What scared her most is that she would be hated by someone she loved.

“She tried to hide it. She put on her bravest face, and she did her best to look strong in front of everyone. But still, she knew. She knew she wasn’t strong. And the more she tried to hide it, the more ashamed she felt; the more she began to hate herself. And the more she began to be afraid that you would hate her too if you knew the truth. If you knew how scared she was to face the other kids. And maybe, that’s the reason she couldn’t say anything to you. Maybe that’s why she ran away. Because the thing she was most afraid of, the thought that scared her the most was that you would reject her. That she would be hated by someone she loved”.

By: Tohru Honda  

I would just like to take a moment and say this has got be my favorite quote. Because it is so true. I can say that I have tried to hide things from the ones I love because I was scared to hurt them or disappoint them. So I tried to smile through it but every time you smile it chips away at your soul.

I think a lot of people can relate to this quote on some level. Everyone has felt down at least once in their life, and tried to hide something from someone they loved.

I hope this quote helps someone who reads it today find a piece of themselves and know that they are not alone. I know exactly how you feel and many more. I hope this maybe can even help you tell that person how you feel.

Also this is from a manga/ anime if you would like to check it out I absolutely love it. As always the manga better than the anime but it does stay constant with the manga if you would like to watch it. It is called “Fruits Basket”.


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