She would never let herself love again

Reynne had been watching the man on the boat for about two weeks now. She kept trying to prolong the inevitable, she knew it would have to be done eventually. She had come to terms with herself a few days ago, she was obsessed with the young sailor. She could not decide if it was his chestnut brown, wind blown hair that dropped down just above his eyebrow when he didn’t brush it to the right side of his head, his chiseled jaw line that was covered with a five o’clock shadow. Maybe it was the way he looked in that deep black poet blouse that was always left open at the top to see the little hairs on his chest. She always loved looking at his eyes that mirrored the dark blue deeps of the sea when he would look out on the horizon as if longing for something or someone. She always dreamed about him one day being hers somehow, someway. It felt like someone put a harpoon though her heart when the elders sirens told her that she was of age now to perform the ageless drowning. It has always been a tradition, more of a law if you asked her, that when a siren comes to the age seventeen they must fine a sailor lure him to the water and kill them. She was free to choose whoever she pleased until Ravannah, the youngest elder, had seen her watching the ruggedly handsome man that she would never know the name of now and reported to the rest of the elders. The elders demanded that he be the one she lures for they are the sirens and men are the prey, for a mere man to lure a siren was a disgrace to their heritage. Now she spent her days watching him every chance she got before she had to do the thing she hated most. However she would not disgrace her mother and her elders, she knew what she must do. She then noticed the other ship that was headed straight for her loves. She noticed this ship was far more extravagant than the one she had been watching. It was filled with so many sailor and maids she had never seen so many people of one boat. The boat was painted of pure white as if a goddess had simple grew a tree of pure white wood. The sail of the ship was embellished with a crest of a lion with wings as blue as a blue jays. She watched it carefully from a farther distance behind the rocks no ship would dare come near. The sailors threw down two large boards so they may cross from one ship to the other. She moved a bit closer to see if they posed a threat to her dear love. That was when she seen her, a woman with hair that seemed to be made of pure moonlight and she wore a dress the was as rich a red as the coral she sometimes like to keep in her cave, with gold embroidery down the front. It was as in the sea had been drained of all the water, like her life would soon end right before her eyes as she tried to suck air into her lungs. She noticed as she got closer that the woman who was heading straight to her love, was pregnant as she walked with a hand holding her lower stomach as if to show it off to everyone. Reynne watched horrified as the two embraced each other then kissed a long, slow, passionate kiss. Reynne had seen enough she would watch this no longer, she made her way closer to the ship until she was right beside it. Then Reynne started to hum a soft low hum. Once she found her rhythm she let out her song of the depts, it was a soft tone as if it were a baby lullabies but it was dripping with lust. Her voice was made of pure velvet and was the promise of heaven on earth. She let her pain and rage flow into her song until she seen the men all turned to her. “Come to me my sweet, sweet things. I am your god and you are my king. Follow me into the sea. Where I can give you everything. Lust, love, or gold I am yours to control.” The maids and the she devil of a woman watched as many of the sailors unconsciously and uncontrollably walk off the boat and into the sea. Still her love was standing there listening but not moving, the woman quickly grabbed her love and dragged him away from the edge. Reynne refused to give up she would not let this woman keep him from her he would be hers. She sang louder and the louder she sang the harder the woman pulled. Soon the other sirens had come to watch and to take advantage of the men who were already in the water. He was almost there just a few more steps then he would be all hers. The woman above was screaming for someone, anyone to help but no one was left they were being held below deck by the maids or were already in the water. He was standing on the edge now and the woman was sobbing now begging him to come to his senses. Reynne took joy in her pain she loved that she could her this woman who hurt her. The woman lost her grip and fell back she scrambled desperately to grab any part of him but it was no luck. Reynne watches as he drops in the blue water but notices Ravannah grabs him first. She swims as fast a she could to get him before it’s too late. She makes it to Ravannah and digs her nails deep into her arms. Ravannah wails in pain and lets go of the her love, he tries to swim to the surface. Reynne makes her way to him just before he hits the surface and drags him down with her. Finally she gets her chance she crushes her face against his desperate and hungry for his kiss. She runs her fingers through his hair and wraps herself around him savoring every moment of this kiss. She only stops when he notices he is not kissing her back. She looks at his handsome face being so close to him she could now see a small cut along his jawline and his beard is a little more grown out. There was something wrong though his face was more purple than she remembered, she carried her gaze to his deep sea blue eyes they were glazed over and he was blankly staring at her. She lets him go horrified, she sobs at what she has done. She let her greed and desire controle her and she killed the man she loved so much. She hated herself while the other sirens and the elders were proud of what she had done here today. Love was too painful and unforgiving, she kept asking herself why she could not just let him go and be happy. Instead she hated that he was happy with that other woman who carried his baby. She would never forgive herself nor would she let herself fall in love again.


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