance and looked to the demon pure horror is it simply picked up its paw licked it, then set it back down just for it to burst back into flames good as new as if her attack had no effect on it, while she was staring in awe her fear now growing she was a fool to think she stood a chance all of the air welders who just tried to extinguish the flaming demon by locking it in an airtight airlock had all failed. The demon raised its head steadying its goals, then lifted up to the sky she felt the air around her being pulled toward the demon, and everything grew quiet as the trees around her stilled the birds in the sky had all flown away not even a single bug stuck around to witness the catastrophic event. Then in one fluid moment the demon lowered its head looked directly at Eliya opened its gained mouth and breathed out a ball of fire the size of a meteor heading directly for her, she would not cry, she would hold her head high and proud as death claimed her she would be at peace finally and be with her family again.

She felt the ground beneath her shift into a liquid then it was as if a hole opened up, she realized she was falling trying to cling to the sides of the hole that she was now free falling in this was her punishment she thought she set the demon free so it was only fair that she pay the price with her soul. She closed her eye and looked to the light that kept growing smaller and smaller until she could no longer see it, but the air shifted it was no longer falling, but floating gently down into the earth she tried to find a foothold on the wall again when she felt a hand come around her shoulder blade and hold her arm while the other hand was holding her behind her knees. That was when she had felt the hard body come against her and the air let her go it had grown brighter as she fell and she had not noticed it before, but now she could see it was the light from a lantern that was placed in front of her, she looked up to see the face of the person who now held her although she was pretty sure she already knew who it was.

She took just a tiny peek up at the face to see it was not one of a friend but of someone who looked every angry a black shadow had cast itself across his face, making it look much more intimidating his brow was creased pointing straight toward his nose, his eyes of she could feel the heat behind those frosted eyes as if the blue ice, she always loved to stare into had melted away and his crooked grin he would always flash her with a slight toothy smile was now snarled up.

“If you keep looking at me like that pretty face of yours will get stuck and we wouldn’t want that” She flashed him a big smile, hoping he would not look so angry at her, but instead she was laying on her now pained back in the dirt, he had just dropped her as if she was nothing more than a bed of hay as he now turned his back toward her.

“That hurt you ass. . . you are supposed to be gentle with a lady didn’t your father teach you that of wait no I forgot you’re just a neanderthal!” She spoke the words, but soon regretted them as he turned around and faced her, his eyes ablaze now she could not recall a time when she had ever looked this mad before.

“Do you know how long I looked for you? I kept yelling your name I searched your room the inn almost every shop in town to fight you before that demon did! Then when I heard it roar that second time and seen the steam coming from behind the inn I knew exactly where you were.

“He had stalked his way over to her and picked her up and set her on her feet he gripped her shoulder and looked into her eyes but there was still no kindness left in him.

“You stupid idiot did it even occur to you that you would die trying to fight that thing or were you blinded by your rage for vengeance? Do you know what would have happened if I was not there to save you?” He shook her as if trying to rattle the brain in her head to stop making stupid choices. Her gaze grew glassy and cold as she looked back into his.

” You are not my brother and I don’t need your . . ” But she was cut off by her words as he crushed his mouth onto hers in a painful way. This kiss was not a sweet one or one filled with love it was one of lust and need she kissed him back hungry for more she needed more to feel something other than the pain it was as if he was her air as she tried to breath in all of him in this one kiss.

His mouth tasted of strawberries, which he was probably eating before the attack, but she would not worry about that now as he slides his tongue into her mouth gliding it over her own in a lustful dance as the piercing shock and shivers was sent all over her body. She slid her hand up his arms and grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him close to her she needed him closer she had to have him as close as she could get him, her moved one of his hands from her tangled hair and slid it to her waist drawing her in closer as well. She moved her hands up to his hair and tangled her fingers in his white snow locked as she had always dreamed of doing as he slowly and erotically pulled at the nape of hers, she let out a low groan of appraisal as he started to move from her mouth to the bend of her neck where he kissed her softly and raked his teeth across her skin. Her eyes rolled into her head as she felt another shock of pleasure go through her body, oh how she had craved this.

She pulled his hair to bring his face back to hers to reclaim his lips as he let out a hiss she captured his lip and sucked it into her mouth and ran her own tongue across it before letting it go and ceasing his mouth again, his grip on her hip tightened and his nails dug into her the sting was not one of pain, but lust as she slid her hands down his chest now and tugged his shirt off over his head and looked down at his toned body she just loved how earth wielders bodies were so fit as she traces his abs with her hand.

“Eliya I thought that you were dead you’re the last family I had and I thought that I would never get a chance to tell you that I love you and your smart-ass remarks.” She looked up into those frosted eyes that were no longer aflame it was as if a calming snow had washed over them and new life breathed into them.

“I love you too” She said the words finally, after she told herself she would not love anyone again because she was scared of them being ripped away from her life, everything else. He grabbed her and brought her to him again and ripped her shirt off over her head. She loved his boy and tonight she would let him love her.


Sorry it took me so long to post and I wasn’t able to get it up yesterday  I had a lot of work to do today! I will try to get at least one up a day from now on but don’t hold me too it 😉 hope you like part 3!






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