Her Tears fall for their Ashes : Eliya and the orb part 2

Eliya finally arrived at the cottage that held so many memories that she had never really thought much about but now that everything was gone it all came flooding back to her.She remembered the christmas papa had brought home the biggest Christmas tree she had ever seen it barely fit through the door, mother hated cleaning up the pine needles and never wanted the tree in the first place but papa always told her it’s not Christmas without a tree. Where the front door used to be was now ash under her foot, she remembered painting flowers and bunnies along the frame, how mad mother had been with her when she found out her door was ruined.

She walked into the living room where they used to gather around the fireplace while their grandmother, before she died, would tell them stories about the evil and magical monsters that live in the mountains. Her and Zayden’s bedroom had both been destroyed, there was nothing left it was like there was never a room there at all, mostly everything in their tiny cottage was made of wood, because papa was a marvelous carpenter mother always loved when he would bring home something new. It all hurt so much to think about everything that was lost in what felt like a matter of seconds, but how long was it really she began to wonder, the ashes and burnt wood seem to be cooled down now so it had to have been sometime since this disaster happened.

She walked through the doorframe to her parents room magically most of it was untouched, her mother had always known a plethora of magical spelled passed down from grandmother. How she wished her mother had taught her more spells, but mother was always scared of her learning such powerful spells because Eliya was born with so much magic inside her already and she was not very good at keeping her temper. She spotted the large metal box under the edge of her parents bed that still carried the faint scent of cedar and mother’s perfume. Eliya pulled out the box and sat it on the bed she opened the lock the way her mother had always taught her, she spied the glass of water that lay spilt on the floor there was just enough for her to summon it to her and from the water inside the lock then her frozen it and a simple twist and the box was open. She looked through the box for a healing salve her mother always kept incase she or Zayden got hurt while she was away, she made sure to teach Eliya all about healing magic and how to use the priorities of water to help heal people. She opened the salve and nearly gagged it smelt like cow dung and rotten water, why her mother could not use something to make it smell better she never understood. She summoned the horrible smelling salve to her palm and gently place it on her ankle she then turned the salve into an absorbable liquid, she bit down on her scream as she felt her bones cracking and being shifted back into place. It was always unbearable when you first put the salve onto any injury, it was after that, always made Eliya feel much better, a cold calm wash over the her ankle and numbs the pain. She enjoys it for a moment before she grabs an old satchel from her mother’s closet, she then locked the metal box and tucked it into the bag. Afterwards she was heading out the used to be front door when the glare caught her eye it was as if the sun itself was telling her to look down, she dropped to her knees taking deep calming breaths and with a trembling hand picked up the necklace that lay in a pile of ashes. She knew already what it was, it was her mother’s sapphire necklace that she always wore, she remembered the day papa had met a traveling salesman in town and traded him a wagon full of his wood work for mother’s necklace. Eliya let her tears fall as she clutched the necklace to her chest, rocking back and forth wishing there was a spell to bring her mother back to her, even through her blurred vision of tears she could still see the clasp as she unlocked it from its connecting chain and put it around her neck and locked it back. She would always be with her mother even if she was dead.

Now that her ankle was feeling much better the walk to town was little to no trouble at all it was the scene that she walked up on that destroyed her the most, bodies were scattered everywhere some were burnt others torn apart. She walked through the town she grew up in and all the people she knew and cared for have now been eradicated from her life, it was once she made it to the end of the town and seen the face that killed her most of all. She slowly walked over to the body that had blood dripping down his head and a piece of wood sticking out of his are that lay slumped against a wooden wall that looked caved in, she could only assume that the body was flung at the wall.

She bent down to look into the eyes that were the color of deep pine and flecked with gold specks that mirrored her own to see they were hazy and glazed over, she examined his face and noticed it did not look like it had been in pain. She only hoped that his death was quick and painless, she curled up next to him and laid her head in his lap looking at his face remembering how happy they always were together. She wished that papa would just wake uphold her tightly and rock her while stroking her hair, telling her everything would be okay, but it was not her papa was dead, she started to sob clutching his shirt telling him it was her fault and she was so sorry. She laid there and cried for hours before she knew it night time had set in, Zayden was still nowhere to be found and now she was all alone. She closed her eyes, wishing for something to come and claim her life so that she may also be sent to the heavens with mother and papa. Her eyes flew open at the sound of a twig breaking to the left of her right behind the wall of the building, quickly she scanned for any sight of water anything at all to help her. Due to the fire outbreak you would think there would be some sort of water lying around, but it was as if the water had been sucked out of the earth.

She then closed her eyes and did the only thing that was left to do, she reached her hand up to papa’s head to get some of his blood to rub on herself, she tried to get as much as she could to make it look real then she hid the satchel behind her and lay back down. She listened as the sound of twigs and burnt grass crunched underneath whatever was coming her way, she held her breath as the crunching stopped just a few paces in front of her. The curiosity was killing her and much like her mother would always say curiosity killed the cat at this point she no longer cared about death, but then why was she hiding? She opened her eyes to see who or what now stood before her, she was shocked to see who it was staring at her with tears in his eyes but they were not tears of pain but of rage.

” Rydan is that really you?” Eliya stretched her hand out to touch him, to make sure he was real and her mind was not playing some sick joke on her.

” Eli. . .why are you. . . how are you. . .” He looked at her with such an apologetic look when he soon that she was laying on her dead father. Then when he turned to look at the bodies that lay scattered through the town and the burnt building his look turned to stone and a fire was lit behind those frosted sky blue eyes

“I don’t know what happened here or who did this, but I swear I will track them down and make them suffer.” He grabbed her hand pulling her up to him and held onto her tight, she started sobbing again as he stroked the back of her head and let her cry on his shoulder. She thought that maybe he would give her the strength and courage to keep going, that maybe there was hope for a future.


It is now 2 a.m. as I post this but I wanted to finish it for those of you who read the first part and wanted a little bit more to see if it was really worth reading. I will work on posting the third and fourth part later on today hopefully! 🙂


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