Heir of a Fire Demon

Heir of Fire

By: Sarah J. Maas

Celaena has been drinking, gambling, and fighting since arriving in Wendlyn. Rowan finds her and brings her to Queen Maeve. Who says she must first master her magic before they can talk. The lessons with Rowan are impossibly hard. In Adarlan, Aedion has arrived back from battle. When Chaol learns that Aedion is secretly loyal to Terrasen, Chaol tells him that Celaena/Aelin is still alive, and begin working together. They find out how the king killed magic and is now manufacturing monsters on a deserted island to launch a surprise attack on Wendlyn. Three witch clans are introduced, and have come together for the king of Adarlan. They compete for leadership of the group once they’re joined as one to go to battle. Celaena’s training begins to pay off. Celaena and Rowan have also been investigating the strange, brutal murders of Demi-Fae going on in their area. An attack is struck and now they must fight for the lives of their friends. Rowan and Celaena travel to Doranelle to meet with Queen Maeve. Murtaugh arrives in Adarlan with the news that Aelin is alive and showed her true self in the battle in Wendlyn.The king of Adarlan is in an absolute rage about the news. The king summons Dorian, Sorscha, Chaol, and Aedion into his throne room to question them about a spy in their midst. A life is lost and someone now lies under the control of the king. Meanwhile, Celaena sets off on a ship to Adarlan, ready to fight her way back to the throne in Terrasen.

This book is worth the starts it has been given. We get a deeper look into the lives of everyone. We watch them love and watch them lose the love. We get a heaping pile of the feels while reading this book. After seeing the characters fight for not only their lives but the lives of their friends, but to no avail. Celaena tries to overcome her darkest demons while also trying not to kill rowan. I can relate to this and I think many others can too. We all have demons we are trying to overcome or forget and we almost all have someone in our life who wants the best for us but will drive us completely insane trying to help us.

We meet new characters who are not just some new character with a bland boring part in the book, except for Murtaugh. They all have depth, a back story and are key parts to the story itself. We get to see both parts of them the one they put on for show and the one hidden behind the mask they wear. Not to mention a dynamic new clan of witches, who you just wish that they would grab the grandmother by the neck and strangle her to death.

I think this book is more like the first book than the second. It contains many details and is filled with filler parts, but all the parts are keys parts. They all contain useful information about what is yet to come. Not just her rambling about how pretty the city is and twenty different ways to describe the color yellow. I can give this book a solid two thumbs up, that it is worth the time to read it.


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