Falling Kingdom of FEELINGS!

Falling Kingdoms

By: Morgan Rhodes

This book is a changing point of view book so i’m trying to make this the least confusing as possible.

“Falling Kingdoms” is about a handful of people and three major kingdoms. Cleo, Aron, Theon, and Mira travel to a Paelsia, a neighboring kingdom, for a wine they were most famous for. Aron tries to rip off the merchant by offering him the lowest price possible simply because he could. When the wine merchants two sons stroll up to the scene they do not like what they find. The brothers began to grow angry no thanks to Lord Aron, Cleo’s suitor and kinda sorta friend(Trust me it’s complicated), they start to want to fight. Theon, Cleo’s guard, looks to make the best of the situation by leaving. Not before Aron sank a dagger into one of the brothers throat. They get away and head back to their home of  Aurania, but not before the news of the tragic incident has already spread throughout the three kingdoms. Jonas, the brother of the murdered boy, wanted revenge no matter the cost and to change the lives of their people. For Paelsia was a poor country that was taken advantage of and his people believe in fate and everything happened for a reason. While in Limeran King Gaius, known as the King of Blood, was plotting his own evil plan. He sought to make ties with the Chief of Paelsia to take down Aurania.
Once in Aurania Aron told King Corvin, Cleo’s father, that he was trying to protect Cleo from an attack. The king tries to settle the sea of rage by having Cleo marry Lord Aron so it would look like an act of love not of hate. Cleo hated the idea and wanted nothing to do with it. Her father had no forbid her from going out of the kingdom much less the castle without a guard. Theon was given the great task of keeping Cleo on a lock and chain. Cleo sought the advice of her older sister to find out that she got out of her marriage and was now very sick and dying, and there was no cure. Cleo not being able to handle the fact sought out a exiled watcher who held some beans that contained earth magic. Magic was long ago lost from the land and many people did not believe in such stories. Cleo would set out on her on to find these seeds with or without help. Nic, Mira’s brother and Cleo’s best friend, tried to stop Cleo but ended up going with her. Once the king hears word of this Theon is sent after her.
In Paelsia, Jonas and his friend Brion met with the chief and accompanied him to the kingdom of Limeran where he and king Gaius formed a plan to take down King corvin. Cleo and Nic search all over for the seeds, but were having no luck. They ended up staying the night with a old woman who was very kind to them and told them stories of the olden days, the days of magic. Jonas caught word of the Princess being in Paelsia and went to tell the chief and ask what he should do. The next morning Jonas was holding Nic captive but Cleo gave herself over before any harm could happen, although she did go with a fight. Once in a shed where Jonas was to hide her until Prince Magnus, King Gaius’s son and heir to the throne, would come to claim her. Theon and Nic showed up just in time to save her without spilling any more blood. They did not make it far before the Prince had made his way to claim her. They managed to escape but barely and headed back to their kingdom.
While in Aurania the kingdoms were all meeting and demanding that King Corvin hand over his kingdom or they would kill his daughter. The King refused. Once Cleo made it back home the king was relieved and would fight for his kingdom. In Limeran the Princess Lucia, who was said to grow up as a powerful sorceresses, was just coming into her magic and was scared of the power she held. Mangus tried to help her train and keep the secret from their father and Sabina, a witch and their father mistress, but she had soon found out. Things did not go well. The King and the chief launched their attack on the kingdom and all hell broke loss. Kingdoms fought, lives were lost, homes and lands were left in ruins. Three Kingdoms went into war but only one came out.
I am leaving the end vague so I do not ruin anything for you.

Review Time

So if you have heard of the amazing little thing called “Game of Thrones” and you loved it or you wanted to, but it was to graphic for you then this is a good book for you. It is filled with magic, kingdoms at war, and deceiving people playing to the game of their enemy. This book is very action packed even at the start of the book. It is in my top 10 list of books that I like to read.

I like the different changing point of views you get to hear what everyone is thinking and see the different key parts of the falling of the kingdoms and how each person played a key part. Maybe the Paelsia’s were right and that fate is something we must accept. Everything in this book happened for a reason. In the beginning I was thinking this is so stupid like really all this happened because of one stupid boy. The more I kept reading the more I was drawn in. The more I wanted to read. This book is a pretty quick read I finished it within a day and moved on to the next book in the series.

The ending of this book will have you wishing you never even picked it up. That you never got attached to anyone in the book. That part of your soul has shriveled up and died. But in a great way.

Some people are saying it’s a bit gory, but I don’t think it’s bad it mentions executions where people are hung or have their heads cut off but it doesn’t go into detail about it. It also mentions about when the brothers throat was cut how to gargled up blood. Maybe it is because I was read a lot of fantasy and medieval books that it doesn’t bother me. It is a kingdom are war people will be stabbed and cut but it’s nothing horribly gory as i’ve seen other people mention. This book is a good book so give it a chance before you listen to someone saying about how much blood there is take a look for yourself.

I can easily give this book a 4/5.


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