The Darkness was her Greatest Fear

She kept running trying to get away from the growing darkness trying not to look back at it. The wondrous place she used to visit in her dreams was all being devoured by the darkness. She looked to see lush grassy meadow that was full of vibrant Orange Tiger Lilies, blue and pink Lupines, and white daisies where she would lay down amongst them and imagine talking to characters from her favorite books. It was being stripped away from her like everything else in her life, the flowers turned black as death the and grass was now nothing but a barren wasteland. She could not stop to mourn her loss she must keep going, for if the darkness caught her she did not know what would happen. Would she too become as black as the flowers or would she become darkness herself and be lost forever? The fear started to weigh down her legs, she was not sure how long she had been running just that she had to make it to the bright light in the distance. She was not sure why but something inside her screamed for her to run. She remembered when the darkness started out as just a simple black flower. She thought that the flowers beauty was a strange dark beauty and love to draw it during her free time at home. But she soon noticed that the darkness grew from one flower, to the rest then the trees, then the water, even the sky. Everything she cherished about this one safe place where she could dream and find hope would soon by just a memory. The darkness came faster with every step she would take it would devour her dreamland twice as fast. The waterfall where she would sing with the mermaids, was now a black ocean of midnight and her friends were gone. She did not know where all her friends had gone, but she noticed every time she would return here someone would be missing. She would try to remember them, try to summon them back but it never worked. She soon gave up on trying. The darkness had caught up to her it was  right behind her, she was so stupid she had been lost in thought and fear she let it slow her down. She felt a grip wrap around her ankle with excruciating pain, but it was so quick and she was in mid run that she fell to the ground. She tried to catch herself but was given no chance to as the darkness slowly pulled her in. She tried to fight kicking her feet clawing at the ground ripping away her nails that were now bleed and throbbing from the hard dirt and rock. She was trying to find some way to pull herself out but she cannot fight what she cannot touch. She soon gave up she found no point in fighting anymore, she swallowed hard and looked through her blurred vision of the tears she finally let fall as she took one last look at the light. So close she thought, she was almost there if only she would have tried harder if only she would have done something different. It was her fault the darkness caught her, it was always her fault, she should have known better than to have hoped for things to be different, to be happy. She closed her eyes as the darkness washed over her. When she opened them again she was standing in front of a mirror and what she seen was not just only her reflection but that she herself was the darkness. The thing she kept trying to run from, the thing she tried to ignore, the thing she was scared most of was the darkness within her. She had fought so long to hide it from everyone, to try and make everyday seem like a happy one. She learned though that you can lie to others but you cannot lie to yourself. What started out as just a simply black speck on her heart now covered every inch of her body that she no longer had control of for. She was now the speck locked away deep inside her heart as the darkness now called all the shots. 

I still have not finished reading my next book and I needed to take a break before I threw it across the room. So, I did a little creative writing. I hope you like it, if not atleast I enjoyed writing it. If you do like it I will try to do more also.


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