Eliya and the Orb: part 1

Eliya had heard about the monstrous fire demon who left nothing but ashes is it’s wake. She had seen its power first hand, because she was the one who had awakened it. Two years ago Eliya and her older brother Zayden were playing in the woods behind the their little cozy cottage that was just outside of town. They went much further into the woods than they ever had before. Eliya knew they were too close to the Mystic Mountains where no one dared go because of the monsters and magical creatures that live there. The elders had put a spell upon the mountain to contain the evil from spreading over the lands, but there was always a couple that would slip out every now and then. The magic wall was ancient and deteriorating slowly but it still kept out most of the evil, her people were still trying to find a way to restore its power but with no luck. Zayden had insisted that they keep going, he was never said of monsters or the stories their grandmother would tell them. He said he had seen a cave just a little ways past the dark side of the forest closest to the mountains. Eliya had come to check it out with him even though she was terrified of the mountains.

Zayden was waiting for Eliya at the front of the cave. “What’s wrong little Eli you’re not scared are you? When I was 14 I was halfway up the mountain path and you look like you’ll kill over just being near it.” Zayden always teased her about being scared of the mountain.

Eliya’s face had now turned from terrified to annoyed very quickly as she turned to her brother, “I unlike you, dear brother do not want to die at a young age”.

“Oh come on, no one is going to die today. You have to look what I found here yesterday. It was a strange red pulsating light like it was breathing. Like the cave itself was alive.”

Eliya didn’t know why what he said gave her chills, she could feel the goosebumps that crawled their way up here back had spread to her arms.”Alright, alright let’s just get this over with.” They walked inside the cave, but Eliya has seen nothing of interest yet, just a bunch of gross mud and bats that almost made her pee her pants.

“Zayden, are you playing a trick on me because this is not very funny and there is nothing cool in this ca. . . .”. That was when she saw it the red pulsing light. It was luring her toward it. She felt the air around her shift, being pulled and pushed round her it was almost like the cave really was breathing like Zayden said. They both turned to each other with a look of uncertainty as they kept walking toward the light. There it was, a red orb with a golden cloud swirling around on the inside and that would brighten and dim.

“I told you I had seen something here yesterday! Look how cool this is! I wonder what it does?” Zayden was inspecting the orb to see if he could find anything to help them figure out what it was Eliya was looking at the cave walls, the path down here everything was made of rough jagged stone and covered in moss. But where the orb laid there was smooth stone and not ever dirt covered the walls. She was still trying to figure out why this one place was so special when she lifted her gaze to the ceiling. That was when she seen the glyphs that depicted pictures of what looked like a man fighting a beast, then the man was carrying something, and the last one was of a man standing next to a cage with something locked behind it.

Then it hit her. “Zayden! DON’T TOU. . . ” she was too late as soon as his hand hit the orb everything turned into nothing but red all she could see was the color red, it was so blinding even when she closed her eyes she could still see the brightness. The heat started to come in waves it left as if a volcano had erupted and she was standing only a few feet away from it. The ground started to tremble and she lost her footing and fell to the ground, she had to crawl, she had to get out of here but where was Zayden.

“ZAYDEN! . . ZAYDEN WHERE ARE YOU!” She kept screaming for him, but he never responded. The cave ceiling started to crumble and she still could only see red as she tried once again to open her eyes. She could hear rocks falling all around her, then all she remembered was seeing black. When Eliya awoke she was lying outside of the cave, how she got here she had no clue her only thought was that it must have been Zayden. It felt as if she had been kicked in the back of the head by a horse. She placed her hand on her head to find it hurt excruciatingly and her hair was matted up from the blood. How long was she out though, how long had it been. The sun looked to be at about four p.m., which meant it would be dinner time soon. She turned to the cave to find it was no longer a cave it was as find a landslide had happened, about one-third of the mountain was now turned into nothing but rubble.

“ZAYDEN! ARE YOU THERE!” She tried calling out again but still nothing. She decided he must have gone home so he would not worry papa or mother. She stood up on unsteady feet as if she were just learning to walk again. Why were her legs so wobbly? She took a couple of steps before she crumpled to the ground. Her ankle it was purple and black in spots, a rock must have landed on it. She managed to get back onto her feet and hobble to a tree, she found a branch that looked like it would help hold her weight. The trees in the darkened part of the forest were so huge, the littlest one was about the size of a silo. The largest ones looked like it would take at least an hour to climb.

She made it to the outskirts of the darkened forest to find that the green forest was nothing but ashes. She dropped to her knees and stared at the blackened and charred ground. Where Zayden and her spent so much time playing, talking, and enjoying each others company, was now nothing but death. She looked just beyond the blackened earth to see her family’s lovely little cottage no longer stood there. It was now a pile of rubble and ash like everything else around her. Her family, if they were home then they could be. . . No she would not think about it like that. They had to be alive, they just had too.


I felt like writing a story a little more dramatic and longer, with a taste of magic. I will work on the second part and post it soon so it you like this, be sure to keep a watch out for it!


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