Queen of Shadows

By: Sarah J. Maas

Note this is going to be kinda long if you do not want the summary and just want to read the review just skip to the bold red line of this post!

Aelin (Celaena) returns to Rifthold and finds Arobynn in a tavern. He tells her Aedion is imprisoned for treason and will be executed in three days. He will help her rescue Aedion but for a price. She meets Chaol and Nesryn, a member of the king’s guard and chaol’s close reble friend. Shortly after, Aelin is visited by Lysandra who has a very important and sensitive information to share with her. Chaol and Nesryn go to the Shadow Market for a covert meeting with some guards from the castle, to try and help free Aedion before the ax falls, literally! Meanwhile, Dorian has been living in darkness. He knows something is living inside him trying to overtake his mind. Aelin enters the castle frees Aedion, and they fight their way out of the hall. They run but are met by an old friend who is not so friendly. After, Aedion wakes up in Aelin’s apartment. The cousins rehash everything they have been through in the ten years they were separated. Aedion is slowly recovering, and he thinks Aelin is babying him. They discuss Rowan, and Aelin discovers the hero worship Aedion has for him. Aedion suspects Rowan might want to be part of her court and hopes he doesn’t steal his blood oath. Can we just take a moment to say we feel sorry for poor Aedion, if he only knew!

Chaol discovers the Valg soldiers sealed and burned the Shadow Market because those who rescued Aedion got their supplies there. Aelin follows a Valg soldier into the sewer and watches him talk to a creature which emerges from the water. It looks like one of the creatures carved in the clocktower by the palace, and it has the voice of the king. Aelin agrees to take Aedion out, and on their walk home, they find Rowan. Rowan finds out a secret about Aedion that not even he himself knows. He mentions he’s blood-sworn to Aelin, and this infuriates Aedion! Rowan reveals he came back to Aelin because Lorcan is nearby. Maeve probably sent him to find the Wyrdkey. Aelin sneaks out of her apartment at night, and lures Lorcan into the hands of Valg demons and leaves him for dead. But he escapes and catches up with her. Rowan shows up, and Lorcan says Maeve still has plans for their defeat. Lysandra stops by and Rowan once again, with the nose of a bloodhound, finds out about Lysandra’s secret. Arobynn has called in his favor so now Rowan and Aelin must honor it. Arobynn only allows Aelin in the torture room. His plan is to find out how the king controls them. Arobynn reveals he knows Aelin has been quietly wrecking his investments all over town. Aelin says she will stop only if he gives her the Amulet of Orynth, her family heirloom and the third Wyrdkey. Arobynn obliges, but has an evil plan in mind that goes as smoothly as he thought it would. Lysandra carries out the task that she has been wanting to do for ages now, and it was finally time to act.

The group goes to the catacombs under the old Shadow Market looking for hellfire.They discover there is an ultimate Valg demon named Erawan. They also find the hellfire and re-hide it until it’s needed to destroy the clocktower. Lorcan appears out of the shadows and puts a knife to Aelin’s throat. He wants to know where the third Wyrdkey is. Rowan finally has a breakthough that leads to a very heated discussion.😉 If you only knew ;D Evangeline, the girl Lysandra is caring for, arrives at the apartment, along with Chaol and Nesryn, to give every one horrible news.

Manon, the witches, and their wyverns have been stationed at Morath for weeks now, awaiting orders from the king via Duke Perrington. He has concocted an evil plan to give him the ultimate army. A crippled human servant named Elide is staying in Manon’s room and Manon has discovered her secret as well. I know what you are thinking, Jesus what is with all the secrets! Now you know why I chose the title.Manon questions Duke and learns the horrible truth about what has been going on inside the mountain. Now they want Manon to join them.

Aelin’s group heads to Oakwald Forest. The witches are already there waiting for the king. The king’s group noisily approaches, Lysandra is in a prison wagon. Aelin rescues Lysandra from the prison wagon. Chaol whisks her away into the woods. Chaol secretly goes to kill Dorian, but The Thirteen are there to greet him. Rowan and Aelin and her court follow him just in time to help. The witches are on the pursuit now and a battle begins and not all make it out unscaved.

Manon tells the king there was an attack but says they killed them all. Elide’s Uncle Vernon captures her while the witches are still gone. Duke summons Manon when she returns to Morath. She reads reports from around the kingdoms and realizes Aelin is friends with Dorian and must’ve been there to try to rescue him. Asterin asks for a private meeting with Manon and tells her a secret from years ago. She and Asterin take off for Rifthold before heading back to Morath.

One night, Rowan smells Lorcan on the roof. He goes up alone to speak to him. Lorcan offers the ring he stole from Maeve in exchange for the Amulet of Orynth. Rowan makes the exchange.

Rowan and Aedion carry an urn of hellfire in the sewers below the city and the catacombs below the castle. They realize Lorcan has lied about killing all the Wyrdhounds. Some of them are waiting there to attack. Aelin leads Chaol through the city as a prisoner. When they get to the castle, the king’s guards who have been Chaol’s spies are skewered on the castle fence. Guards escort the two of them through the castle. They make it to the king, who is seated on his glass throne with Dorian beside him. Aelin brings the king supposed seal rings of the king and crown prince of Wendlyn. She says Chaol was waiting for her upon her return to Rifthold and she captured him when she realized he was no longer loyal to the king. The king reveals he knows who she really is. He gives Dorian magic lashings. Chaol tries to help him, but the black magic prevents him. Chaol asks the king to hand over Dorian.

Meanwhile, Rowan and Aedion fight the Wyrdhounds. They know they’re behind schedule as the clock tower strikes noon. Aelin is now on the run as the plan has gone wrong. Then the battle begins between two old friends. Rowan and Aedion have killed four Wyrdhounds but three remain. Neither can get to the fuse to blow up the clocktower. All seems to be going down hill when help arrives and the final match is lit. As if by the will of Brannon himself gave them the strength they needed the clock tower explodes.

Manon and Asterin feel the return of magic return as they’re flying back to Morath. It is in chaos because of the effects of magic. Manon frees the girl she had been searching for and then the mountain is blow up with the help of someone you would never expect.

I will stop here because I do not want to give you any hints on the ending of the book. But just think if you are this caught up in the summary of the book can you imagine reading this beautiful masterpiece.

This is the part you start at if you skipped the summary

Okay, this has got to be my most favorite book out of the whole “Throne of Glass” series. I think this book has made the whole series worth reading, and yes I have already read the “Empire of Storms”. This book has you flipping pages trying to read as fast as you can to soak up as much of this book as you can before you have to put it down. You are given climax after climax with this book. Magic, battles, and witches, everything comes together wonderfully.
Aedion is someone who you grow to feel for after everything he has gone through thinking he was all alone in the world trying to keep what little bit of hope left in him alive. Just when he had given up on life when he thought i’ll never get to see her again, BOOM. It happens he is given life and meaning again. He is given a more dynamite and in depth personality about. He shows that he cares for his people, his queen, and maybe even someone else 😉
At first Lysandra I thought I hated her we all have that one girl we know who thinks they are so much better than you at everything. Then you get to see she too has a dark past and that she too has gone through heartache and pain as Aelin had. We watch a boring character change into so much more after we learn the truth and not to mention what she does to help her new friends.
The building of this book is amazing it hikes you up to the perfect level of hype then it takes you all the way to the bottom of your fears. You have grown attached to these characters to relate to them just to see get ripped away from you. It’s like an epic roller coaster ride that you just cannot make yourself get off of. No matter how scary the ride even if it makes you cry you will still ride it again. I really recommend this book even if you just want to read the summaries of all the other books just to read this one book it would be worth it.

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