The Ugly Truth of Midnight

Crown of Midnight

by: Sarah J. Maas

Sequel to Throne of Glass check it out first!!

“Crown of Midnight” picks up with Celaena doing the kings dirty work by faking the deaths of the people the king sent her to kill. Until she is given the task to kill Archer Finn. While trying to get closer to her target she discovers that he is in fact a rebel trying to find the lost princess heir to the Terrasen throne the only hope to overthrow the king. Celaena and Chaol relationship takes a heated turn in more ways than one. Chaol is kidnapped and Celaena is given a note for ransom which she goes after full force. Once there she finds out Archer is his kidnapper and believed Chaol was to question the Princess Nehemia and put her in danger, but they learn it was the king who would question her. Celaena returns to the castle to find her worst nightmare. She becomes furious with Chaol and almost kills him except Dorian steps in to show that he now holds magic in a world where all magic was meant to be extinguished. Celaena learns of an important power that is detrimental to the survival of the world, for the king is in search of the same power. She is then visited by a ghost of a friend who tells her that fate has set things into motion and she must act. Archer Finn steps into the picture shortly after the visit to find out he is the one who caused her so much pain. A portal is opened and a large black creature steps through and attacks Celaena’s dog chases it back through the portal, Celaena follows. Chaol is given the shocking truth of what He now see before him no denying it now. After the portal is closed Celaena goes to get her revenge. After all that has happened Chaol wants Celaena to leave and get as far away as she can it is too dangerous here. They made a cover plan to the king that she would kill the prince and king of Wendlyn. She spills the truth to Chaol in a riddle who figures it out shortly after she has left.

Crown of Midnight to me was a little bit of a let down to me honest. I think she could have cut out a bunch of the extra stuff and just shoved it into book 3, or at least added more to this book. There was death and deceit toward the end. Most of it was just about Celaena and how she was doing and her relationship with Chaol and Dorian and his evolving magic. There was a few battles and plot twist but not enough to give it a raving review. I really do think that this book deserves a 2.5 out of 5. Not saving that it was a complete waste of time but there was just a lot of meaningless detail where there could have been action packed turns and epic battles or at least some plot forming scheme.

I say read this book if you want to finish the series if you have no interest in finishing the series then You might as well just stop here and start a new series. The next couple of books are some of the best though and you should look into reading them.


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