DEVIL Springs


  • ISBN-13:9781595145925
  • Publisher:Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Publication date:07/15/2014
  • Series:Falling Kingdoms Series , #2
  • Pages:432
  • Author: Morgan Rhodes

This summary goes through different people’s point of view and what is going on at the different places. So if the summary switches to a different person in a different place that is why so do not freak out it is correct.


King Gaius now rules all of Mytica, along with Cleo and her friends. The king is putting up the front to the people of Auranos that Cleo has been welcome into their loving family with open arms. He announces that instead of Cleo marrying Lord Aron she will now be wed to none other than Prince Magnus! He also tells the people that he has started construction on an imperial road that will connect all three kingdoms together, but he also has his own agenda for the road. Jonas, a Paelsian rebel who was in the crowd listening to the king’s announcement, with his friend Brion have created a group of rebels will are trying to oppose the king every chance they get. Lysandra, a Paelsian girl who was torn away from her brother, has been searching for the rebel group and runs into Jonas and Brion while they are on the run. She joins the rebel group after much debate.

Princess Lucia is stuck in a deep slumber and has yet to awaken since the attack trying to take Auranos. The king is tirelessly waiting for her to awaken so she can find the Kindred for him. The king has found him a new advisor who keeps filling his head with her sweet poisonous words. Promising him that with the Kindred he will be the most powerful man in the world and she will be his queen. Mira was appointed to watch over Lucia and tend to her while she is stuck in this deep state of sleep.While Lucia sleeps she is visited by a watcher names Alexius, who has been watching her since birth, he tells her that she is the key to restoring balance to the Sanctuary. Soon their meetings become a regular thing, and their feelings for each other transform into more than just friends. Turns out the queen has been getting a sleeping potion from a blood witch. She has been slipping it to Lucia when she would wake up from her slumber without anyone noticing, or so she thought.

Nic was appointed Cleo personal guard and was to accompany here on her travels outside the castle. The queen and Cleo go into town to a dress shop to get Cleo fitted for her wedding dress. While there the queen is tended to by the shop owner while Cleo is moved into a back room with his assistant. While Cleo is looking at the dress Jonas shows up and kidnaps her. He sends a ransom note to the King demanding he put a stop to the road or he will kill Cleo. Jonas has other motives though he does not intend to kill Cleo. Instead he has her agree to help the rebels. Meanwhile at the castle the king decides he does not care about Cleo’s well being and will not stop the work on the road, he instead sends out a group of guards to search for Cleo. The camp is found and Cleo and Jonas escape, things get heated and Cleo comes up with a master plan to end all of their problems. Cleo runs back to the guards and pretends she escaped their evil clutches.

After Cleo is safely returned things in the castle turn into a very grim state. That night the queen goes to meet her blood witch to receive the sleep potion, but instead is murdered by a cloaked figure. The King tells Magnus of his mother’s death and informs him that it was Jonas who killed his mother with the same crystal dagger that his brother was killed with. Magnus is overcome by sadness that he lets his guard down and Cleo tries to bond with him over this moment of weakness, just to be once more knocked down by Magnus’ words. Lucia awakes on the day of the wedding and tells Magnus all about how their mother has been keeping her in the state of sleep. Magnus tells her of theirs mother’s death, the king is next into the room and ask Magnus to give them a moment. The King informs her of the wedding and Lucia tells him her worries about the wedding. They talk about Magnus and his unwanted feelings toward her. Magnus overhears this talk and becomes very distant with Lucia, and tells her he is sorry she will miss the “happiest” day of him life.

At the wedding everything is going as planned. Then the Rebels attack, all the guards are stationed out front to hold back the overcoming crowd leaving the inside vulnerable to attack. Once inside Jonas takes his sweet time telling the King how he will kill them all just to find out most of the people witnessing the wedding are the guards. Jonas loses all his men after being overran by guards. Not before injuring Magnus and taking a beating himself. He turns to run but not before trying to get Cleo to come with him. she refuses. The King questions Cleo about the raid and she claims to have nothing to do with it. The king does not believe her and punishes her and Nic and Magnus watch. Then forces her to finish her vows.

Cleo and Magnus go on their wedding tour and end in Limero. Magnus gives the crowd a speech and they love him and Cleo. Once back in Auranos Magnus joins Aron on his search for Jonas. They stop to rest under the stars when a couple of guards bring a captive rebel to Magnus. He wants to question him about Jonas’ whereabouts, but once he starts talking to much Aron claims they must kill him for that is what the king would do, so Aron plunges a sword though the rebel.

The King grows werey of the roads completion and send Magnus and his group to see Xanthus, the head of the road project, and check on the progress. Once their secrets are spilled just as much as the blood that now soaks into the earth there. Lives are lost and disaster strikes.


I cannot stress how much a absolutely hate this book! It is just a knock off of “Game of Thrones”. It is just a PJ13 version of it. So if you wanted to watch or read game of thrones but could not stomach it then this is a good book for you. I just find so many things in game of thrones that is exactly the same as in this book. A king decides to take everything over, a forced wedding, people try to take the kingdom back. Magic and Advisors. I say everything right out of game of thrones.

Another problem I have with this book it. 1) way too much nothingness. This book is filled with talk and people going from place to place. Just about 3/4 of the book is just people talking about what they want to do. I understand dialog in a book is needed, It is what makes everything. There is a thing called too much dialog though. I think that most of it can be cut out and it still be a great book! 2) The climax in this book makes me want to kill myself. I go throughout this entire book reading a bunch of meaningless blah with like maybe two things happen just to make it to the end for everything to blow up in my face. It’s like the entire book is boring except for the end and maybe one tiny part in the beginning and maybe a second on in the middle then an explosion at the end. I also understand that’s the point of a climax. A book builds to the end then everything happens. However, I also understand that a book should not bore me to death until I make it to the end of it.

After that there is one thing I must say. I keep asking myself why I keep reading this, why do I not throw it away? It is because Morgan Rhodes is an evil temptress! I keep reading it because it draws me in. The characters I grow to love. I want to watch them grow, and conquer their problems. I want Cleo and Magnus to fall in love. I want Cleo to learn to forgive and love people and get her kingdom back and save her people and friends. I want Magnus to overcome his fear of being his father. I want him to find his own path and let people in. I want Jonas to let go of all his hate and learn that the past is the past and he needs to find a new reason to live in the now. I want Lysandra to be with her brother and everything be okay again. I grown attached with these characters.

I also need to finish the story I want to see what happens to the characters in the end. I want to know what becomes of the kingdoms. Also the tiny bits of actual plot and dialog that really matter keep me hooked. I hate that I want to finish reading this book because I just feel like I push myself through so much dialog and people going from one place to another and everyone talking about how much they hate one another. Okay WE get it you are MAD, get OVER IT or shut up JESUS.

I can only give this book a 2.7/5 because the only reason I keep reading this book is for the characters and the magic ending on the book. I hope the next one is better than this one. Ill be posting that one shortly as i’ve already began reading it so stay tuned.


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